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Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Funtown, Palace Playland, and Aquaboggan in One Day

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That blue and vanilla ice cream!!! Love that you got a picture of the guy chugging the beer haha. Guess he figured he'd kill it by the first drop? Haha.


I think she got cotton candy and something banana flavored? But I'm no ice cream expert.


I'm also no beer expert, but I know he got that drink down fast.


Great report. That mini golf course is great. Sorry about the crappy bobsled.


Thanks! I think the bobsled seems better than it really is since the rest of the park's steel coaster offerings are putrid.

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Comet is a coaster I had been looking forward to for a long time, but all of my rides unfortunately felt a lot more similar to your red train experience than blue. Good to know it's still giving the quality rides it was known for.

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^ Thanks! So I'm guessing you went to Story Land or Coney Island afterwards?


I'm glad the red train was running fine for you. I'm just glad the supervisor thought the same on the blue train at least for my visit so I know I'm not going crazy.


Haha, apparently that where we separate for our seasonal trips. Despite growing up in the Northeast, I have yet to do Coney Island, Story Land, and even your namesake Canobie. A few times I've tried to plan out a trip to hit Story Land, Canobie, and Funtown Splashtown, but it's just never panned out. One of these years for sure!

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Six Flags New England- Redemption


If you read my previous installment from SFNE, then you’ll know I only rode Goliath. I still can’t believe it myself. My short visit coincided perfectly with temporary breakdowns for all the park’s signature attractions.


It was an unfortunate series of events (like that live action Jim Carrey movie) on the way to Lake George. So I needed to redeem myself on the way home.


I figured an hour and a half would be plenty of time to ride both Wicked Cyclone and Superman. But I quickly learned I lost an hour. Originally the park had 10 pm closings on Sundays this summer. I learned they were cut back to 9 pm.


Ranking coasters is something I enjoy doing. Others dread it. But in this scenario it was important. Superman or Wicked Cyclone? I only had time to ride one.


Put a gun to my head (or in this case the clock), I’ll answer Superman. I’ll take Wicked Cyclone in any seat over Superman in every seat but the front. But Superman’s front row reigns supreme.


As I made my way towards DC Superhero Adventures, I saw a sight for sore eyes. Superman operating! There were four trains ahead of me, so I figured I could comfortably get my front row ride and maybe even a bonus ride.



Almost nothing was going to stop me from a front row ride.


But I was counting my eggs before they hatched. Superman went down. You could say I was experiencing a case of deja vu. Except this time, there was no way I was going to ride that green abomination.


The cause for the delay was a twisted seatbelt. It took maintenance 15 minutes to unravel the knot, but eventually Superman reopened right before closing. My odds of a front row ride looked bleak until I found a fellow single rider and paired up with them. Score!


It ended up being the second to last train of the night. I felt triumphant as the train ascended the lift to the Superman theme. This wouldn’t have been possible had I not blown past every rest stop on the way home.


Superman was fantastic. The rush of wind mixed with powerful airtime was the perfect way to end the weekend. 9.5 out of 10



I felt like I had won the Super Bowl. To the Patriots, that's called February.


I did get a bonus ride though…just not on Superman. You see, Six Flags New England has been doing something really cool and unexpected this year. They have been keeping the Carousel open past closing.


And it’s not because it has had an hour wait. That’s what goes on at Harley Quinn. Rather out of the goodness of their heart, SFNE keeps the Carousel open since its located right next to the park exit.



Two thumbs up for Six Flags keeping this open past closing.


My next visit to Six Flags New England should be longer. And it will hopefully include a few rides on Superman and Wicked Cyclone. But it will undoubtedly not include a ride on Goliath.

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Glad you got that late ride in on Superman! That honestly is such a great coaster, it was running excellent when I rode last week, I even got airtime in the little twist-hills between the helices and before the second tunnel. My trick is usually to ride in row 2, as it's the same car and you get basically the same effect as row 1, but a much shorter wait.

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It has always run great in the heat, but the news wheels has had it running great all year (albeit loudly).


