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Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Kemah Boardwalk- Boardwalk Bullet is running like a dream

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I think Conestoga was in pieces during both of my visits, I never rode it. I love flying carpet rides.


That's a bummer. Did you get to ride it in its former life at Hershey at least?


It looks like it was removed from Hershey in 2002, so there is a good chance I rode it at Hershey, but I don't remember for sure.

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I'm not really a waterpark person. . i didn't even make it over to Cedar Point Shores, and our tix included admission there (and we were there for 3 days!).


but Rampage looks like reason enough to get this park on my radar for a stop in at some point!

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^ I tend to prefer standalone water parks over attached water parks. It's far easier just to walk into the park in my bathing suit than to have to rent a locker (usually on the water side), retrieve it before the water side closes, and then lug the bag around. I especially am not going to sacrifice time at such a large park like Cedar Point.


That being said, because of the weak dry offerings outside of Rampage, I probably would have spent time in the water park if I had more time. Rampage alone is worth the visit.

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^ Maybe it had a different cycle at Hershey because I think it'd be hard to forget the type of airtime Conestoga provided.


To me, Indiana Beach's was the one to top with the most airtime in the US, but I don't know if they still run it the same.

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^ Maybe it had a different cycle at Hershey because I think it'd be hard to forget the type of airtime Conestoga provided.


To me, Indiana Beach's was the one to top with the most airtime in the US, but I don't know if they still run it the same.


I didn't get a chance to ride Indiana Beach's Falling Star last year due to really bad luck and poor operations.


I waited until 5 minutes before closing to get in line. There were maybe 10-15 people ahead of me in line. When the previous cycle ended, the riders on board asked if they could stay on. The operator said yes. However, by letting the people stay on the ride, there wasn't enough room for everyone in the queue to ride (myself included). We were unapologetically told it was the last ride of the night and they couldn't run another. I had never seen riders denied a ride if they were in the queue before closing and that's exactly what Indiana Beach did. I've still yet to ride a falling star, which is unfortunatell since they're becoming rarer each year.

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^ Maybe it had a different cycle at Hershey because I think it'd be hard to forget the type of airtime Conestoga provided.


To me, Indiana Beach's was the one to top with the most airtime in the US, but I don't know if they still run it the same.


I didn't get a chance to ride Indiana Beach's Falling Star last year due to really bad luck and poor operations.


I waited until 5 minutes before closing to get in line. There were maybe 10-15 people ahead of me in line. When the previous cycle ended, the riders on board asked if they could stay on. The operator said yes. However, by letting the people stay on the ride, there wasn't enough room for everyone in the queue to ride (myself included). We were unapologetically told it was the last ride of the night and they couldn't run another. I had never seen riders denied a ride if they were in the queue before closing and that's exactly what Indiana Beach did. I've still yet to ride a falling star, which is unfortunatell since they're becoming rarer each year.

When we were out there last year, it just didn't open at all the entire time we were there. Then again, there were maybe about 10-15 people in the park all day long, not counting employees. (I'd go so far as to say the employees outnumbered the guests that day.)

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Loving this trip report!


Regarding Lake Winnie...


Yes that’s the owner riding around. She’s really nice. The entire family does a great job with their park.


Fly-o-Plane, as you know, is not around at the time. I reached out to the park about this and they would not confirm if it is coming back. I do know they absolutely adore the history of the ride so much that they wouldn’t even change the padding on the inside because they wanted to retain it in as original of form as possible. I really hope they bring it back because it’s an amazing ride! Possibly my favorite flat but certain up there with the best of them. I like it more than any classic flat ride.


Too bad Tornado was down because it’s actually very fun and unique.


I agree Conestoga is amazing!


