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Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

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SeaWorld San Diego


Like any good enthusiast, I make sure to check the rehab schedule (if available) for year-round parks. Two weeks ago, I did just that for SeaWorld San Diego. We all knew Journey to Atlantis was closed with all the scaffolding on the building. But I could live without it. The only other ride listed closed was Riptide Rescue. Again, no problem. The real star is Manta. I got some great rides on it in 2014 and was looking forward to reriding it.



Manta was the primary reason for my visit.


But the whale out front told me it was closed.


I figured it must have been unplanned since we visited on a holiday weekend, but the website was updated to say it was down for annual rehab.


Down two coasters, SeaWorld had one lone survivor blasting riders towards the sky and that was Electric Eel. The new kid on the block won't be new for long with Tidal Twister and Mako on the way, but it's an excellent addition for the park.


The line was constant at about 15-20 minutes all day, so we got quite a few rides in on it. Yes it has comfort collars and it slows down loading, but I didn't notice them on-ride. I was too busy enjoying the rush flying through the station, the crazy ejector air ascending and descending, and the sustained hangtime of that zero-G roll. 8 out of 10



They missed an opportunity to play the Electric Slide in line.


I didn't see anyone working at Journey, but it's clear they're doing some major work on it. I passed the site for Tidal Twister and they just had a wall up advertising their new for 2019 coaster. I just pray it's smoother than Harley Quinn because she was one violent woman.



That's a lot of scaffolding.


It didn't appear that Tidal Twister had gone vertical yet, but I imagine it'll be installed quickly.


And last but not least, here's the SBNO Submarine Quest...


In 2014, we were not impressed by their One Ocean show. The Shamu family is awesome, but I remember that show using way too many screens instead of showcasing the whales. I figured the Orca Encounter would be more of the same considering the Blackfish backlash, but they had the whales doing more than ever this time. Go figure. :lol:



I thought SeaWorld was supposed to scale back the killer whale activity. Orca Encounter had them doing more than ever.


My buddy was complaining how cold he was, but still insisted on sitting in the splash zone. I tried to finish my soft pretzel before the inevitable tsunami, but then this happened.



This is the point when I reconsidered my life decisions.


What have I done?


I should probably put my camera away...


Soaked to the bone, we said “screw it” and went on Shipwreck Rapids. Granted I was planning on riding it anyway since I had a strong suspicion the waterfalls would be off. I was right there, but it made no difference. For one, I was already soaked. But second, I was nailed by both the big rapids.


Shipwreck Rapids really is one of the best river rapids rides out there. It's impeccably landscaped, has some nice theming, and the perfect mix of rapids and waterfalls/sprayers (in the summer that is). 9 out of 10



Any ride with an Archimedes' screw gets the seal of approval from me.


Dolphin Days was up next and I'm pleased to say it was stronger than Orlando's (and definitely better than the dolphin show at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom but that's sort of a given). The show spent more time showcasing the insane athletic ability of the dolphin.


Dolphins are probably my third favorite animal after the majestic dachshund and corgi. Needless to say I loved the show even though my friend again wanted the front.



As a Patriots fan, I don't usually see athletic dolphins.


What can't dolphins do?


Speaking of dachshunds, they had a surprising addition to their shows. Pets Rule was in rehearsal mode. When I saw the hot dog stand on the stage, I knew there'd be adorable weenie dogs as part of the show.


And I was right! They built to the crescendo by having a dog agility course plus some other familiar skits from Orlando's Pets Ahoy or Busch's Pet Shenanigans show. Then the stars came out.



When I saw the hot dog stand, I prepared myself for the big moment,


We also experienced basically any of the animal exhibits we could find. While San Diego has better shows than Orlando, I think Orlando has the edge on animal exhibits.



Jesus, did that penguin eat another?


It was sort of weird having the pool opening so close to the top of the tunnel, but it was cool nonetheless.


Regrettably I missed the sea lion show due to time, but this partially made up for it.


Hi Crush.


Oh yeah, we rode Wild Arctic too. Fun ride (albeit old) with a great exhibit after.


SeaWorld San Diego is experiencing a boon of coasters and it'll only help make the park more appealing in SoCal visits (and I really want to reride Manta after being thwarted. They already have an incredible collection of animals, so the rides are just icing on the cake.

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Thanks Bert!


The Mantas are actually significantly different. About the only similarities between them are the aquariums in the queue, nice rockwork around the attraction, and the theme.


Orlando's is arguably the country's best flying coaster and San Diego's is a launched sit down coaster with way more airtime than you'd expect from a 30 foot tall ride.

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wow. . I had no idea they were that different.


someday, will get to see SWSD . maybe I can convince hubby to do a quick trip out there in May timeframe.


San Diego has the best animal shows of the three in my opinion. That alone makes it worth visiting for and Manta is super fun and reridable.