I have ridden Superman in row two. While the airtime and the forces are the same, I miss the rush of wind making my eyes water.

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I feel like I’m one of the few people who prefer Superman in the back seat. While the airtime is a tick better in the first half towards the front, the drop is obviously much better in the back and I’ve always felt the hills in the spaghetti bowl have much better airtime towards the back.

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Brockton Fair


What did you do as a kid during a car ride? Sleep? Play Game Boy? Ask “are we there yet” until your face turned blue? I was an odd duckling. I’d spend my car rides combing the skyline for carnivals.


My parents were so unbelievably understanding. Almost every time I saw that portable Ferris Wheel, they agreed to stop so I could ride the Gravitron for the umpteenth time. But they drew the line at one carnival, the Brockton Fair.


And like any child, I of course wanted the thing I couldn’t have. So I bided my time, patiently waiting until I had my own car and health insurance until one day I could visit the Brockton Fair.



There she is in all her glory.


Brockton isn’t exactly the best neighborhood. So I definitely understand my parents’ viewpoint now that I’m older. The fair specifically is usually home to at least 1-2 fights per year. For that reason, I always make sure to visit during the day when the crowd is predominantly families.


2019 marked my second visit to the Brockton Fair. Before my visit, I consulted the Reithoffer Fairs mobile app (yes that’s a thing) to see the ride lineup. It looked like they copy and pasted the lineup from 2017.


However, that ride lineup was laughably inaccurate. We’re talking Six Flags wait time inaccurate. I’d estimate only half the rides were correct. On the bright side, this meant there were two surprise coaster credits waiting for me.



They also had animals, but I wasn't a fan of the enclosures.


No bloke to soak today.


The first was the Wild Cat. This is one of those Interpark galaxy coasters that have taken the US fair circuit by storm. If you thought Morey’s Rollie’s Coaster had unnecessary OSTRs, wait until you see the restraints on the Wild Cat. You have a seatbelt, lap bar, and comfort collars.


Unfortunately, this was one of the single car models. As a result, the drops didn’t have any airtime and the coaster really crawled through the helices. 3 out of 10



Wild Cat was declawed. It really crawled through the course.


The second new credit was far more embarrassing, the Wacky Mouse. The most noteworthy thing about it was the fact that one of the employees stood in the middle of the layout while the train cycled. Oh how I love carnies. 2 out of 10



I'm glad everyone kept their hands inside the train. Otherwise, they would have hit that poor carny.


I also rerode the Indy 500, which is a portable flitzer. If you remember my 2017 report, you know I got stuck on the lift of this ride and was rescued by a carny pounding the wheels with a block of wood.


My ride this year was far less eventful, as I crested the lift with ease. Flitzers aren’t particularly forceful, but the twisted, headchopper-filled layout is enjoyable. 5 out of 10


Also, what exactly is the blocking mechanism on a flitzer? I noticed several cars on the circuit at once, but no mid-course brake sections.



The ride was naked this year.


Sneaking a peek at the backside.


Is this the last Flitzer in the US?


But the stars of the show were the flat rides. My personal favorite was Speed, the KMG booster. Usually these rides have the same short cycle- 3 rotations one way and 3 rotations the other way.


Speed was different. It had 10 consecutive rotations in the same direction. I sort of liked this better because there was no reprieve from the craziness. Flipping wildly while diving towards the ground is quite the thrill. 9 out of 10



It wasn't on the wristband, but it was well worth it considering the long cycle.


Stinger was my second favorite. This is a portable version of that insane Mind Warp ride at Fantasy Island. All you need to know is that this is one of the most bizarre frisbees out there.


The initial swings produce some airtime, but that’s all you get. Usually that would be a black mark for a frisbee. However, Mind Warp isn’t about the airtime. The first half is all about the insane positive Gs on the downswings and hangtime over the top.


But the second half is what truly makes Stinger insane. By this point, the ride stops inverting. Then the magic happens; the seats unlock. Just imagine bolting a zipper cage to a frisbee and you have Stinger. The whipping and snapping was simply out-of-control. 9 out of 10



It looks like a normal frisbee. And at first it acts like a normal frisbee.


