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Formula Rossa speed after brakes

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Hello, I managed to ride Formula Rossa yesterday. The launch was great and I was pleased that the trim brakes after the launch didn't seem to destroy the rest of the ride like I thought it would. It's still pretty damn fast and fun after the brakes. I was wondering if you (or anyone else) actually knew how fast it's going after it hits the brakes. If it's still going over 100 mph after the trim brakes then that seems like a stat worth knowing.

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Glad this is here, I've wondered this myself. Long ago I saw "Around 60-65 mph" but given the POV's that just can't be right.

No idea if there was any validity to this but once on the webs I heard someone say it was over 80 mph after trims, seems more right and is closer to what the above posts have said.


Shall use this to ask something I've wondered to the few who have ridden it: How forceful is the ride? On the POV it seems to haul butt but is soooo drawn out and smooth, doesn't seem like there's much force in the turns, little to no airtime, seems like it's just moving very fast.

To those who have ridden, what exactly are the forces like and how fun is it?

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It's a LOT of positive G's. Even with a long launch, it is very powerful. Second only to Dodonpa if you ask me. The rest of the ride has almost no air time, but tons of speed and positive G's. If you watch some of our videos you can see me try to raise my arms and it's hard to do on some of the turns.

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I have indeed, a case where the video of the riders told alot more than the track. Glad to see, shame it's so far/not a usual vaca spot. Something I would really love to try!

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