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What is the best floorless?

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1. Kraken - It's big, like a B&M hyper with inversions.

2. Medusa - Extra credit for its Discovery Kingdom headliner status.

3. Superman Krypton Coaster - Great setting, but the second half meanders.

4. Dominator - Epic loop. Rattles more than any other in the family (that I've experienced).

5. Bizarro - Shrug. The layout is as incoherent as that audio mess of a soundtrack - almost.

6. Hydra - The Jojo roll can't save an otherwise tiny ride.

7. Scream - The last of this list would rock at Knott's, but it's lost among Magic Mt's extensive line-up.

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Well i've ridden 7 of them, and 9 if you count Sheikra and Griffon too.


1. Superman / La Atraccion de la Acero(Parque Warner Madrid)

2. Dominator(Kings Dominion)

3. Bizarro(SF Great Adventure)

4. Deamonen(Tivoli Gardens)

5. Batman The Dark Knight(SF New England)

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Here are the B&M Floorless coasters I've ridden, not including the Dive coasters....


1. Superman / La Atraccion de la Acero(Parque Warner Madrid)

2. Dominator(KD)

3. Kraken (Sea World Orlando)

3. Bizarro (SFGad)

4. Scream (SFMM)

5. Hydra (Dorney)

5. Batman The Dark Knight (SF New England)


I like the top 2 quite a bit more, then there's a bit of a break. I like Kraken/Bizarro/Scream about the same, then Hydra is pretty good and BTDK follows up the rear. However, they are all pretty good! I like the one in Madrid due to 3 straight drops with decent airtime.

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I have ridden 4 floorless coasters (Hydra, Dominator, Bizarro, and Batman-TDK) and I think Dominator is the best out of the ones I've ridden because it didn't have the rattle Bizarro has and it isn't a snooze fest like Hydra and Batman.

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