But then the seats unlock and the profanities start.


I then got a bird’s eye view of the fair from atop the Sky Flyer. This wasn’t a particularly tall model, but it was about as good as you’re going to get from a fun fair in the US. 5 out of 10



The ride was dispatched with the op still in the base of the ride.


The fair also had some IP-themed fun houses. The first was the Hero Zone. I think this is the first ride in the world to combine both Marvel and DC characters. Hmmm, I wonder how they managed that…



When Avengers and Justice League collide.


The other was the Ice Palace, a fun house with a Frozen facade. Curiosity got the better of me and I went inside. And I now have a new number one, a new worst fun house!


The effects themselves would have been ok; however, almost all of them were broken. Fortunately, it looks like they were trying to fix them. Why else would there be hard hats on the floor? 1 out of 10



If you thought this fun house would be good, let it go.


Note the hard hat in the bottom right.


It took me about an hour to make a lap around the fair and that was plenty of time. I got the new coaster credits, rerode the fair’s two craziest flats, and escaped unharmed.


Last but not least, anyone who wanted to learn firsthand what it’s like to work at a carnival missed their opportunity. Reithoffer was offering patrons $12 per hour to help dismantle rides later that night. These signs were posted at every single ride.



I kid you not. And I'm sure you get paid under the table too.

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I love me some sketchy fair goodness. I'll be riding my first Flitzer in about a week in Ocean City, MD. I have EXTREMELY high hopes.


Those fun houses don't even try to avoid copyright like some do with airbrush designs - I mean, the Frozen characters look like they were copied and pasted!

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I love me some sketchy fair goodness. I'll be riding my first Flitzer in about a week in Ocean City, MD. I have EXTREMELY high hopes.


Those fun houses don't even try to avoid copyright like some do with airbrush designs - I mean, the Frozen characters look like they were copied and pasted!


Thanks! So Ocean City is where the Jenkinson's Flitzer went.


When I Google searched the characters, the images on the side of the fun house all match some of the first results.


your fair pics are fantastic, thanks for sharing.


and I'm envious as all hell that you got a carousel ride in the post-park-opening hours! So Jelly!


Thanks! Glad to show off a carnival as a change of pace from the usual parks.


Not only was SFNE's carousel open late, but it's a classic one from 1909.

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Story Land- Coasting for Kids


It’s important to give back to the community. For that reason, Emily and I were glad to do our part and ride roller coasters for Coasting for Kids, an amazing event for Give Kids the World. We decided there was no better place than Story Land.


For New England kids, Story Land is essentially Disneyland. It’s a ridiculously charming and well-themed children’s park. Both of us have incredibly fond memories of the place growing up (and for me, more recent thanks to Roar-O-Saurus).


We were the only two members of Team TPR, but there were about 30-40 people total. Between Emily and I, we raised $408. Thank you to friends, family, and forum members who donated. In total, I think the event raised almost $7,000!



When I told my coworkers I was going to Story Land, their response was "We already did our time there." I guess they lost their inner child.


The morning started with ERT on the Polar Coaster, one of the cutest family coasters around. The Polar Coaster is the epitome of a terrain coaster. I don’t think it gets more than 5 feet above the ground as it carves its way down the hillside. 5 out of 10



The Polar Coaster is a cool ride.


Story Land's zero cars are incredible.


If this isn't the textbook definition of a terrain coaster, please let me know what is.


Helix of death...ok not really but this is the fastest part of the ride.


But the main course was Roar-O-Saurus. This coaster has single handedly turned Story Land into a park I feel compelled to visit annually as a grown adult. And I have no shame saying that. It’s amazing!


Anyone who has been on one of these junior Gravity Group woodies knows that they pack a serious punch. And Roar-O-Saurus is easily the best of them in my opinion. Yes it shuffles a bit on the ridiculously tight turns, but the airtime is something special.


Ejector air on the first drop, pops of air on a double up, floater on a camelback, airtime in a tunnel, pops on a double down, and one of the best finales of any coaster. The finale reminds me of Steel Vengeance.