Cannonball currently has one train at PTC and the other still on the ride. I assume they will send train two over to PTC after the park closes for the season. I hate to hear about the buzz bar issues because PTC would neither confirm nor deny the possibility of Cannonball trains being retrofitted with ratchet bars. That would be terrible but seeing how the park keeps getting unfairly attacked for their safety standards I wouldn’t be surprised if they have been pressured into changes like removing Fly-o-Plane and changing the coaster restraints due to either the media or their insurance company.


If you ever go back, I suggest checking out their water park too. It’s not particularly big but it’s very nice and if you ever have a full day there it’s nice to set up in the water park and casually go between the dry park and water park.

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I figured that was the owner since she kept checking up on the Cannon Ball until it reopened and she seemed to just enjoy seeing other guests enjoy their day.


Considering they resisted changing the padding on Fly-o-Plane, I'm hoping that means they'll do whatever they can to keep those glorious buzz bars. They're perfect on a classic woodie like Cannon Ball.

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Six Flags Over Georgia


Six Flags Over Georgia is one of the nicest Six Flags parks out there. It’s arguably the best landscaped park in the chain and it also boasts an impressive ride collection. I thought the coaster collection was already top-notch back in 2016 and that was pre-Twisted Cyclone. I actually really enjoyed Georgia Cyclone, particularly in the back seat, but Twisted Cyclone looked like an objectively better ride.



I'm certainly not going to find this at Six Flags New England.


The park discussion thread noted that Twisted Cyclone often opened a half hour before the park’s stated opening time. Wanting to take advantage of that, I rolled up to the parking lot at 9 am. There was only one problem; I was greeted by a sign that the park was closed. [insert your favorite expletive]


For a moment my heart sunk, but rationally I figured I was a bit too early. So I drove to the nearby Wendy’s and purchased some fried chicken biscuit sandwiches. It would either be the breakfast of champions before a great day at the park or the perfect way to drown out my sorrows. Turns out I was a half hour too early. Without a doubt, that sign was the scariest thing at the park.


I was at the front of the line and right on cue, they let us in a half hour early and 90% of the people turned towards Twisted Colossus. The other 10% tried to frame a perfect selfie with the park’s sign. Usually I’m not one to praise Six Flags ops, but I have to applaud them here. The line to enter the park moved so slowly that I was able to get three rides with nothing more than a 1-2 train wait, 2 in the back and 1 in the front.



Was my first stop going to be anything else?


For me, this is without a doubt a back seat coaster. That’s because of the first drop. Or is it the third or fourth drop since there are those wacky little hills before the lift that throw you around like a ragdoll (no air, but they’re the wildest 5mph hills I’ve ever experienced)? I’ll go with the first major drop. That plunge is spectacular. It had the trademark RMC ejector air, but there was a surprising twist two thirds of the way down that abruptly whipped you to the side. Twisted Cyclone was not messing around!


The reverse cobra roll was a really cool element. The first barrel roll was floaty with some nice hangtime. The second barrel roll was reminiscent of the snappy barrel roll drop on Twisted Timbers. I absolutely loved this element since it offered the insanity of a barrel roll drop without sacrificing the first drop, which is usually the highlight of a RMC. But it wasn’t for Twisted Cyclone.


That honor goes to that crazy wave turn. Their past wave turns were a disorienting delight with some startling floater air. Twisted Cyclone’s wave turn says “hold my beer” and offers sustained ejector air while perpendicular to the ground. Actually I think you go beyond 90 degrees. It’s a mind bending element that’s everything right with RMC.


The rest of the ride is a familiar flow of RMC elements except they feel sped up. The second turnaround has two larger hills that send riders skyward. That’s followed by an out-of-control barrel roll combining laterals and airtime. Lastly you have three tiny hills that again try to launch riders into orbit. You haul into the brake run with enough steam for that much talked about third lap, but I’m sort of glad they didn’t.


Hear me out. I ride Wicked Cyclone a ton and it got the third lap that Twisted Cyclone didn’t. And what’s the biggest complaint with that ride (besides the random vibration that sprouts up in summer)? The slow third lap. Twisted Cyclone maintains its breakneck pace throughout and feels way faster than its posted 50mph speed and you do not have a moment to catch your breath. You could say I prefer my cyclones twisted. 10 out of 10



What an awesome first drop! Actually I mean fourth drop.