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It felt sinful only giving myself part of a day at Disneyland in December, but I operated under the logic that some Disneyland was better than no Disneyland. On this most recent visit, I made sure to give myself two days at Disneyland.


My visit began with a journey on the Monorail. I mistakenly thought it was for hotel guests only in past visits, so I was excited to have what I thought would be a magical entry into the park. And the Monorail was a nice alternative to walking…once I got on board.


I don’t know if I should be excited or concerned that the Monorail was my longest wait of the weekend. I probably should be ashamed since the park was only a 5 minute walk away . Unfortunately the Monorail was only running one train and half the capacity was sucked up by park guests who went for a roundtrip journey, so it took about 30-40 minutes.



I probably should have walked, but at least I got a new ride credit.


On the bright side, my park ticket was scanned when I entered the Monorail’s queue so I was able to immediately reserve a Fastpass reservation. Being a Saturday afternoon, most of the E-tickets were gone, but I was able to snag an It’s a Small World Holiday that was ready for use right away. To anyone who thinks MaxPass isn’t worth it, you’re missing out.


I was stunned the holiday overlay was still active in late January, but I wasn’t going to question it. Heck, I wouldn’t care if they kept this overlay active year-round. It’s far superior to the standard version if you ask me since the cheery Christmas tunes offer a reprieve from the tune we’re all too familiar with. 9 out of 10



All I want for Christmas is for this to remain up year-round.


I figured I could sneak on the Matterhorn’s single rider line before meeting up with PeoplemoverMatt at DCA, but it was closed. The same thing happened at Space Mountain. I was confused why Disneyland wouldn’t try to maximize capacity on a busy day, but then I realized the single rider lines were only temporarily closed.


My suspicions were confirmed when I asked the Matterhorn cast member. They said they don’t want the single rider line being longer than 15-20 minutes. So I patiently waited for 10-15 minutes until the single rider line reopened, and I was rewarded with a near walk-on.


The Mattherhorn is a flawed coaster. The thrills come from how poorly it tracks. But it has a certain mystique at night and the history cannot be denied. Plus it’s nice to see a Yeti animatronic that actually works (sorry Everest). 6 out of 10



I can feel the mystique emanating from this photo.


After detour at California Adventure, we returned to knockout the Fantasyland dark rides. Alice in Wonderland is one I rarely hit due to the line, but I really do enjoy it. The tight turns and scenes perfectly capture the frenetic nature of the movie. 8 out of 10


Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is a favorite of mine. It broke my heart when Florida’s closed, so I always make sure to ride it at Disneyland. What other Disney ride includes beer and a journey to hell? 8 out of 10


After being slightly disappointed by Peter Pan in both Japan and Florida (from a ride perspective, I know better than to wait an hour for this), I was reminded that California has the best version. It seems a bit brighter to me. 7 out of 10



The Fantasyland rides are classics. If only they had higher capacities though.


SoCal was in the middle of a deep freeze during my visit; it was 65 degrees outside. I saw many locals donning winter hats and jackets, but I was in my element. It was like a summer day in New England! So of course I couldn’t help myself when I saw Splash Mountain was a total walk-on.


I was looking for the full Disneyland Splash Mountain experience, so I eagerly volunteered for the front row. I knew full well I would get drenched, but it was still shocking seeing that colossal wave careen over the front of the boat. On the bright side, my chipmunk hat and shoes (miraculously) remained dry. The same couldn’t be said for any other article of clothing.


Even if it were below freezing, I’d still ride Splash Mountain if it were open. It’s a perfect attraction. The combination of scenes and drops is everything I could ever want in an attraction. It was so good, that we went right back around for a second time. Shockingly that wasn’t my idea, but I wasn’t going to say no. 10 out of 10



I have zero regrets riding up front.


Fantasmic was about to go down for a lengthy rehab, so it was nice to catch the show. I strategically planned walks to and from Critter Country so I could catch the beginning and end of the show. I find the middle of Fantasmic to be a bit dull, but I love the soundtrack and there’s no better finale than seeing a 50 foot dragon, a gratuitous fireworks display, and a boat of all my favorite Disney characters.



Disneyland really does have the best Fantasmic.


The only other Fastpass I secured on this Saturday was for Big Thunder Mountain. I happily skipped the 45 minute wait and requested the back row. In the front, Big Thunder is best described as scenic. In the back, Big Thunder has some abrupt pops of air and sustained laterals. 7 out of 10



Like the Matterhorn, this one is also way better at night.


We finished the night in Tomorrowland and I was thoroughly destroyed at Buzz Lightyear. Now I’ll admit when I suck at something. Take billiards for example. However, this was not my fault. I swear I nailed several targets (repeatedly I might add), but my score was a Level 1 Space Ranger. 8 out of 10


My unfortunate luck carried over to Space Mountain being down for the night, so Star Tours was the consolation prize. And wouldn’t you know? My bad luck continued. All I wanted was a Gungan free ride, so meesa not happy to see Jar Jar.


