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Fun With Statistics 2018

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Howdy all


It’s been 2 years since I did one of these. And somehow a whole 7 years since I did the first one. Part of the reason I haven’t done one in a while is I was short on ideas for new graphs. I was doing a lot of the same “coasters per country” and “people per coaster” graphs each year didn’t change very much.

I didn’t want to repeat same stuff this time so here’s a whole set of random graphs from the coaster industry.


Before I start here are some disclaimers. All stats and numbers used here are from the RCDB, Any errors are mine and mine alone and the older the data is the less accurate it probably is.


Having said that lets get started with a stupid graph.

I copied the entire RCDB list of coasters into an Excel table to do this and god was it slow going. But this graph answers the question everyone has wanted to know for years. If you take every coaster name ever which is the most popular first letter?


So more coaster names begin with the letter S than any other letter. Having done that lets look at which letter comes last more often than not.


Strangely R dominates here but this says perhaps more about the English language than anything else. But part of the explanation may come from the most popular coaster names of all time.


Here are the 15 most popular coaster names of all time.


Roller Coaster just happens to end with an R as does little dipper but pretty much any name that ends with the word Coaster ends in R which may explain the dominance of R in the graph above.


Moving on let’s look at coaster heights. This is a little tough as there are a few possible definitions. I chose to use actual height rather than drop height. So Steel Phantom comes in lower than you might expect where Manhattan Express (or whatever it’s now called) comes slightly higher. But in the grand scheme of things it matters little.


I decided to do a graph showing the tallest coaster that ever existed in any given year. There’s more caveat’s with this than normal. First up Lake Placid Bobsled closed in 1946 so after that other coasters were the tallest in the world at that point. However that’s a much harder graph to do (I may try this in part 2) so this is a graph of the tallest coaster that has ever existed up to that point. Secondly I can’t verify the stat for Giant Coaster at Fuji Q. it certainly was big but if it’s as tall as they say it was then a few tallest coaster in the world claims were wrong. Finally i included shuttles here. If i included Tower Of Terror and Superman i couldn't really leave out Moonsault (sorry Magnum)


I did a 2nd graph removing both Giant Coaster and Shuttles. Which looks like this.



Following that here is a graph showing every 100ft+ coaster ever built by year. The tallest coaster of all time line here is the first one seen above.



There is a very obvious line where Boomerangs get going. Theres a fairly good trend of increasing height over time though. Despite the fact the tallest coaster yet was built 13 years ago (that makes me feel old)


Going from height let’s move onto inversions. This graph shows the total number of inversions that have ever existed at the end of each year. Quite a nice curve on this one.


We can take that and plot every coaster with inversions ever built and plot them by year and number of inversions. There is again a caveat here as rides like Demon at CGA were built with 2 inversions but now have 4, The DB only has the current number of inversions so rides like demons are slightly in the wrong place. (I would fix this but the graph is so slow it now crashes excel every time I edit it)



Done with inversions now let’s do a more traditional chart. Where are all the B&Ms going? Currently only Asia, Europe and North America have B&M’s. B&M are yet to break in to the lucrative Antarctica market. But where are they built?



1999 was quite a year for B&M in the USA but less so this year. Asia however was quiet for years but now where when B&M do most of their work. Well this year anyway.

I think it’s fairly interesting that B&M seem to have a fairly big year followed by quiet one. A kind of wave pattern.


I also decided to look at 2 of the most recent boom countries in terms of coasters. Indonesia and Vietnam are seeing a LOT of new coasters right now. Here is a graph showing all new coasters in those countries per year.


The Indonesia jump is obviously due to Transmart and their ridiculous Vekoma junior binge.

Next I decided to look at all coasters built each year around the world. Note that 2017 and 2018 won’t be fully complete yet and also with this graph if any ride said “XXXX or earlier” or “XXXX or later” for an opening date XXXX was used as its date.



We can then break that down to Steel and Wood coasters as well



Whichever way you look at it we are living in a golden age at the moment. Even if that golden age is probably mostly Golden Horse inverted coasters and mice.

That’s mostly it for now. I hope to do a part 2 if I can sort out enough interesting or weird things to look at. For now I will leave you with some useless stats.


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You say "More coaster names begin with the letter R than any other letter." Yet the Graph clearly shows the letter S has double the amount R does XD. I know that Roller Coaster is the most popular name, so the Graph seems to have an error


No no the graphs right. I'm just a moron and can't read my own graph. Fixed it This is why i do these things on here before I write an article

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[attachment=11]B&M per continent.JPG[/attachment]


1999 was quite a year for B&M in the USA but less so this year. Asia however was quiet for years but now where when B&M do most of their work. Well this year anyway.

I think it’s fairly interesting that B&M seem to have a fairly big year followed by quiet one. A kind of wave pattern.

Can you add total B&Ms built per year to this graph too so its easier to see the wave?

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WOW! Great job! I'm sure it put in a lot of time to do this, so I thank you! I like looking at statistics and useless facts/numerical break-downs.


I wonder if you could do one about coasters added by chain by year? To see how Six Flags vs. Cedar Fair vs. some of the Chinese/foreign chains fare. Or even defunct rates by location? Lots of interesting ways this could go!

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