Yes I just compared Roar-O-Saurus to Steel Vengeance.


If that’s blasphemy, Lightning Run also works. The finale consists of four consecutive bunny hops with powerful ejector pops. You don’t even have time to return to your seat before the next pop happens.


Even seasoned enthusiasts are caught off-guard by the power of Roar-O-Saurus. I think Emily and I were the only two who stayed on Roar-O-Saurus for the full half hour. This coaster is legit. 9 out of 10



This is why you all need to get out to Story Land.


We were glad to all do our part and ride for charity.


This is the part where Roar-O-Saurus makes you think you're on Steel Vengeance.


I love how Story Land publicly shames those who fail to stow loose articles.


Since it was 90-something degrees out, we made our way to Dr. Geyser’s Remarkable Raft Ride. This is a “river rapids” ride without any rapids. That probably sounds awful, but bear with me.


Dr. Geyser’s instead uses a series of water effects. Some are innocent sprayers and misters, but some are downright evil geysers. You’re basically playing Russian Roulette with those things. 8 out of 10



Dr. Geyser's is the perfect prescription for a hot day.


The cutest ride in the park is the Bamboo Chutes. If you don’t look at those logs and say “aw,” you aren’t human. Just look at those pandas!


In terms of layout, the Bamboo Chutes is a very short flume. But I just love how well it uses the park’s natural terrain. 7 out of 10





Since we were already down the rabbit hole of an unacceptable level of wetness, we took a spin on Splash Battle: Pharaoh’s Reign. This may be the best splash battle out there.


The layout is short, but this one has a big advantage- children. Young kids give zero effs about getting wet. This is the first time I have ever seen every single water cannon around one of these attractions manned. And they took no prisoners. 7 out of 10


So naturally we came off soaked. And Emily took it upon herself to get revenge on the kids afterwards.



If you hate water, stay far away from this ride.


Emily took no mercy.


Since it wasn’t enough to blast kids with water guns, we also launched some foam balls at them in the Loopy Lab. It must have been at least 15 years since I had gone in there, but I felt like a kid launching balls across the room.



First she shoots kids with water. Now she shoots them with balls. What's next?


Story Land used to have a Slipshod Safari ride. Basically it was a knockoff Jungle Cruise ride where kids rode in cages (yes you read that right) and parents made sure to document the moment. It was also very well done. The old safari scenes were numerous and detailed.


For 2019, the whole experience was rethemed to the Rap-Tour Safari. While kids can still ride in cages, the ride experience has been dramatically altered and I’m sad to say it’s not for the better.


The whole ride came across as tacky and half-baked. The new ride had riders trying to locate Bob, a lost explorer. Most of the ride was dead space outside of 3-4 dinosaur figures. 3 out of 10



No seriously, kids can ride in cages.


Oh look, a dinosaur.


Looks like poor Bob doesn't have a face. Maybe Nick Cage stole it?


Thankfully the Los Bravos Silver Mine Tour was just as a remembered. This is a really unique walkthrough that combines a crooked house, fun house, and cave tour all into one.


But the highlight was the 5 or 6 year old girl who joined us. I guess imagination isn’t her foray, as she contradicted every point our tour guide made.


Guide- “Here is silver.”

Girl- “That’s not real silver.”

Guide- “Here are the miners who got lost.”

Girl- “Those aren’t real people.”


Props the guide who kept calm, composed, and didn’t break out of character. 7 out of 10



Who needs a casino when you can go to the silver mine?


Story Land had a dearth of water rides on a manmade lagoon. Unfortunately, the water levels have receded. As a result, the park quietly retired the Story Land Queen in 2019.


Guests can still set sail on the Buccaneer though. Admittedly, that was a mistake on such a hot day. Instead of enjoying the corny pirate jokes, we couldn’t wait to return to land.



We would have gladly walked the plank to cool off.


Once back on land, we took a spin on one of the most unique carousels anywhere. Unlike most carousels that go up and down, riders manually rock the Antique Carousel back and forth. I have never seen another carousel quite like it.