I would pay full admission for a 5 second Star Wars movie if it included Jar Jar’s death. He is right up there with Dobby as my least favorite movie character. I’m getting angry just thinking of the two. My contempt for Jar Jar aside, Star Tours is a very fun simulator. 8 out of 10



I prefer to visit the stars in little rockets, but I guess Star Tours would have to suffice on this night.


Flash forward 8 hours and I was back at Disneyland. I expected to begin my day at California Adventure with early entry, a perk I thought was included with my ticket. Turns out I misread the fine print. I thought Magic Morning and Extra Magic Hours were equivalent, but they are not.


All Magic Mornings are Extra Magic Hours, but not all Extra Magic Hours are Magic Mornings. Magic Mornings are only applicable at Disneyland. My bad! Hopefully I can save someone else from missing out on an extra hour of sleep; although I expect this all to change when Star Wars Land opens.


So instead of beginning my day in Cars Land, I decided to rope drop Mattherhorn. I honestly don’t know what came over me, but I really wanted a front row ride and that’s something I will never get with the single rider line. Unfortunately Matterhorn wasn’t quite ready, but Space Mountain was.


After missing out the night before, it was nice to get 3 straight walk-ons using the single rider line. California’s may only have one real drop, but the sense of speed is incredible. The combination of the darkness, musical score, and wind really gets me amped up. And I don’t think it’s just my imagination; those final turns have some seriously wicked laterals. 9 out of 10



Dale gives Space Mountain his sign of approval. Chip sat this one out.


Matterhorn reopened, so I waited about 10-15 minutes for my coveted front row ride. It’s still not as good as Disney’s other outdoor coasters, but the views were considerably better up front.



I know the castle is Disneyland's icon, but this is what really stands out to me.


And the front is so much better if you ask me.


After some time at California Adventure, I popped to Downtown Disney for lunch. I love almost everything about Disneyland except the in-park food options. I have not had a good meal inside that park. On the bright side, Downtown Disney is a stone throw away. Based on the recent trip report, I was a excited to try Naples and it did not disappoint. It was everything I love about Via Napoli at Epcot.



I don't foresee a future Disneyland visit where I cut out Naples now.


For some odd reason, I waited until the afternoon to ride Indiana Jones Adventure. I don’t know why since it’s both a breakdown prone ride and my favorite ride at the resort, but alas that is what I did. I ended up waiting about 30 minutes via the single rider line, but it was still worth it.


I can enjoy heavily screen based rides. But there’s just something special about a wild joyride through a set as grand as Indiana Jones Adventure. Not only is Indiana Jones one of the world’s best dark rides, it’s one of the world’s best rides period. 10 out of 10



Plus I love Raiders of the Lost Ark, so this ride is just an orgy of awesomeness for me.


In the afternoon, I intentionally saved some moderately lengthy waits for Jungle Cruise, Pirates, and Haunted Mansion. Have I gone insane? No. You see, it was the NFL’s Championship Sunday and I didn’t want to miss the games. I also didn’t want to waste my Disneyland time. So I strategically planned for the longer outdoor queues to take place during the games so I could stream them on my phone.


In between my journey down the Nile River and my voyage to Tortuga, I watched the Saints get absolutely shafted by one of the worst missed calls I have ever seen. This was much to the chagrin of every Rams fan in line with me. While waiting for my encounter with 999 ghosts, I watched the Patriots stifle Pat Mahomes and the vaunted Chiefs offense.



Is it corny? Absolutely! But who doesn't love corn? 9 out of 10


It starts off slow, but the end is exceptional. Best Pirates by far. 9 out of 10


I was hoping to see the holiday overlay here as well, but it's still a blast. 9 out of 10


For the second half, I watched the game at Downtown Disney. There aren’t many bars at Downtown Disney with televisions, but I eventually found Tortilla Jo’s. Not only did I have a delicious seafood burrito, but I took absolute pleasure watching the Patriots return to their third straight Super Bowl. I reveled in the misery of everyone else. I guess everyone outside New England hates the Patriots.



The Patriots victory was made even sweater by this delicious burrito and the 4 FastPasses I snagged during dinner.


After using my glut of Fastpasses at California Adventure, I only had 30 minutes left at Disneyland. I would have loved to have ridden Space Mountain again, but it was a necessary casualty. I wasn’t going to leave Disneyland without two last rides on Splash Mountain and Indiana Jones.


I got a solo ride on Splash Mountain. I was on Cloud 9. Usually I celebrate Pats victories with dinner, but today I had a more fitting celebration. Bill Belichick got the victory Gatorade bath; I got a victory splash in the front row on Splash Mountain.



It was a zip-a-dee-doo-dah day.


