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NEWS: Mountain Monster tower complex coming to Pigeon Forge

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A new attraction is coming to Pigeon Forge from the mind of Stan Checketts. The concept art and description makes its final design and the attractions included a little questionable, but it looks like a combo tower with several elements!








Construction has begun on the newest attraction to the Pigeon Forge market which will open soon. The Mountain Monster will feature three rides from a 200-foot tower overlooking the Smoky Mountains. The Mountain Monster will be designed, built and operated by Stan Checketts, a nationally renowned attractions inventor.


“I’ve designed ride concepts all over the world, but I am particularly excited about the Mountain Monster. This setting has a unique combination of incredible views and a vibrant market of family entertainment,” stated Checketts. “This fits perfectly with our goal to provide the most exciting and safe experience for thrill seekers.”


The Mountain Monster will be centered in The Tower Shops at Mountain Mile, a multi-purpose retail and family entertainment development located on Teaster Lane in the heart of Pigeon Forge shopping and dining. The property borders The Island and Cal Ripken Baseball, and the owners are currently recruiting and negotiating with dining and retail concepts that are new to the market.


About The Tower Shops at Mountain Mile

The Tower Shops at Mountain Mile is a 180,000 square foot multi-purpose retail and family entertainment development located in the heart of the Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The Tower Shops will feature Pigeon Forge’s newest attraction, the Mountain Monster – a 200–foot thrill ride that will serve as a beacon for the millions of visitors to the area. Next to Cal Ripken Baseball and The Island, near Dollywood and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, The Tower Shops at Mountain Mile is the perfect location for shopping, entertainment, and dining sites. For more information, visit http://www.mountainmilepigeonforge.com or call (865)585-2307




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This has been actively been advertised by Soaring Eagle. It's three of their rides combined into one tower.



Looks like integrated rides are becoming the in thing now.

Possible better utilization of space and real estate, as well as saving costs to have multiple rides sharing one superstructure.

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^^If it's the full Triple Tower they were advertising at IAAPA a few years back, the third ride is actually supposed to be their dive ride (kind of like a Skycoaster, if it had seats and loaded at the top). One of the awesome parts of the Triple Tower version is that the drop tower pulls double duty as an elevator to access the dive ride's platform, which means after that ride you could choose to have another freefall back down to ground level (dive ride demo at 1:15, drop demo at 4:40):

The dive ride on its own is a ton of fun, but having the option of the drop tower immediately after should make this an awesome one-two punch.

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I thought this was going to be just another sky ride, but this thing looks incredible. I'd probably actually pay to ride it. There are at least four different experiences. The slow lift to the top. Standing on the platform. Taking your swing. Then, going down the drop tower. Very impressive.

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^I'm assuming bad concept art. Looks like the tower from the Bigfoot Complex in Branson with the addition of a zip line.


That new style drop tower with seat belt only is TERRIFYING!!! Can't wait!


Plus the super sling is absolutely ridiculous, especially when you can get it really flipping

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I hadn't seen this thread back in January, but yeah, take my money. I'd love to do this!


With what must be very low capacity, it seems better suited for adventure/tourist areas like Pigeon Forge, Vegas, Niagara Falls, etc., than in a large park that already has a sky coaster or drop ride. Still, I hope this concept proves itself and we see more of these.


One last thought -- that railing could stand to be a little bit higher; I think walking around up there would scare me more than the rides.

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