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What is the best floorless?

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Have only been on Superman at Parque Warner, Bizarro and Hydra. Superman is my favourite because it has a big straight drop, a really floaty zero g and an airtime hill instead of a MCBR.

Oh, and it's also a bit taller than the other two.

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I think Kraken is the best, with Hair Raiser as runner up. Dominator (KD), Sheikra (BGT), and Griffon (BGW) are good rides, too. Never been a fan of Medusa/Bizarro at Great Adventure or Scream at Magic Mountain.

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Not including dive machines (I've been on both of Busch Gardens'), I've only ridden three floorless coasters. Dominator, Kraken, and Batman The Dark Knight. Kraken is probably my favorite one, but Dominator is pretty close. BTDK deserves an honorable mention too. For a coaster that size, it's pretty fun.

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The only floorless I've ever been on were Kraken and Bizarro just after it was converted from Medusa. I thought Kraken was a far better coaster. I rode SheiKra when it still had the original trains, if I ever ride it with the floorless trains, then I would say it is best.

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The Best Floorless coaster?


1) Easily Kraken @ SeaWorld Orlando; the ride is great and one of the best B&M's created, right behind Shreika, Tatsu, Montu, Leviathon, and Kumba.

2) Hair Raiser; The view and location raises your hair it's self.

3) Scream; Unique one

4) The coaster that keeps changing names; Ehhh...

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I finally rode Kraken and Superman Krypton Coaster within the past year, completing the USA floorless collection on my coaster count. For some reason neither of them did it for me like Medusa at SFDK, so it's still my top pick for floorless coaters so far.

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Have ridden: Bizarro, Medusa, Batman, Scream!, Hydra, Dominator, and Griffon


Of these, Batman is definitely my favourite, with Bizarro a close second. That said, front row on Griffon as it crests the top of the dive is something special.

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Of the ones I've ridden, here would be my order.


I love Superman because the long-ish layout with no break in the middle, an airtime hill instead of the block. Hydra has aged really well, and Scream hasn't, but Hydra, Kraken, and Scream all are really close in my opinion.


1. Superman: La Atraccion de Acero - Parque Warner Madrid

2. Dominator - King's Dominion

3. Bizarro - Six Flags Great Adventure

4. Medusa - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

5. Hydra the Revenge - Dorney Park

6. Kraken - Sea World Orlando

7. Scream - Six Flags Magic Mountain

8. Batman: The Dark Knight - Six Flags New England

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I've only ridden two:


1. Superman: Krypton Coaster: this is my favorite B&M. Intense first drop with good airtime, nice first loop, nice and smooth. A great coaster.

2. Scream!: The coaster is experience feels as original as it name. Not very intense, smooth but quite as smooth as S:KC, better than other B&Ms but not among their best.

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