I’m guessing everyone outside of New England is probably gritting their teeth at this point, so I’ll stop.


As for Indiana Jones, it was refreshing to get a ride without the single rider line. The single rider line is an absolute time saver, but it has the unfortunate consequence of skipping one of the most immersive and well done queue lines in the world. It was the perfect way to end the night.


Disneyland may be my favorite park in the United States. It’s really a four way tie with Cedar Point, Silver Dollar City, and Knoebels. The parks are all pretty different, but with Disneyland, I know I’ll get a highly immersive experience with top notch customer service. It’s impossible to leave this park with anything but a smile on your face.

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It starts off slow, but the end is exceptional. Best Pirates by far.


I prefer Shanghai's version over any of the classics, but Pirates in Paris is actually my favorite take on the original, followed by California's.


Thank you for another great report with us!

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It starts off slow, but the end is exceptional. Best Pirates by far.


I prefer Shanghai's version over any of the classics, but Pirates in Paris is actually my favorite take on the original, followed by California's.


Thank you for another great report with us!


Thanks! True I should have probably clarified it's the best Pirates I've been on since I've heard Shanghai's is incredible. Hopefully I can get on that one someday in the near future.


Great report, love the on-ride photos!


Thanks! Getting all the on-ride photos was a benefit of MaxPass and I completely missed that benefit in Decemeber. I more than made up for it on this visit.

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Disney California Adventure


I like Disney California Adventure. Their E-tickets are as good as any Disney park if you ask me. However, I probably spent only 25% of my time at DCA. It’s not as much of a fault of the park. Rather, it’s the fact that one of my favorite parks in the world is literally 100 yards away.


That being said, I milked every FastPass I could for DCA. That allowed me to maximize my time at Disneyland while still allowing me to experience the best of DCA. In fact, I didn’t wait in a single standby wait in two days there.


My first night consisted of a single ride on Incredicoaster. During my last visit, I had to leave before nightfall so I deprived myself of night rides on this coaster. Further, I also deprived myself a chance to experience Pixar Pier after the sun set. The area simply looks astounding at night with the thousands of bulbs illuminating the night sky.




Pixar Pier is simply stunning.


It was so beautiful I almost wanted to ride it. Almost.


As for Incredicoaster, it was even better at night. Usually one of the primary benefits of night rides is less visibility. With Incredicoaster, it is actually the opposite. The effects inside the tunnels are much more noticeable and impressive at night.


From a ride perspective, it was as enjoyable as usual. Incredicoaster is a decidedly un-Disney like coaster. Even though it now has a loose story, it rides more like a coaster you could find at a Six Flags or a Cedar Fair park. The coaster has a few mild pops of airtime, a surprisingly forceful loop, and simply goes on forever. 8 out of 10



While I enjoyed the coaster, Dale devoured my hand.


Flash forward to day two and I reserved Toy Story Midway Mania for my first FastPass of the day. However, I couldn’t help but notice that the ride was temporarily closed. About a half hour before my scheduled ride time, my Toy Story pass magically transformed into a Multiple Experiences pass valid on any ride at DCA at any time.


After reserving a few other rides like Guardians, Soarin’, and Incredicoaster, I again tried for Toy Story and received yet another Multiple Experiences pass. I got greedy and went for a third, but they cut off Toy Story’s FastPasses. On one hand, these passes were absolute gold. On the other hand, I was a bit nervous Toy Story may be down for the day.


I started with Guardians. I had my fingers crossed I’d get to experience a new song and sure enough I did. I was blasting through the shaft to the tune of “Hit Me with Your Best Shot.” I absolutely love the randomized program as the combination of gut-wrenching drops and rapid ascents kept me on my toes.


Guardians/Tower of Terror puts all other drop towers to shame. This is undoubtedly the resort’s most thrilling ride and honestly, it’s my favorite iteration of Tower of Terror outside of the original in Florida. I may prefer the old theme more, but the program is where Guardians truly shines. 10 out of 10



Honestly I'm stunned my hat stayed on my head.


Up next was Soarin’. I decided to splurge and request the top middle row. After waiting an extra cycle, I was flying above the ice caps and through the mountains (or CGI if you ask the haters). But the highlight is without a doubt the final sequence where you fly over Paris and Disneyland at night. My jaw always drops at the grandeur of these sequences. 9 out of 10




I rerode Incredicoaster, this time requesting the front row. Incredicoaster gives a great ride in any row, but the money seat is without a doubt row one. The rush of wind makes the launch feel considerably more powerful and the sights are even more enjoyable without the high seatback in front of you.



Dash one upped Jesus. Jesus only walked on water. Dash ran on water.


I then made my way to the resort’s best themed land, Cars Land. I had every intention of hoarding my Multiple Experiences FastPasses, but when I saw the single rider line beyond the bridge, a FastPass was a necessity.


