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The Official "TPR Coaster Poll" Thread!

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The cutoff is the size of a wild mouse coaster. Anything larger than and including the typical Mack / Maurer wild mouse is considered "rankable" in our poll.


We figured, if you're really ranking stuff like off-shelf Vekoma junior coasters, Pinfari Zyklons, and the like, then you need to find a new hobby.

I had to look up a few of the smaller models. Schwarzkopf Wildcats (at least the 54m and 65m), which aren't included in the poll, are actually bigger than the Mack Compact Mobile model (as featured at Hershey, Carowinds, and the Six Flags Dark Knight models).


Maybe we shouldn't be including the mice? At least not off-the-shelf ones, the Dark Knight models do have the theming to set them apart.

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You are correct in that they're just oh-so-slightly larger, but in the grand scheme of things, we really don't think they're necessary. We would put them in the same boat as the Zyklons, and unless we were to get a huge outcry of, "oh, this poll is so terrible because the Schwarzkopf Wildcats and Pinfari Zyklons aren't on it", they're not getting added in (and even that's a stretch!).


Also, keep in mind that the cloned coasters, like the Wild Mouse coasters, won't have as much of an impact on other rankings now because we'll be grouping the individual coasters together in the results.

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I have some double entries in my rankings list (e.g. 'Twister', 'Halvar the Ride' and a few more).

I guess these were introduced back then during the beta. Can you remove those from my rankings?


Hey, send me a message here or on the site with your email address and I can remove the extras for you. Or you can “unride” one and it should remove both from your ranking. Then when you mark it ridden you’ll only have one again.

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