I forgot about these little buggers at the start.


Twisted Cyclone is appropriately twisted.


The best part about the reverse cobra roll is that I got a "barrel roll drop" while still experiencing the standard (and awesome) RMC first drop.


Their previous wave turns were just a warm up for this masterpiece.


I could watch this wave turn all day.


This is one ridiculously photogenic coaster. That blue really pops.


Twisted Cyclone feels way faster than its posted 50mph speed. You haul through the course.


Is it 2600 feet in length?


Or is it 2400 feet in length? I must buy the right stat!


Or you could stop debating and just buy this shirt.


With how awesome Twisted Cyclone was and the fact that the queue house was rapidly filling up, I knew a Flash Pass was a necessity. I wasn’t going to be satisfied with just three rides on that monster and if there was a way to avoid waiting 30-45 minutes, you can bet I was going to take full advantage of it. And I was pleasantly surprised to receive a watch instead of the usual Q bot.


I absolutely loved the convenience of the watch for a few reasons. One, I no longer had to stare awkwardly towards my belt loop. Two, it felt a whole lot more secure. On anything with extreme airtime (take El Toro for example) I always feel that thing fly from my pocket and bounce around. I know it’s tied to my belt loop and the odds of the carabiner failing are slim, but it’s still a disconcerting feeling.



I loved the Flash Pass watch!


I quickly reserved Goliath, but on the way over I noticed Georgia Scorcher’s short queue and took the opportunity to get a front row ride. As a whole, I actually prefer the Togo stand-ups to the B&M ones. I know that sounds like coaster blasphemy right there, but I absolutely despise the B&M stand-up OSTRs. The one exception is Georgia Scorcher. Maybe B&M finally figured it out with their last stand-up, but Georgia Scorcher is actually a comfortable experience. Now I’d still probably prefer sitting down, but that’s an entirely different discussion.


There are two inversions- a floaty vertical loop and a snappy corkscrew- but that’s not what Georgia Scorcher is all about. The coaster is defined by all those twists and turns. There are a few that even offered a tiny bit of air and airtime on a stand-up coaster is one of the oddest sensations out there. 7 out of 10



I put my feet to the fire.


I remembered Goliath being one of the best B&M hypers. I made my way towards the back and I love the sheer size of the first three drops. Each provide some sustained floater the whole way down. I will note that there was a pretty noticeable rattle in the valleys though. That’s followed by an uncharacteristically intense turnaround. Usually these are throwaway elements on a B&M hyper, but Goliath’s is a forceful downwards helix that had me seeing grey without fail on each ride.


The return leg is Goliath’s strength over most other B&M hypers. Usually there’s a MCBR or a trim that kills all momentum. There is a trim, but you still haul over those returning camelbacks. The airtime never reaches ejector levels, but it’s refreshing not slowing down as you get that delightful floater.


Goliath is still great, but not quite as good as my memory had it. Maybe that’s the effect of having Twisted Cyclone in the same park? Fury and Shambhala are in a class of their own and I think Mako and Apollo offer better experiences, but Goliath is in that next tier with its namesake from Canada and Behemoth. 9 out of 10



Boobs or hyper coaster? Your choice!


As large as the first drop is, the second drop beats it by 5 feet.


Goliath is an endless buffet of floater air.


Positive Gs on a B&M hyper? You bet!


It's a simple layout, but it really feels like a journey considering you go through the woods, over the river, and through the parking lot.


A train full of happy riders.


Dare Devil Dive is probably something I wouldn’t have ridden without Flash Pass. Without it, I knew I needed to go there right at opening (wasn’t happening with that sexy RMC by the entrance) or suffer through a two hour wait (also wasn’t happening). I still had to wait 15-20 minutes with Flash Pass due to the ride’s putrid capacity, but I’ll take an 80% reduction in wait.