Even though I prefer Test Track for the added intensity, Radiator Springs Racers is still a crowning achievement for Disney. It is the absolute definition of a crowd pleaser. It has everything you could want in a Disney attraction- beautiful set pieces, incredible animatronics, and just enough thrills to keep thrill-seekers content and not terrify less adventurous riders. 10 out of 10



That rock work leaves me speechless.


I think the blue car is going to win. Just a hunch.


I got the Lightning McQueen imposter for my ride.


I then spent most of my day at Disneyland, but I returned in the evening with FastPasses in hand. Along with my one remaining Multiple Experiences pass, I also had secured additional FastPasses throughout the day for Guardians, Incredicoaster, and Radiator Springs Racers. Without MaxPass, there’s no way I could have stockpiled these.


I got another new song on Guardians. Along with the randomized program, there are subtle differences in the show scenes depending on your song. These small changes combined with the incredible drop sequence makes Guardians incredibly reridable and my favorite ride at the resort.



What doesn't look amazing at night at this park?


After another awesome night ride on Incredicoaster (in the front no less), I used my Multiple Experiences pass on Toy Story. I have no clue when it reopened, but the standby queue was hovering around 2 hours, so I suspect it must have opened really late in the day.


Toy Story may just be my favorite shooter ever. The ride system is absolute gold and super addictive. My arm was in absolute agony during the final few scenes, but I powered through it en route to my vehicle’s best score. 10 out of 10



They should just rename this "Arm Workout- the Ride"


I ended the night with one last ride on Radiator Springs Racers. As I made my way towards Cars Land, it dawned on me that I had never seen the land at night. And holy moly, was that one heck of a sin. By day, Cars Land is incredible. By night, it’s the eighth wonder of the world.


The lighting in Cars Land is impeccable. The rockwork looks even more impressive at night. And all the shops have gorgeous neon-like lighting. I sort of wish DCA’s closing time was the same as Disneyland’s so I could have slowly milled around this area after closing. It simply looked that good! But not quite good enough to me to miss out on final rides on Splash and Indy.


From a ride perspective, Radiator Springs Racers was even better at night. The racing sequence felt even faster, particularly on the tight turns.





Double whoa!


Disney California Adventure really is the E-ticket park for me. The park is rich on top tier attractions and that glut will only improve with the opening of Marvel Land.

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Six Flags Mexico


When I was told I needed to return for work, I was excited at the prospect of returning to Six Flags Mexico. After my visit last year, I had no idea I’d be returning so soon, but I certainly wasn’t going to complain. I was itching to reride Superman and Medusa.


After a redeye flight to Mexico City, I dropped my bags at the airport hotel and called an Uber to the park. That is my preferred way to get around Mexico City. They’re fast, I don’t have to drive, the prices are clear, and most importantly I don’t have to drive. I will never ever call Boston drivers bad again after some of the maneuvers I witnessed in Mexico City.




Looks like I just missed Mexico's Holiday in the Park.


Six Flags Mexico is bipolar. The park will do some awesome things that you’d never expect to see at a Six Flags park. But then they’ll turn around and do the most Six Flagsiest of things.


Pro- The security line was fast and efficient.


Con- They kept telling me to not take anything out of my pocket as the metal detector went off, so I guess it’s just for show?


Pro- I didn’t see a single ride experience any downtime.


Con- About 20 rides were closed, including the new Wonder Woman coaster (I really have no luck hitting these free flies) and an entire kids area.



7 closures on its own is a lot, but this didn't include the entire kids area being closed.


Hence the wall in front of the to be Bugs Bunny BoomTown.


These things always seem to be closed for me.


Pro- Six Flags Mexico is probably the best themed of all the Six Flags parks. The building architecture and rides themselves all reflect their respective areas. After Fiesta Texas, it’s probably the most photogenic Six Flags park if you ask me. I also got to see some remnants of their Holiday in the Park decorations.



Not only was there holiday theming, but they themed the holiday theming to the specific areas of the park.


Con- You’ve all been to the Six Flags park where one or two coasters are still testing when the park opens. At Six Flags Mexico, nothing opened with the park. Not even the Tea Cups next to the main entrance. I’d estimate the coasters opened 15-30 minutes after opening.


Pro- They’re capable of dispatching trains in less than 30 seconds. That was the norm all day on Superman. Medusa started the day with a 10 man crew. I witnessed some German fairground efficiency. Each employee only had to check 2 riders. I never thought an RMC could be dispatched that quickly.


Con- They’re perfectly content rolling one train on all their major coasters. And to rub salt in the wound, Medusa’s crew was scaled back to just 3-4 people when the queue hit 2.5 hours. That seems backwards…



This is some German fair ground efficiency right here. 10 ops on Medusa!


