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Ride operations station videos?

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Hello guys. It's been forever since i've last time some posted here.


But my topic is related to ride operation videos on station of coaster/ride. I'm so keen to them right now, it is a off-season of my closest park, where i was lucky to get to work for season 2017 as a ride operator and i know for this season, that I will be there also working. But the withdrawls of working, operating and securing the rides and coaster are kicking in (still two and a half months to go) and i need to get my daily need of that thrill and enjoyment (Yes, i love my job!)


Could this thread be a link base for youtube (or other) videos of ride operations videos? I have found A LOT of Baron 1898 B&M Dive coaster videos and they are just great, the setup, the angles of clear view of station are the best treat. Do you know and share the others?


Of course, I've looked videos of my home park and being affraid that i found myself on those videos, but luckily, there are none to being found at this time.


Link for my favorite Baron 1898 video:

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Coaster Studios have a playlist with some videos of operations if that's what you are looking for



Well sort of they are good but not the ones I crave for. I like to look like at Baron video. Thank you anyway neighbor ❤️

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^I know the feeling.



Goofy looking ride op (me)


(I don't think I can post the actual video in here since it has a POV filmed with PivotHead Glasses... but just search El Toro Full Ride Experience on YouTube if anyone actually cares. lol It has some decent station footage)

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Sorry for the double post. Here are some videos of Ka.



Since 2011, Ka has ran with only 3 trains and only uses one loading platform on just one side of the station. This video was filmed in 2013 before Zumanjaro was added to the picture. Fun fact, 2013 was the only year Ka ever did 1 million riders in a single season. The ride had an extra block added in 2011 behind the station that previously did not exist when the ride used both stations and ran 4 trains. This technically boosted the theoretical capacity of the ride as it allowed trains to be launched every 56 seconds rather than 60. (It doesn't mean this higher capacity was easily achievable though.) With 3 trains, the ride on average ran at a lower capacity than with 4 train operations. But because there were less trains being launched every hour, there was less downtime (on average). To get an idea of how many more trains launched an hour with 4 train operations, see below.



This video is actually from 2005 when the ride ran all 4 trains and used both sides. You can even hear the airhorn going off like it used to every single launch. Back then, the ride would dispatch a pair of trains from one side of the station while the other side loaded its pair of trains. Let's say it starts with the left station. The left station would dispatch 2 trains while the right station loaded 2 trains. Once the 2nd train from the left station cleared the tower, the transfer track in front of the station would switch from left station to right station. Once it locked in place, you could dispatch 2 trains from the right station. As the trains from the right station were advancing into the launch and transfer track positions, the 2nd train from the left station would be entering the station. Once it parked in the station, the transfer track behind the station would slide from the left station to right station.. which allowed the trains from the right station to begin launching (as long as the 2nd train from the right station was fully outside the station because of the old block system). It was awesome to watch!


And I highly doubt 4 train operations will ever return so don't ask!

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