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Photo TR: Farup Sommerland Denmark May 2016

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After the outstanding visit at Liseberg we left Sweden behind and took a ferry to Frederikshavn in Denmark. We took a travel day and planned some culture in for some rest moments. The first stop was Skagen. A little bit off route but worth the half hour extra driving. We spend some time walking barefoot at the point that two seas come together. Some remains of the Atlantic Wall was still noticeable and some old bunkers with the text edited “Zimmer Frei” (Room vacant).

We headed on to a small place called Aars for a night sleep to be in the neighbourhood of the next park to visit. The 3rd park of the trip will be Farup Sommerland at Blokhus. Farup was among one of the three parks that gave positive feedback on the e-mail Rene and Jeroen had send weeks before.

Next morning we were told to be around 8 o’clock at the park entrance and we would be picked up by somebody and they would see what they could do for us. So there we go.




Here our visit in moving pictures.


Here below we go one with the full trip report.


At the parking lot it was very quiet. A couple of yards away an employee was changing the trash bins and she noticed our presence. She walk over to the ca rand asked us “are you the Coaster Heroes from the Netherlands?” We couldn’t deny. She contacted someone with her porto and instruct us to drive all the way to the front of the entrance of the park. There would be her manager to welcome us.






Indeed there was the manager. We were direct positioned in front of the park entrance for a picture “For the office” he assured us. Unfortunately he didn’t bring a memory card with it so a fast sprint had to be taken back to office to get the picture done. We walked some short time as we were placed down at a coffee stall that he declared open. We got a nice cup of thee or coffee and the manager turn to us “Hey guys, the park director would like to meet with you guys. He will be here in about 10 minutes. Is it possible to wait?” A ehmm well… We have coffee so… Yes I guess.




After approx. 10 minutes a man came in our direction and introduced himself as Soren. The park Director. A very passionated man that loved his park so became clear very soon. He took us straight to the new marble of Farup, the Family Hotel they just opened so I understood. There are plans to extend the hotel with some cottages village and a camping. He opened one of the hotel rooms and insisted us to have a look around.










BBQ cottage for the guests of the hotel.






With some pride Soren took us up next to the waterpark. They would open it next week and introduced a double loop waterslide for this coming season. We went up the tower and Soren explained every aspect of the new slide and especially why you should cross your legs while going down.










Nice collection of waterslides available here.












At this time the park would open for the guest from the hotel and we were escorted to Orkanen. The Family Vekoma coaster. We entered via the exit side and Soren asked us to take place for a ride.

After the first ride we were free to keep seated but with a couple of kids waiting in the station we decided to make room for them and went on with Soren to Falken. Farup’s wooden coaster. This one had enough empty seats to fill up for some nice rides session.




Soren had to go on with his schedule and left us with a nice coupon for a dinner at their restaurant and let us make a promise. We would like that we would drop by at the guest service office before we would leave. He would like to have our impressions after our day in his park. We had a deal we told him and he went on. We got our self reseated at Falken to take some more rides before the big crowd enters the park.








Falken is a “one of it’s kind” coaster. This woody is build by 2 manufactures. The first went bankrupt. Farup decided to finish the job themselves. That’s noticeable… Halfway the layout they took it over and you can see and feel the exact point during the ride. It’s a sort of RCT1 old fashion S-turn without the banking on the bottom of a camelback.



Flagermussen (Reverchon)




The kids needed to spill some energy









It is nice and need. That is clear here at Farup



Orkanen Nice Family Coaster of Vekoma with some bite.












Good atmosphere here at Farup.





Lynet! A Gerslauer launch coaster with 2 inversions.














After our visit we stopped by at the Guest Service office and meet up again with Soren. He would like to know how the park looks from visitors eye. Well the park is nice, clean, people are having a BBQ on the picnic fields. The park has everything. A waterpark, theme park and relax park Enough rides for small kids. You have a nice coaster collection with 6 operational. “So” He asked. “ If we are able to put down a new ride. What would you advise?” Ok a little overwhelmed we came to the conclusion that a HUSS or KMG ride like a Afterburner or Top Spin could fill the gap between the kiddie rides and the coasters. It would finish it off for the couple of seasons to come.

Soren tol dus he had spoken with the manager of Djurs Sommerland and that he knew that we would visit them tomorrow. Nielsen has something up for you. You will have a great day tomorrow at Djurs.

We said goodbye and Soren went for a meeting. We went back to the car with a feeling of unbelive and thrilled the same time. What a welcome! What a day!


Shit!! We forgot to give Soren the Dutch “Stroopwafels” as a gift!!!!!

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I've loved visiting Farup { I <3 Lynet } in the past couple of visits with TPR (2009, 2014). The first visit was mostly all rain that day, but the coasters were running and we had an awesome time. The second visit was even better, with great weather, new coasters to ride, and awesome staff there to make us feel very welcome.


Your visit looked great! And it looks like you were well taken care of.

Thanks for sharing your visit there!

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