As a grown adult, it was pretty easy to get the horses rocking. However, it was an absolute bear as a child. It was even more of a workout than Toy Story Mania! 8 out of 10



This carousel rocks (both literally and figuratively).


Walt Disney World isn’t the only place where kids can meet Cinderella, you can also do it at Story Land. What really makes the experience magical is that Cinderella arrives at her castle in a pumpkin coach at set points during the day.


While we didn’t care to get our photo with Cinderella, we took full advantage of the opportunity to ride the pumpkin coach back down the hill.



You know, I think Disneyland's castle may actually be taller than this one.


It's the little touches like this that make Story Land special.


The last ride we did was Alice’s Tea Cups. It’s one of those old PTC tea cup rides with the double turntables. Unfortunately, those versions do not allow riders to control the spinning. I prefer the ability to spin like a lunatic. 5 out of 10



Cinderella isn't the only Disney IP featured at Story Land.


We had an absolute blast at Story Land. Yes the park is aimed towards kids, but anyone who appreciates a beautiful, well-themed park (or a wild, airtime-filled wooden coaster) will leave Story Land with a smile on their face.


Thank you to Story Land and Give Kids the World for putting on a great event and we’re glad we could help do our part at 2019’s Coasting for Kids!



Story Land brings back so many memories for us.


Emily picked the wrong bench.


We'll be ba-ba-back.


After leaving Story Land, we also made a quick detour to ride my favorite alpine coaster in America, the one at Attitash. There's nothing worse than having a slowpoke ahead of you. Attitash had us covered. They barely had any cars on the track.


There was at least a minute between each dispatch. While that resulted in a painfully slow queue, I knew I could go full tilt down the mountain without careening into someone. This one has a sizable drop under the lift, a few double downs with quick pops of air, and some borderline violent turns. I love it. 9 out of 10



This was about a 40 minute wait.

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Story Land looks like it remains pretty nice. I'd never heard of the tilt house before! I had heard of the safari ride, though, and it looks like Palace Entertainment has struck again!


I was hoping to maybe do "Coasting for Kids" at Six Flags America this year, but it's not to be. Oh well, it'll happen someday.


Thanks for the report and pictures.

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Looks like y'all had a great time, Michael!


so glad I didn't miss your report! LOVE that Carousel. Never seen one that unique, where you can control the "gallop"

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Story Land looks like it remains pretty nice. I'd never heard of the tilt house before! I had heard of the safari ride, though, and it looks like Palace Entertainment has struck again!


I was hoping to maybe do "Coasting for Kids" at Six Flags America this year, but it's not to be. Oh well, it'll happen someday.


Thanks for the report and pictures.


No problem. I'm always glad to show off Story Land since it's a place most enthusiasts don't make it out to.


For the most part, Palace/Parque Reunidos has done a good job keeping Story Land similar to how it always has and I can't complain about them adding Roar-o-Saurus.


That Polar Coaster just looks sooooo cute and fun. Actually, the whole park does. There looks to be some unique spins on rides.


Yeah Story Land really goes the extra mile on the appearance of their ride vehicles. I think Dr. Geyser's, the train, and the Antique Cars are the only plain vehicles in the park.


Looks like y'all had a great time, Michael!


so glad I didn't miss your report! LOVE that Carousel. Never seen one that unique, where you can control the "gallop"


We absolutely had a great time for a great cause. I'd love to know more who manufactured this carousel and if more exist, but so far it's one of a kind for me.

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Adventureland (NY)


I’ve only been to Long Island twice, but it’s a bear to get there. If you like gridlock traffic and a choir of horns, Long Island is for you. Long Island is also for you if you love crazy spinning coasters.


Adventureland is arguably the narrowest amusement park I’ve ever seen. Most of the park is wedged between a Target and some warehouses. The plot is so narrow you may even have to parallel park!




For every new ride Adventureland adds, they basically have to remove one due to their space limitations.


I visited on a blazing hot day. I think my car said it was 100 degrees. Fortunately, Adventureland had us covered. The park had misters and fans above the midway. What a great touch!



These were absolute godsends on such a hot day.


