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Photo TR: Wicker Man Press Event

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On Friday Theme Park Review were lucky enough to have been invited to the Press Launch for Alton Towers latest addition the "Wicker Man".


Wicker Man is Alton Towers brand new GCI woodie and is situated on the site of the parks old Log Flume. The ride itself is everything you have come to expect from GCI over the years and its expertly complimented by some high quality theming and special effects.


As you arrive near the ride you are immersed into the world of the Beornen who have decided that you are to become a "chosen one" who shall be sacrificed too the great Wicker Man. The Wicker Man himself stands tall over you, engulfed in flames with the twists and turns of the coaster bursting out of him. The whole area and queue line becomes very immersive as you walk around enclosed by the structure of the coaster, the roars of the other chosen ones screaming past as the fires rage only build the anticipation more for the ride. After dropping you bags off you are ushered into the pre show room where the origins of the ritual you are about to take part in are revealed to you using some very impressive projection mapping techniques. After the pre show you enter the station and get read to board the train. The whole station is beautifully designed and keeps you immersed in the experience you are about to undertake.


The ride itself is a very solid GCI that interacts beautifully with its surrounding and depending where you sit you can get a different experience due to the way certain effects are programmed. It has a great mix of all sorts of forces, high speed turns and maybe even a few surprises thrown in for good measure. If you are lucky enough to have survived being chosen you are informed you must "Exit to the left. There is no escape to the right" which I think was a brilliant way to make sure people get off the correct side.


Over all the attraction plays very much to its strengths allowing for a very good immersive experience.



Arriving at the park early meant I could check out the new entrance plaza.


A very different looking place now which will hopefully allow for an easier flow of people into the park.


The Nemesis monster has finally had its repaint and looks great.


Time to check in as the Wicker Man is waiting.


The Beornen have arrived and we will soon board our chariots to the ride.


Strike the Wicker Man pose!


The Beornen are fascinated by my mystical stone capturing our likeness for all eternity.



Its seems the area has been decorated the arrival of the chosen ones.


The Wicker Man has a very imposing presence.


The story unfolds as you learn you fate.


That you will be sacrificed to the Wicker Man


And engulfed in flames.


The flames are heard crackling in the background as you prepare to board.


Where you shall learn to worship the Wicker Man!


Fancy head band means I have been inducted into the cult!


Got wood? Alton Towers do now!


This has to be at the top of the list of most expensive park merchandise I've ever seen!


The eternal flame burning in the heart of the Wicker Man!




Even the courtyard has had a make over featuring the Beornen's local pub.


More fire, more fun!


A great night spent at the park and solid addition to the parks line up.


Thanks again to Alton Towers for having us out for the evening and we look forward to seeing what Secret Weapon comes next!



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^ WowowowowowoWOW Craig! Awesome Opening Night Event TR!


All the effects including those inside the queue, look and sound very cool.


Great coverage of it all! Thanks for posting it all!

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Wow the ride looks amazing. After Mystic Timbers last year it seems like GCI can do no wrong. And the theming and effects are even better than I expected! Even the preshow and station look awesome! And I'm so glad they repainted Nemesis, the park is looking better than ever!

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The smaller GCIs are my favorites, so I'm glad and not surprised to hear that Wicker Man isn't necessarily the family coaster many dismissed it as. And Alton Towers have outdone themselves with theming this time.

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