I remembered the trim on first drop neutering all air. Maybe I wasn’t riding in the very back in 2016 since it offered a powerful (albeit unnaturally delayed) pop of air. The following inversions are a disorienting mess. There was another pop of air mixed in, but more often than not, the maneuvers caused me to be thrown forwards a bit thanks to the lack of OSTRs. The second half was a bit more mundane outside of the crazy hangtime on the barrel roll. It’s a shame this thing’s throughput is so bad and it really does belong at a smaller park. 7 out of 10



All EuroFighters should have lap bars. Can we make that a law?


Yes it's trimmed, but it doesn't matter if you're in the back.


See that tower. That's about as much theming as I've ever seen from Six Flags.


Track in every direction.


While waiting for a Twisted Cyclone reservation to be ready, I took a spin on the Dahlonega Mine Train. Because of how awkwardly long those queue gates were, I probably had to wait 20-25 minutes. It ended up being a mostly unremarkable coaster. The only really thrilling bit is that final plunge into the tunnel. The rest of the coaster travels at a snail’s pace so you have enough time to truly appreciate the greatness of Arrow’s coathanger transitions. 4 out of 10



I still have no clue how to properly say Dahlonega.


After another outstanding ride on Twisted Cyclone, I rode something that feels completely out-of-place in a Six Flags park (and I mean that as a compliment) in Monster Mansion. I was going to say a traditional dark ride, but there’s nothing traditional about this. All the scenes are a complete WTF.


I think it’s a monsters take on a county fair? With that logic, the random games and kissing booth made sense, but I’m still trying to understand why one monster was shoving some dynamite in the buttcrack of another. If I saw the latter incorrectly, I apologize for that screwed up visual. The pure randomness of the attraction is what makes it special. And just watch out for that drop. It’s a doozy. 8 out of 10



These riders have no clue what they're about to witness.


Usually junior coasters are ones and dones for me, but I made an effort to reride Joker for its unique layout. As I boarded, I was baffled the operator forced me to remove my glasses. Even with an athletic strap. Why that policy was in effect at Joker and not Twisted Cyclone or Superman certainly beats me, but I complied like a good boy scout or altar boy. I was rewarded with a good stapling. I think the op got the lap bar in the lowest position. I guess it’s an honor I can fit in a kid’s coaster with the lap bar on the lowest setting.


Scratch that, this is no kid’s coaster. I know that’s the targeted audience, but this layout can be appreciated by everyone. It dives all around the kids area, through a tunnel, and down the hillside adjacent to the area. There’s no airtime or anything, but this really feels like a condensed version of Knott’s Jaguar. 5 out of 10



Why is Joker in the Super Friends area? He's not exactly someone I'd consider friendly.


There's no shame riding this junior coaster.


I decided it was time to cool down. Since the flume wasn’t included on Flash Pass and the shoot the chutes was closed, I settled on Thunder River. The lone section that’s visible off-ride looked quite soaking with the thunderous waterfall and fierce rapids. I was actually looking forward to a good soaking. But I came off dryer than a Mormon.


The rapids were plentiful, but they were weak. There was only one that even sent a small wall into the boat. The only nice things I can say about the rapids is that it’s really well landscaped and it’s unique riding in such a wide trough. When I ride something like a shoot the chutes or river rapids, I fully intend and extend to get soaked. Thunder River failed and could even be classified as Dan friendly. 3 out of 10



It looks so wet, but I got wetter sweating in the queue line.


SkyScreamer actually proved to be a better option for cooling off, as the breeze atop the 200 foot tower was quite refreshing. Unfortunately the cycle was ridiculously short. It was even shorter than the cycles on the 400 footers and they take twice as long to ascend/descend. Still the views of the park were outstanding since the other tower ride was sadly down for the day. That ride shall not be named. 6 out of 10



At least one tower ride was operational.


