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track record what counts and what doesn't

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how does everyone count twin track coasters?

here is a small list

rolling thunder sfgadv

rebel yell pkd

chiller sfgadv

dragons ioa

matterhorn disneyland

space moutin wdw

ect these are just examples, should twin tracks count as one or two,


mobus loop coasters such as racer at kennywood

twin tracks conected together do they count once twice, and if they count once witch is my feeling on it if you ride one side only is that a half credit since you rode 1/2 the ride?

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I think determining whether a racing coaster counts as one or two coasters depends on if the two coasters have different names.


Like Gwazi at BGT have the tracks named Tiger/Lion

Lightning Racer at Hershey have the tracks named Lightning/Thunder

Dueling Dragons at IOA have them named Fire/Ice



Rebel Yell at PKD has a forwards train and a backwards train... so I guess that's two different coasters, since riding a train forwards, and one backwards, are both totally different experiences


Well yeah, that's all I can think of right now...

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Different layouts or different facing trains, two credits.


rolling thunder sfgadv -The Two tracks are completely different layouts

rebel yell pkd--Forwards and backwards facing trains, plus the two are seperate for much of the course and mirrored, two credits

chiller sfgadv-two completely different rides

dragons ioa-two completely different rides

matterhorn disneyland-iffy, just like CP's Gemini

space moutin wdw-Two credits, different layouts.



Your Mileage may vary but this is how I count things.


Really there is no right or wrong way to do it.

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Kennywood's Racer=1 credit. You only ride one side 1/2 credit.


Because this is a moebius, it's a continous circuit it's considered one.


Katie, who counts dueling as 2

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I'd count Matterhorn as two since they don't have same layout and are not side-by-side throughout the ride.


Rides like Gemini, Colossus, etc. should be counted as one.


Rides like Space Mountain and Premieval Whirl @ WDW should be counted as one since they're just mirrored image from one another. (whether one travels backwards/forwards, they're the same)


Rides like Dueling Dragons, Lightning Racer, etc. should be counted as two since they're mostly different.


That's how I count the coaster counts. If the coaster track's mirrored (next to each other) or mostly side-by-side, they're one. If not, they're two.

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Here's my take: CP's Gemini is 2 credits if you do both sides.

kennywood's Racer is 1 credit if you ride both sides. Each side is one half of a whole coaster unlike Gemini which is two separate coasters that side by side.


here's a good one: the ride op's at CP were calling Power Tower a coaster. I argued that one. They said it was as much a coaster as Wicked Twister. wrong...

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I count racing coasters as 1, most are essentially the same layout regardless of which way you ride. Because dueling coasters have different layouts I count them as 2, although when I'm asked how many coasters I've been on I still say "it depends on whether you count Dueling Dragons as 1 or 2 coasters."

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^ Thank you Canobie Fan! Finally somebody gets it. Look, it's two seperate tracks, why is it my fault that the designers were lazy and reused the same support structure?


And Racer is two as well. Why should I be screwed out of a credit just because the designers were trying to be all "new age". If you have to leave and get back in line it counts as a seperate track. This goes for Grand Nat'l too but not Daidaiasaurus.


BTW I am THE definitive source on all things coaster count-y.


Tha Don

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you know, depending on how strict you want to count, it only changes my count by about 10 coasters anyway.

As much as we all argue back and forth on this 'issue' how much effect does it really have?


I say we all go by a hi/low number. For instance, my count right now on coaster counter is 520, but I could easily strech that up to 530. I could probably get it up to 545 if I start adding in darkrides that act like coasters (Devil Den), or coasters that sometimes run backwards (Colossus).


Don "I'm suprised nobody's brought up any 'powered' arguments yet!" Garrison

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i have not ridden a powered coaster, your talking like the mack mine trains right? cloest i have ridden is mummy and it definatly is a launch coaster. the superman issue seams to be deamed a coaster and left alone too. i say it is a coaster.

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What to count and what not to count is a topic that not only comes up in this forum once a month but is something there is never going to be an agreement on. IMO count what ever you want, It's your count. The last time I checked there was no prize for riding the most coasters.

I think for some, counting is an ego thing and bragging rights. For me, I like to keep track of The coasters name, location and manufaturer to help me remember the coaster experiance. By default I get a count also from my list.

In the end, it's your count.

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If it's moebius, like Racer at Kennywood, that is one credit. If it isn't, then it's two. I know it may have the same name, and essentially be the same ride, but it's technically still two coasters. I'm not exactly a credit whore, I just do it for consistency. American Eagle at SFGAm, for example, has a forward side and a backward side. A lot of people consider this to be two coasters since the experience of each are quite different from one another, but if SFGAm were to turn the backward side back around, that would make it one coaster? No. it's still two different coasters, so just to be consistent, I count every seperate track as a coaster.

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