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Final Farewell Astroworld Photos

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Wow. AstroWorld actually looks like it was a great park! I never really researched it and always assumed it was kind of like a small magic mountain with no thememing. Too bad I'll never have the chance to experience it Great photos! Looks like it was an amazing park.


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All of those pictures showed Astroworld off nicely. Some of it looks retro, other parts looks like a typical Six Flags park.


Astroworld, from the pics I have seen, looks like it has a unique niche in Houston's history.


Great photos!

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Well I just got back to Philly after making the trip down to Houston this weekend. I'd wanted to get AstroWorld for years and i'm glad I did. I'd heard some good things about the park but a lot more bad. Well I have to say that besides the park being very crowded both Friday night and all day Saturday that I really enjoyed AstroWorld. It's ashame it's being closed and I wish that this hadn't been my first and last visit to the park, I'll have a full Photo Trip Report tommorrow. The weather was great with a nice blue sky, so I should have some great photos to share with you.

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Wow, what great photos, Mark. Thanks for sharing. While my only visit to Astroworld was back in the summer of 1999, it seems to be a lot nicer, with lots of stuff receiving paint and proper maintenance. I'm sad to see the park closing forever in a few days, as it was a nice collection of rides and had nice theming, kinda like a poor man's Phantasialand or Europa Park. Awesome pictures of Mayan Mindbender with the lights on, I would have never thought it looked like that.


Back in '99 I wished I coulda visited back when the Batman: The Escape queue went thru the Batcave or when there was a hedge maze in the Looney Tunes section. Now I just wish I could go again for some Viper, Greezed Lightning, and Texas Cyclone or even XLR-8 backwards.

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Thanks for posting all these pictures. While I only have visited Astroworld back in the summer of 1978, it looks like quite a few of the attractions I remember are still there. Serpent, Texas Cyclone, Greezed Lightning, Gunslinger, Runaway Ricksaw, Bamboo Chute etc.

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