I couldn't face the speed of fear today. I could only face the intensity of Takis.


Blue Hawk is one of the most photogenic coasters out there. Its vibrant blue track over the water really pops. Too bad it also tries popping your head. The vest restraints are an absolute godsend and I shudder to think what this would have been like before their addition. The first two inversions pack quite the punch and the utter amount of headchoppers is impressive, but this coaster just doesn’t track too well. 5 out of 10



Blue Hawk was one third inversions, one third headchoppers, and one third jerky.


The butterfly looks really funky from this angle.


Speaking of coasters that don’t track well, you have the Great American Scream Machine next door. I know it’s an ACE classic, but I’m sorry, this is a really brutal coaster. The airtime was a redeeming quality though. The final two turnarounds had some outstanding and unexpected ejector air and some of the smaller hills offered modest pops, but it was diluted down by the persistent jackhammering.


If this thing were to be retracked, it’d be a wonderful coaster. Six Flags, please take note. I’d still ride it again for that airtime, but it’s a one-and-done for me. And that’s coming from someone who found Georgia Cyclone ridable and fun in the very back row. 4 out of 10



It's so pretty.


And it has some good airtime.


Too bad it's like riding on a jackhammer. Ouch!


Superman was a change of pace. On the bright side, the coaster was glass smooth. On the down side, it easily had the worst operations in the park. The operators weren’t the fastest, but it did not appear to be entirely their fault. After each ride, they had to manually unlock many trains with an Allen wrench. Conversely, they also needed to use the same Allen wrench to lock the restraints. I sure am glad B&M improved this on their latter flyers as it was brutal waiting on the brake run for the next dispatch.


At this point, I know what to expect from the Superman clones. You have an outstanding pretzel loop that ranks among the best inversions out there. And then you have a relaxing joyride over the queue line. Over Georgia’s Superman is definitively the best because of the hilly landscaping and tunnel, but it still can’t mask the lack of intensity. It’s still fun, but it’s outdone by all of B&M’s other flyers except Galactica, which is like Superman minus the pretzel loop. 7 out of 10



SFOG's Superman puts the others to shame...until you see that loading procedure.


I haven’t had the best of luck with the Justice Leagues. I’ve gotten a broken gun (Mexico), a breakdown mid-ride (Great America), or an all-day closure (St. Louis). The only time I had ridden one without a hitch was the one at Six Flags Over Texas and I really liked it. I was able to replicate that experience at Over Georgia.


The action scenes were as chaotic as usual. But one excellent addition was a note at each seat saying which color they were. This eliminated my usual struggle at the start of the ride to identify if A) my gun was working and (if my gun worked) B) which color I had. I think I scored second highest in the vehicle and it’s probably the best I’ve gotten on any of the Justice Leagues. 8 out of 10



Getting one dark ride from Six Flags is signs for celebration, but two? I better prepare for the rapture.


I made my fellow heroes proud by coming in second place.


With time running out, I grabbed a reride on Twisted Cyclone and made my way over to Gotham City. I sure am glad a hill like that doesn’t exist at Six Flags New England. That would be an absolute killer during Holiday in the Park.



Aw shucks, I forgot to ride the other Joker coaster.


I used my sole Flash Pass allowance to skip-the-line on Batman. I totally get why Dare Devil Dive only allows you to skip the line once and why Six Flags often implements this policy on their newer rides (fortunately Twisted Cyclone wasn’t included), but I was a bit shocked why I was only allowed one ride on an older coaster with a high capacity. It quickly became apparent. That may be the most awkward Flash Pass set-up I’ve ever seen. After entering through the exit, I was placed in a cage adjacent to the Batman uniform until the next train came in.


I was seated towards the back and treated to the usually intense ride that Batman always delivers. This may have been B&M’s first inverted layout, but it’s arguably their most intense and I’m pretty sure it would receive more praise had it not been cloned. 8.5 out of 10



Superman is graceful. Batman is forceful. The ride's represent the heroes well.