The park is also prettier than you’d expect. Despite being pressed for space, they have several trees, flowers, and figures scattered about the park. It gives it a nice charm.



Now that's my type of flower pot.


Hmmm, I don't remember the bat suit having an Adventureland logo on it.


But I was there for Turbulence, one of the most underrated coasters anywhere. I love Mack spinners. I said that even before Time Traveler was a thing. These coasters are glass smooth, spin a ton, and pull more Gs than you’d expect.


The biggest Achilles heel of most spinners is the pacing. For obvious reasons, they don’t go full tilt start to finish. I guess not everyone has an iron stomach. Turbulence throws that aside and is a fast-paced blur from start to finish.


Once your car starts spinning, it doesn’t stop. Combine that with a super compact layout filled with tight transitions and you have one of the most disorienting coasters anywhere. Then throw in a surprise pop of air on speed hill and sustained Gs on the final helices, and you have a real winner.


I love Turbulence. I’d take it over a lot of B&Ms. I’d take it over some hyper coasters. Do not underestimate this ride. 8.5 out of 10



This is your captain speaking, we will encounter some turbulence.


The amount and speed of the spinning is incredible.


These would fit in at any park.


The other two rides were a bit problematic. No one else wanted to suffer through Long Island traffic, so I was flying solo. That was an issue for Mystery Mansion (dark ride) and Adventure Falls (log flume).


Despite there being a sign saying “no single riders,” the attendant at Mystery Mansion said I could ride alone. She explained the rule is in place for kids. That made my life a lot easier so I boarded the suspended (yes suspended) cars.


Unfortunately, the ride didn’t really capitalize on the unique seating. I think there was only one effect that took advantage of it. I didn’t find the ride particularly scary, but it had decent set design. And it was a long ride as it spanned multiple stories. 7 out of 10



Cool ride system. Not fully utilized though.


This poor guy was scared to death.


Unsurprisingly, Adventure Falls had a bit of a wait considering the temperature. Fortunately, I was able to skip the last third of the queue since a parent didn’t want to purchase a ticket to ride with their child.


I’m stunned Adventureland sports a custom flume considering they’re pressed for space. But most importantly, it had two solid drops. They were decently tall and had tiny pops of air at the start. And the splash was perfect on a scorching hot day. 8 out of 10



I can't believe such a small park has a sizable flume like this.


Just make sure you aren't flying solo. That's not allowed.


Two hours was plenty of time to get my rides on Turbulence, the dark ride, and the flume. One could easily spend more time if they ride all the flats, but none of them stood out to me. Plus, Adventureland was just a pit stop en route to my final destination, Coney Island.

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Adventurer’s Park Family Entertainment Center


On the way to Coney Island, I decided to make a pit stop. RCDB informed me there was a wacky worm with my name on it just one mile away.


That brought me to Adventurer’s Park Family Entertainment Center. Let’s just say appearances were not the park’s strong point.



Here's the parking lot.


Which also doubles as the park's graveyard.


You can either go through the modest main entrance.


I really like how the park used blue tarps to decorate their fences.


Unfortunately, the two dark rides and rare Huss flipper in the Park Index are no longer at the park. I’d say at least two thirds of the park now consists of kiddie rides.


I took a courtesy lap around the park to fill in gaps on the park index. That probably took all of two minutes since the park is very compact.





I'm torn whether they're building something in that area or if it's just a graveyard.


Oh look I found the Coney Island Cyclone...Racer.


This was by far the park's tallest ride.


They're having fun. It's called the Fun Slide after all.


This sounds like the name of a go kart place, not the ride itself.


The Train was probably the nicest looking ride in the park.


And then it was time for the TL*3 Coaster. I have no clue what that name is supposed to mean. Is it the New York slang term for a wacky worm? Honestly that name was the most notable thing about the coaster. 2 out of 10



What does this name even mean?


If you’re already going to Coney Island, this place is a quick stop. It looks a bit rough around the edges, but if you’re a credit whore, it’s an easy stop. Both parking and admission are free. And you can be in and out in less than 5-10 minutes.

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