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Photo TR: Linhe Happy Park (1/20/2018)

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January 20, 2018: Linhe Happy Park (Hezhou, Guangxi)


I went to Linhe Happy Park in Hezhou today. This is a new park that opened in 2017. The park is a bit far out of the city, but it is very nice and has a great collection of rides. There is a really smooth mouse coaster here and some kiddie coasters. The one you will all be talking about though, is Roller Coaster. Roller Coaster is the Chinese take on Pinfari loopers. It is intense and a bit rough and the first drop is very steep on it. While the ride experience is less than desirable in some ways, it is nice to see Chinese companies stepping outside their comfort zones a bit. It is neat to see five coasters in a park in China without most of them being the common knockoffs like powered dragons and spinning coasters. This park visit brought my coaster count up to 1117 coasters and now I have discovered 406 different coasters before ACE or RCDB.


Here is Linhe Happy Park. It opened in 2017. Let's go in.


The mouse coaster is just inside the gate.


It is a fun ride.


Here is my onride shot of the Fruit Worm powered coaster.


Spinning Coaster would be my first ride on one of these types of family coasters.


It is a fun ride.


A common space car is here.


A giant Ferris wheel is here.


Another coaster is here.


I haven't seen a Chinese made coaster like this before.


It looks like a Pinfari coaster, but it is not.


It is an intense ride.


It has a very steep first drop. This will finish the TR.

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As I have ridden both, I can tell you how they are-about the same. Seriously. There are a few difference on the two rides I have ridden. On the Chinese version, there is a u-turn out of the station to go to the lift. On the Pinfari one, there was a right turn out of the station to go to the lift.

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^Considering the fact that the original is already crap, it's difficult to do worse.


The only Pinfari loop I have ridden was the one at Oaks in Portland. It was literally the worst coaster I have ever ridden, even worse than NYNY. I am very glad it is getting replaced by a Eurofighter.

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