I then rode the coaster that the Golden Ticket Awards says is the best in the park. Not Twisted Cyclone. That coaster couldn’t even beat Whizzer. Not even Goliath. Apparently that coaster isn’t as good as Intimidator or Nitro. I rode the world’s 25th best steel coaster and that’s none other than Schwarzkopf’s Mind Bender.


All kidding aside about the Golden Ticket Awards, Mind Bender is a really good steel coaster. Those two loops will make even seasoned coaster enthusiasts see grey and all the drops offer some nice pops of airtime. Mix in an awesome hillside setting with a waterfall and you have a real winner. 9 out of 10



Schwarzkopf's age so well.


Just look at Mind Bender's setting. It's fantastic.


With an hour left, I concluded the day with one last ride on Goliath and a Twisted Cyclone marathon. I was able to get 2 extra rides via Flash Pass and waited in a 30-40 minute queue while waiting for my Flash Pass reservation so I essentially got double rides. Twisted Cyclone got better and better with each ride. Unfortunately the dispatches got slower and slower as people repeatedly pulled down their lap bars despite a million instructions not to, but I’d expect nothing less having just visited Cedar Point.



As much as I liked the old Georgia Cyclone, Twisted Cyclone made me quickly forget it.


Twisted Cyclone stole someone's hair!


If more Six Flags parks were like Over Georgia, I’m guessing the chain wouldn’t receive as much flack as it does. The park is beautiful, has a fantastic coaster collection, and for the most part is relatively well run. I already had that opinion before Twisted Cyclone, so that wonderful coaster elevated them even further.



Six Flags Over Georgia really is the full package.

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Great report! We made our first visit to the park a few weeks ago and you echo a lot of my sentiments (other than that bullsh*t about riding rapids and not the flume, that almost game me an aneurysm). Twisted Cyclone doesn't "feel" sort at all. It's an insane ride.


I'm glad someone can back me up on the fact that Great American Scream Machine f*cking sucks. Everyone's blaming the new trains which is probably true and I've heard it's better further up in the train but I wasn't wasting a second of my life riding that turd again to find out because in addition to being rough it didn't seem to do much either (though it may have been running slow because it wasn't running full trains, probably because it sucks).

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As frightening as it is, I actually thought Great American Scream Machine was running better with the new trains. In 2016, the old trains gave a rough ride with almost no air. This year, it gave an equally as rough ride with better air. So they made the ride stink less, but it still stinks. It has the potential to be a really awesome wooden coaster if it were retracked.


I skipped the flume because it wasn't on Flash Pass and because it had a no single rider policy. I rode it in 2016 and thought it was decent. The best part about it is how well shaded that flume's area is.

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really great report.


if you read thru mine, you'll see that we got SOAKED on the rapids. . to the point that we actually had to walk back to the hotel and change (thank goodness for the plastic baggies we had brought to keep phone/wallet).


the secret? get in a raft with a pretty blonde lady wearing a white T-shirt.


yeah. . . LOL. . that's what got our entire raft absolutely nailed by the boys manning the water cannons.


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Nice report! I agree 100% on Twisted Cyclone, but I still like Wicked Cyclone a little bit more. The drop on Twisted Cyclone is totally nuts like you said, and that wave turn in the back row is ungodly. That leftward jerk into the brake run got me every single time.



I'm glad someone can back me up on the fact that Great American Scream Machine f*cking sucks. Everyone's blaming the new trains which is probably true and I've heard it's better further up in the train but I wasn't wasting a second of my life riding that turd again to find out because in addition to being rough it didn't seem to do much either (though it may have been running slow because it wasn't running full trains, probably because it sucks).