I cannot stress how important it is to get the VIP Flash Pass Platino (or whatever they call the highest level) at this park. For 250 Pesos ($13 USD), you get 10 skip-the-line passes. I went on a Tuesday in January expecting the park to be dead. And it was at opening. But two hours later, both Medusa and Superman had 2.5-3 hour lines.


The ride list is a bit of a revolving door. For example, Medusa is no longer listed as a Flash Pass ride on the website or the park map, but it accepted the Flash Pass. Meanwhile, the Kilahua drop tower and Supergirl star flyer have Flash Pass entrances but do not accept them. I’m guessing they did at one point.



Of course they're only running one train...


Maybe the 150 minutes is an exaggeration?


Nope! The 2.5 hour wait is real. Thank god for Flash Pass/VIP Pass or whatever they call it!


This visit highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of Six Flags Mexico’s ride lineup perfectly. On one hand, you have an elite one-two punch in Medusa and Superman. On the other hand, I literally only rode one other ride. Nothing else was a must. That’s not really a good sign for a park as large as this.


Since I wasn’t sure if Medusa would be on the Flash Pass at the day’s start, I made that my first stop. Once it opened, I awkwardly navigated through the crooked house fun house queue and was in the front row on the first train of the day. When Medusa isn’t busy, they assign seats front to back. If they’re busy, they let you choose any row. So if you want the back, you sort of have to hope it’s busy.


Medusa was only running one train and it was a Frankentrain. Six Flags attached the lead car from the orange train to the red car. If that wasn’t odd enough, they also removed the back car. Medusa had the 6 car train for my visit last year, but it went down a 5 car train shortly after.



It's a Frankentrain.


Last year, I thought Medusa was overrated. In fact, I thought the 2018 TPR Poll Steel Coaster champion was the worst I-Box. It wasn’t even the park’s best coaster. Old videos showed an impeccably paced and out-of-control coaster, but the version I rode last year crawled at several points due to modifications when VR was implemented.


This time I got something closer to the former.


The barrel roll drop was the same floaty goodness, but I realized something was different on the first turnaround. Last year, the train crawled through this element. This year, the train hauled and delivered strong pops of air entering and exiting. This was followed by an aggressive banked turn. I was certain it wouldn’t have any air, but it offered a little.


An ejector airtime filled plunge leads to another turn that’s even more aggressive than the last. So of course it delivered crazy laterals plus airtime. The next zero-G roll is taken at such a breakneck pace that riders can barely process it. When they regain their bearings, they are cresting the ride’s best airtime hill. It’s sustained ejector and the drop dips down a wooded hillside.


You return to civilization by navigating another massive airtime hill. However, this one offered sustained floater air, which felt more like a B&M hyper. That’s probably a deterrent to most, but I enjoyed the variety in the type of airtime. Another aggressive turn dished out another dose of laterals and a minor pop of air before flying through the final zero-G roll. Medusa speeds through one last turn before hitting the brakes, but not without one last pop of air.


Now I understand the hype over Medusa. This is one of the best paced coasters anywhere. Medusa holds its speed well and there isn’t a single moment of dead track. That’s something only the best coasters can deliver. And while I prefer the front, every seat delivers an amazing ride. As for how it compares to the other RMCs, it's still towards the lower half but still a great ride. 9.5 out of 10



Medusa was running WAY better this year.


The pacing was impeccable.


Looks like Medusa turned the ground to stone.


As awesome as Medusa was running, I still can’t decide if I prefer Superman. If your only experience with Morgan hypers is Steel Force or Mamba, you’re probably baffled by this, but Superman is a completely different animal. In fact, I prefer Mexico’s Superman to SFNE’s.


What makes it so good? For one, the Morgan lap bars offer considerably more room than other hypers. Plus the one train operations were a major plus on this day. Yes it sucked for anyone in the standby wait, but this meant the MCBR was completely disabled. When Superman hit the brakes, those oversized Morgan trains were barely able to come to a halt. But most importantly, Superman has one of the most varied and unique coaster layouts out there.


I’m sure you’ve seen a comments here and there arguing whether or not the RMC pre-lifts actually offer air. There’s no debate on Superman. There are two legit pops of air and some strong laterals before you even hit the lift hill. That’s followed by a slow lift. I hit the jackpot on the my visit as there were clear skies, so I was able to appreciate the natural beauty around Mexico City.


The first drop is a Morgan special. The drop is awkwardly profiled, but it delivers some major sustained floater in the back. That’s followed by the obligatory turnaround section. While this feels like filler on Morgan’s other hypers, it’s unbelievably awesome on Superman. It begins with a massive floater hill and a lateral heavy turn. Then there’s this screwed up hill that starts with sustained ejector followed by a vicious laterals. I’m pretty sure my butt cheek landed in the other seat at least once.


