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Quick Photo TR: Our Orlando Trip!

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Hey guys. I dont know if theres going to be a trip report thread for these meets, but today at IOA was a BLAST! As my park-sponsered halloween event, I had a great, and deffinatly will be going again next year. It was so great to finally some of you(although im still unsure as to who everyone was in regards to their name on here, PM me please). Also, if anybody has pictures of me, please email them to me. I dont have any pictures of myself at this event! Overall it was a great day, and im really happy I was able to get an Express Pass for HHN. I would have never caught up with any of you after those lines! Below is a picture I took when everyone was meeting up in the front. Have fun during the rest of your time in FL guys!


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I didn't get to meet up with ya'll and do a house, but I tried contacting Robb and did get a hold of him, each time though, everyone was at the opposite side of the park than I was, haha.


Though! I did see everyone, and you probably saw me too... you were going to "Demon Cantina", when you went through the arcade there were two DDR machines on your left or right, I was on your left. I was sitting on the railing with a black fishnet shirt on... I said Hi to Robb and we shook hands. It looked like ya'll had a great group going, hope everyone had fun!

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Just got back to the hotel room from MNSSHP. Holy crap what an AMAZING DAY! Seriously, this might have been one of our best days in Florida since the wedding trip in 2003!


Not a drop of water on us the entire day. How we managed that with a hurricane off the coast I have no idea.


Got on everything multiple times at BGT - SheiKra, Montu, Kumba, Gwazi, Scorpion, and Elissa even got to be the navigator on Rhino Rally.


Then onto Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. It's like having an all night fast pass and they give you candy around every corner.


5 minute waits for Thunder, Space, Mansion, Pirates, etc. And the event-exclusive parade and "Hallo-Wishes" fireworks were amazing.


To touch on yesterday's events, Halloween Horror Nights was just incredible. If I were to compare it to the Knott's event, it just craps all over it in aspect, but I really don't think it's fair to compare the two. Just as you really can't compare Knott's Berry Farm to Islands of Adventure, you can't compare Scary Farm to HHN because there is no comparison.


More detailed trip report soon as it's 1:30am here, but these two photos give you an idea of the entire night:


We got our $35 worth of candy tonight!


Picture is worth 5 hours of fun....Awesome group of TPR members including DaveTH, DerekRX, Cgodsey, Disneyfan1313, Guy, Erik, snd yes, that IS Carlos (Frade) in a pirate costume!!! =)

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hehe.. BonBon Land...


"Still wishing I planned ahead.."


Hmmm - don't see any Boob or DogFart Candy, tho.....



(Edit: And on closer inspection, at least now I know what NOT to send in trade for that candy-trading thread? You got Twix, huh? Darnit.)

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Here's a few pics from today. Again, a PERFECT day! Got to MGM for opening, got on Tower three times, Coaster once, Great Movie Ride, Car Stunt Show then onto Epcot where we proceeded to EAT AROUND THE WORLD with some of the best damn food to be found anywhere during the Food and Wine festival.


As much as I like Knoebel's food anyone who would even say that Knoebel's has the best "park food" doesn't have taste buds or hasn't been to Epcot. I mean, the cheddar cheese soup I got at the Canada booth for $2.50 was better than anything Knoebel's has!


Rode a bunch of random Epcot stuff: Mission: Space, Test Track, Spaceship Earth, Land Boat Ride, Figment, etc, etc....


Ate in Japan, Elissa got lots of broccoli and we had the massive volcano, then we ended the night with Illuminations.


Met up with lots of TPR members and Chris and Natalie from www.rideworld.com. Overall, another great time! Bummed it ends tomorrow, but we have taken more then 700 freaking photos already and it's going to be one HELL of a trip report!!!!


Here's a few photos from today.


Another awsome way to end the night at Epcot!


The most awesome Tepanyaki volcano...EVER!


Hey Soren! This one is for you!


We even attended the "Sam Adams" beer school! Hey, free beer at a Disney park, why not?


Eating our way "around the world"


Carlos is back at home in Mexico!


All I need is my fill of Double Decker and Lion bars and I'm happy!


Dan would NOT approve of this as it is NOT an "acceptable amount of water!"


Stunt Show Madness - Elissa couldn't be in the show, but oh well.


"Good Tower." Eat this DCA! :)

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^^ Great pictures, Robb. It looks like you really have a good time there! To sad, I couldn´t be at Florida with you guys, but you know I have a bad workshop this weekend! However, I am happy to see some pictures.




^^^ Too busy looking for more hair in his package....


Great TR start-up, Robb. Looking forwrad to the rest of it all, when you get your rest back, after the trip, hah hah.


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May I just say that this was likely the best time I have ever had in Florida! Other than it being really humid, the weather was really great, the parks were not all that crowded (except HHN. Anyone that thinks you should do this event without an express pass is, um, wrong!), BGT was actually fun for the first time ever, the food in Epcot kicked complete and total ass, and the company for the weekend was great.


I took some pics, that I'll post with a TR later. Including a long discussion about the downfall of Mythos...



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Thanks TPR gang! Leanne and I had a total blast. I will be posting a bunch of pictures later tonight once I get settled here. We could not have asked for a better time, and the weather worked out perfectly. Yeah the food was very very good.


Figment came out of hibernation once he found out that the TPR crew was visiting his park.

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That was one hell of a trip!! Robb... Elissa... You guys Rock Hard. Oh, and... DWP for all my Roomies! You all deserve it!


To all the new faces I met. It was awesome meeting you as well.


One other little bit. All you single hot women out there in coaster world. Hook up with Carlos. He's like the shetland pony of super studs!


Carlos! Their out there. Go git um'!!


Guy "I'm so frickin tired I'm beyond sleep." Koepp

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Yea, its great to see that you all had a great trip. Seems like you got out just in time too, as I just heard on TV that all Disney Parks and Universal Parks are closed today(Monday). It isnt too bad here. Lots of rain and some pretty strong wind gusts. I havent been able to get pictures because they arent coming out very good. I do have a video that came out really good if I can find a place that will host it!


I had a great time at Universal with you guys and I hope you come back soon!

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I posted a TR over at Coasterforce. You can read it HERE. I was so busy having fun, I didnt take that many pictures! If anyone has pictures of me(big tall dude with beard), please PM me and let me know so I can give you my email address to send them!


I think there are a couple of pictures that you are in posted in my Photo TR.

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