It's always been rough, but since it used to run the 3-bench style PTC trains, you could ride in the middle row and have a relatively smooth ride and the airtime was great (at least the last time I rode it around 2014-2015ish). One time I got forced to a non-middle row by a ride op with the 3-benchers, and it kicked my a$$ then too!

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^ Thanks!


Both Wicked Cyclone and Twisted Cyclone are awesome rides, but I prefer Twisted Cyclone since there isn't a single dull moment. Wicked Cyclone has some filler turns between elements. Again it's splitting hairs though.


Unless a ride is truly special in terms of roughness, usually the fronts of 2 bench PTC trains and the first two rows of 3 bench PTC trains are ridable. GASM is special.

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Wisp Resort


As I've said before I'm a big fan of mountain coasters. Whether or not you count them as coaster credits (I do since they sure feel like one), they usually offer an incredibly fun ride. That's why I was intrigued by Wisp Resort.


I was in Pittsburgh area for work and had limited park options. Usually I'd be foaming at the mouth for Kennywood or Waldameer, but both had transitioned to weekend only operations. Knoebels and Cedar Point were a bit too far for an evening visit, but the Wisp resort was about 1.5 hours away. I was on the fence, but a POV of their Mountain Coaster sealed the deal. It appeared to have a sizable double down that I figured could give some awesome airtime.


The drive was interesting. I don't think I stayed on the same road for more than 5 miles. At points it was perfectly sunny and at another point I drove through a rainstorm so violent that I almost pulled over. I also passed through Accident, Maryland. With a name like that, I was hopeful they'd have a tacky souvenir shop. And they did! Unfortunately it was closed so my only memory is this lovely street sign. Clearly they're proud of their unusual and ominous name.



It was purely an accident that I passed through this town. The name is right up there with Hell, Michigan for one of my favorites.


Like most mountain resorts, Wisp was pretty pricey but I knew that going in. It was $14 a pop per ride on the Mountain Coaster or they offered a pick 5 ticket. I chose the latter as I was also intrigued by the ropes course and sky ride up the mountain. The latter is something a certain regional park near me used to have, but recently removed it since people couldn't use common sense.



Now let's see if that mountain coaster delivers.


My first stop was undoubtedly the Mountain Coaster. It was the reason I found myself in the barely covered regions of the Verizon Network. The coaster was an absolute walk-on. That's ideal for any coaster, but particularly on mountain coasters. There's nothing worse than having a slow poke ahead of you. It's like a trim brake that never ends. But with no one ahead of me, I could throw those levers down and careen down the mountain. I've ridden several of these Wiegand mountain coasters, but this is the first time I've head to lean forwards to fully push the levers down. Not sure if that resulted in less friction, but I flew down the mountain.


The course began with the usually tight, lateral inducing turns. Laterals on mountain coasters are awesome and terrifying since you can feel the car tilt slightly and it really does feel like you'll tip over the edge. Those turns are par for the course, but the double down was a nice treat. About a third of the way down I already had a full head of steam approaching the double down. I wasn't sure if it'd be tease or deliver legitimate airtime, but it delivered two very strong pops of air. The remainder of the course had another sizable drop and two nice helixes. Nothing will top the crazy mountain coaster I rode in Germany, but this one was up there with Attitash’s for the best in the US. 8.5 out of 10



The Mountain Coaster winds through the woods.


Helices are a staple of mountain coasters.


But this unique double down was the highlight. It's probably the best air I've gotten on a mountain coaster.


The Chairlift was good in some ways, but not so good in others. On one hand, it was a nice long ride up the hill. On the other hand, all of the nearby trees blocked what would have been an amazing view. There was a brief stretch near the top where a gap in the trees revealed a beautiful valley, but that was as short as a ride on Top Thrill Dragster. It also did offer some decent views of the Mountain Coaster. Ultimately it's one of the best sky rides out there simply because of the setting even if it isn't fully utilized. I also want to note that the operators said the lap bars were entirely optional. That's putting a lot of trust in people 7 out of 10



As you can see, lines weren't exactly an issue.