The train delivers an abrupt pop of air entering the MCBR and just continued onto two massive camelbacks. I don’t know if it was ejector or floater, but whatever it was, there was a lot of it. The finale looks like what happens when I click autocomplete in Planet Coaster, as there’s an unbanked turn and an awkward little dip before the brake run. What a ride! 9.5 out of 10



Morgan drops are so screwed up, but I sort of like it that way.


If your experience with Morgan hypers is relegated to the Steel Force, Mamba, Wild Thing trio, you're missing out.


If Kilahua and Supergirl were included on the Flash Pass, I would have ridden them. But since I wasn’t waiting an hour for either of those, the only other ride I rode was Joker. At this point it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the Jokers. You have the free flies, the giant Frisbees, SFDK’s RMC, the swinging ships, and the Larson loop plus this spinner.


As a ride, Joker is a very solid spinning coaster. I got a wonderfully unbalanced ride. The first drop lasts longer than you’d think. Then the rest of the ride has plenty of helices and even includes a pop or two of airtime at the end when you pass through the Tunnel of Terror. But I’d be remiss to not talk about Joker’s queue line. That’s an attraction in itself. To reach the ride, you go through all sorts of fun house gags like a vortex tunnel, sliding floorboards, spinning platforms, etc. 7 out of 10



This queue is better than most fun houses out there. It's an attraction in itself.


On one hand, I like Joker. On the other hand, this shouldn't be the third best ride in a major park like this.


Did I regret only riding those three coasters? Not in the least bit. Those are the only unique coasters at the park. If Six Flags Mexico added another great coaster or two (Wonder Woman helps here), I have no doubt this would be right up there with the best Six Flags parks. I see no way I’ll ever visit Mexico without going here.

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thanks for the report! Six Flags Mexico is one we're really love to visit, tho my Spouse is so wary about going to Mexico as an American Citizen (even tho Austin has direct flights now via Southwest Airlines).


how long is the trip from Mexico City to the park? 20 minutes?


(thinking of maybe squeezing in a 3 day trip this year . .if I can convince him. . .to Mexico City: 1 day museums, 1 day Six Flags, and 1 day maybe out to the pyramids (but more likely just hanging out near hotel, or going to catch a game of Jai alai -- something I did back in the 80's when there, but Nick has never seen).

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Great update!


I didn't even know that this place existed but I just realized that we'll be driving right by it in February so I guess I'll go ride the Scandia Screamer now.


... or not


Ouch! This is why I made Scandia a priority in December. On the bright side, you have more time at superior parks.


thanks for the report! Six Flags Mexico is one we're really love to visit, tho my Spouse is so wary about going to Mexico as an American Citizen (even tho Austin has direct flights now via Southwest Airlines).


how long is the trip from Mexico City to the park? 20 minutes?


(thinking of maybe squeezing in a 3 day trip this year . .if I can convince him. . .to Mexico City: 1 day museums, 1 day Six Flags, and 1 day maybe out to the pyramids (but more likely just hanging out near hotel, or going to catch a game of Jai alai -- something I did back in the 80's when there, but Nick has never seen).


Thanks! Six Flags Mexico is only 15-20 miles from the airport, but it can take 1.5-2 hours due to the absolute nightmare known as Mexico City Traffic. Do not even try driving there. Use Uber. The app lists how many rides your driver has given, can let loved ones know when you arrive, and it's cheap ($10 USD for a 1.5 hour ride).


I never felt unsafe at Six Flags Mexico or the areas I have stayed (airport and financial district), but there were areas we drove by that I wouldn't have felt comfortable stopping in.

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I finally caught up on all your TRs, great job. SF is my favorite city I've been to in North America outside of NYC. I'm halfway between LA and SF and you can see why I pick SF over LA for most of my sports teams. The recent results in the World Series and Super Bowl drive my points further.


Ouch! This is why I made Scandia a priority in December. On the bright side, you have more time at superior parks.


I would normally criticize you for leaving Disneyland early to go to Scandia, but I knew they were rumored to close or least remove their Scandia Screamer since it got listed for sale last fall (I thought you were aware about this) so I give you a pass.


thanks for the report! Six Flags Mexico is one we're really love to visit, tho my Spouse is so wary about going to Mexico as an American Citizen (even tho Austin has direct flights now via Southwest Airlines).


Don't worry and just go. I just did a trip to Quintana Roo, Mexico with family at the beginning of January and felt totally safe the whole time I was there. We rented a car and drove everywhere and had a great time at beaches, snorkeling, and seeing ruins, and even went to an eco water park (Xel Ha was awesome). The infrastructure was good and the road signage was better than most US states. Mexico D.F. is a bit different and the traffic is probably horrible at times but it is listed as one of the safer places in Mexico to visit. I really want to visit Mexico DF after having a great trip to Q Roo and check out the sights, archeological ruins, the coasters and parks, and have more great food. Most people in Mexico are warm and friendly if you respect them and it goes a long way if you make an effort to try to speak some Spanish. Parts of the country are dangerous like Alcapulco and Guerrero but other parts are very safe as long as you don't do anything too stupid or make a complete ass of yourself. Not going to Mexico because hearing about bad things in certain places would be like a foreigner deciding not to visit the USA because of hearing about bad things in Baltimore, Detroit, or St. Louis. The customs process is easy FYI when entering Mexico and a lot more hectic when reentering the US.