The view of the surrounding area was amazing for the 15 seconds it wasn't blocked by trees.


Fortunately the views of the Mountain Coaster were a nice consolation, even if other riders were a rare sight.


I also tried the ropes course. I've always been a fan of these, but this was my first time trying one since I tore my ankle last winter. It has been quite some time since, but I was still a bit worried. Fortunately I had no issues at all! The course was pretty short, but some of the obstacles towards the end were extremely wobbly and tricky, particularly the leap of faith which had nothing to hold onto. Then there was a short zipline at the end too.



The itsy bitsy spidet climbed across the spider web.


Last but not least I tried the disc golf course. I've been to a few courses in New England and unfortunately this is easily the worst I've played. All the others have been tucked deep in the woods. This one was on a wide open field with overgrown grass. Needless to say, I wished I had taken an extra ride on the Mountain Coaster instead.



While my disc golf skills were lacking, at least my performance was better than Tiger Woods in 2010.


Wisp Resort is pretty out of the way and probably not a place you'll pass in your travels. Unless I'm in the Pittsburgh area again and all the regional parks are on weekend only operations again, I probably wouldn't return. But if you're a mountain coaster fan, it may be worth the drive since it really is one of the best ones out there.

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Fun Fore All


Technically this is my second time visiting Fun Fore All. Last year, I tried to hit this FEC, Conneaut, and Waldameer on the same day. However, a monstrous rain storm changed those plans. I'm still astounded Waldameer even opened that day, but the other two were closed (well Fun Fore All’s outdoor rides that is).


2018 was Fun Fore All’s chance to redeem itself. And the weather was beautiful. Like FunXcess, this was another pure credit stop; however, this one showed signs of life. The indoor area was packed with screaming kids. I know that sounds unappealing, but I'm at a FEC and not a restaurant for Pete's sake. It was refreshing to see a FEC clearly thriving. The outdoor area was far less busy considering the smoldering temperatures, but I imagine days without heat advisories see similar crowds.



A clever little pun considering they have a mini golf course.


My first stop was naturally the sole credit and reason for my visit, Fiesta Express. This is definitely one of those coasters where kids will point and laugh at you as you ride. I know I would have when I was younger if I saw a grown adult on this thing. Even by kiddie coasters, the drop on this one is pitiful. I actually can't even call it a slope. I think the whole ride is a continuous and gradual slope with a few incredibly slow hairpin turns. On the bright side, it's perfectly smooth since it's hard to be rough going 5 mph. 1 out of 10



Nothing like a solo ride on a kiddie coaster.


Normally I'd bolt out before any more heads turned, but they had one of those Triotech shooters. They had 5 different movies and the riders got to choose, so I gave it a whirl. I chose the robot invasion one, as I've previously done the zombie and wild west ones elsewhere. Because the theater only seated 8 people, it was extremely easy to gauge where I was shooting. While I do prefer physical set shooters, I do really enjoy these when they're done well. The motion didn't add too much (even with all the fans blowing at us), but I had a fun time terminating the Terminators and droids. 7 out of 10



I was nervous when I saw this set-up, but they do have a curtain they pull during the ride.


Fun Fore All is the perfect destination for younger kids and families. Coaster enthusiasts probably won't find much beyond adding another credit to their count, but you'll likely pass it if you travel between Kennywood and Cedar Point or head north towards Waldameer.


I also tried stopping at Memphis Kiddie Park on the way to Cedar Point, but the visit was far less successful. Something seemed off as I approached an empty parking lot. The website said they were open and it was a sunny day. Turns out it was too sunny; the park was closed due to weather. I can't tell you how devastated I was missing out on a kiddie credit. Considering the park’s young targeted audience and the heat index eclipsing 100 degrees, I don't blame them for closing early. Besides, it let me reach Cedar Point a bit earlier.



There's a first for everything. Like a park being closed on a bright, sunny day.

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