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note, I live in Texas. . . and have for 47 years.


My Dad used to do every Summer, a drive down to Brownsville, we'd cross the border into Nuevo Leon, and then hop on a plane (paid for in pesos) for family vacations. So I'm actually really well traveled in Mexico (Guadalajara, Acapulco, Mexico City, Guanajuato, Cancun, Puerta Vallarta.. all multiple times) .. the spouse on the other hand? not so much.


the issue is that in Texas, we get a lot of the news about brutal crime going on in Mexico, and in particular around Mexico City.


so your point is taken, and note I agree with you (I'm trying to convince him to go), but I understand his concerns.

I brought it up over dinner tonight, and he completely shot me down.


I don't believe in being so scared of things that you let it impact your enjoyment of life - and i LOVED the museum in Mexico City, the Pyramids, and I've never been to SFMexico. . so I'm gonna keep working on him for the next several months

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I finally caught up on all your TRs, great job. SF is my favorite city I've been to in North America outside of NYC. I'm halfway between LA and SF and you can see why I pick SF over LA for most of my sports teams. The recent results in the World Series and Super Bowl drive my points further.


I would normally criticize you for leaving Disneyland early to go to Scandia, but I knew they were rumored to close or least remove their Scandia Screamer since it got listed for sale last fall (I thought you were aware about this) so I give you a pass.




At least the LA teams have made it to the championship at least. Although from what I saw in the few games where Jimmy G replaced Brady, he looks like the real deal and should make the 49ers a playoff team. But as far as a city to walk around, San Francisco is my absolute favorite. While I do like New York City, the streets are like Disneyland during a parade.


As for Scandia, PeoplemoverMatt was in disbelief I'd leave the happiest place on Earth for Scandia, but I don't regret my decision one bit considering the news that came out today. Screamer was well worth the excursion. Plus I've made quite a few trips to Disneyland at this point, so I could spare an hour to visit a park on the chopping block.


note, I live in Texas. . . and have for 47 years.


the issue is that in Texas, we get a lot of the news about brutal crime going on in Mexico, and in particular around Mexico City.


so your point is taken, and note I agree with you (I'm trying to convince him to go), but I understand his concerns.

I brought it up over dinner tonight, and he completely shot me down.


I don't believe in being so scared of things that you let it impact your enjoyment of life - and i LOVED the museum in Mexico City, the Pyramids, and I've never been to SFMexico. . so I'm gonna keep working on him for the next several months



Photo courtesy of the US Travel Department


Mexico City has some very bad neighborhoods, but there's almost no reason a tourist would ever go there. If you look at the map of Mexico, Mexico City is about as safe as Mexico gets. If you stick to exploration during daylight hours and to areas recommended by travel sites, I don't see you having any issues. But even the area I went to along the Gulf of California that was in the orange didn't have me feeling unsafe either.


"Dash one upped Jesus. Jesus only walked on water. Dash ran on water."


Is it bad that when I reread this quote, I thought "Dash" was referring to Slinky Dog Dash? I mean, saying Slinky Dog was greater than Jesus is something I could totally see myself saying. As evidenced, Slinky Dog did just carry Tom Brady today.



Photo courtesy of Julian Edelman's Instagram.

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^ I saw that map too and almost posted a link of it. The yellow area is level 2 and the same level as most of Europe like UK, France, Spain, and Germany. I went to the part of Mexico (Yucatan peninsula) that looks like a thumb and is as far away from the red as possible. The only time I was a bit nervous while I was there was when we were driving back to Tulum, Quintana Roo at night after visiting Chichen Itza during the day and Valadolid, Yucatan for dinner and we went by three police checkpoints along the highways that weren't there during the day.

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The only time I've been in a car at night in Mexico was in Cancun and Mexico City. Both were in heavily populated city areas. I imagine your checkpoint was in a less frequented area?


Also those ruins in Tulum are quite the sight. I saw them last year on a work trip.

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LOL. . if I ever show my spouse that map, my chances of convincing him to go are over


he's way too cautious to go somewhere when it says "reconsider travel".. but I'm working on him!




(I did get him to go to the Ruins in Belize (which were SPECTACULAR), when we were on a cruise. . . and we also stopped on Cozumel and he was OK with that, as long as we stayed on official cruise group tours)

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Woah, what a different look with the 5 car train. Glad you were still able to get plenty of rides in even with the less than typical operations. Superman really intrigues me. I'll have to make a Mexico City long weekend trip here soon..


Great report!

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