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My go back to my Old Leafy Lake Park (RCT2)

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Good Midnight TPR! I have did more work on my World's Oldest Amusement Park from 1803 which is Leafy Lake in New Braunfels the Texas Hill Country of San Antonio!



Built more rides decided to pt in 1950s & 1960s rides in it to make it more funner than ever! Also added a little more inspirations!



We now first see a unknown made Double Out & Back Woodie named Moonlight Magic from 1926, & a Triple Racing Soap Box Derby Racers as the Three Wild Bunches from 1928 Grape, Raspberry, & Strawberry!



An Allan Herschell Family Coaster as Little Coaster as the Oldest Operating Steel Coaster in 1955!



I had an good imagination of a Lakeside Park Cyclone from Colorado as I named my own made Leafy Lake Cyclone before WWII in 1940 by Ed Vettel! I would die to ride this!



The World's Very & Only Racing Side Friction Coaster as the Derby Racers from 1906! My sister built this as we watched some tv show set in the 1900s!!!!!! Also a Alpine Coaster roves right in between as the Alpine Coaster from 1983 as one of the kinds in Texas!



The World's Very & Only Racing Side Friction Coaster as the Derby Racers from 1906! My sister built this as we watched some tv show set in the 1900s!!!!!! Also a Alpine Coaster roves right in between as the Alpine Coaster from 1983 as one of the kinds in Texas!



My own made Flying Turns in 1933 as the World's Last Remaining Wooden Bobsled! This is loads of fun to me!



A Little Dipper inspired made by Herbert Schmeck in 1951! Looks fun!



A Giant Dipper inspired by Frank Prior in 1925 as the wildest coaster in the park! Looks pretty wild to me!



Just for fun, & I understand these couldn't be kept but it the only last remaining Switchback Railway as the World's, & Parks Oldest Coaster in 1884! I would so ride this!



At the edge of Leafy Lake in the Deep Hill Country something inspired by Switchback Railroad in Pennsylvania! We have the World's Only, & One of a Kind Ride named Switchback Gravity Railroad from the 1880's or the 1900's as I imagined! I would have a big dream to ride this! Also a Scenic Railway inspiration from Dreamland Margate from 1921, a Double Figure 8 Side Friction in 1915, & two type of Steeplechases here! A Four Quad Rainbow Racing Horses from 1928, & a one only mobius kind named Round Up in 1921! I would had a lot of fun here!



The World's Only Mobius Wooden Wild Mine as Klondike Mine in 1932! Came from my old Diamond Heights!



Two Coaster next to each other are the most rainbowish coaster named Rainbow Unicorn from 1935, & the World's Second Oldest, & Only Remaining Flip Back Railway from 1895 just for my own fun! I know the Flip Back hurted a lot of people back then but trust me this has updated seats, & the ride is more fun! My sister built these two rides!



Also deep in the Hill Country Forest Hills we have the mysterious one of a kind type of different Side Friction Coaster as the longest one ever built in 1922 as the Forest Railway! Offers great scenery to see!



On top of the Hill Country the tallest intensive ride that we have is the World's Last Mobius Wooden Loop Coaster ever built named Montana Rusa from 1966 also the last coaster built at Leafy Lake ever! Inspired by Mexico's La Feria Chapultepec Magico Montana Rusa as my sister helped me out with this idea! I am proud of it!



Also another unseen side friction coaster on the hillside as Montana Suiza from 1905!



An one of a kind Underground Railway in 1930! I would like to explore the old caverns!



The last final screen is another old steel coaster from 1955 as the High Speed Thrill Coaster from former Knoebels! Most of the other rides did come from one of my other park last two years, & i got ride of those park sadly to make room on my flash drive! Also Leafy Lake is about a park with very old century rides from the 1880's to the 1960's with all kind of old classic rides of old fun, & culture of the golden age as the world's only kind in the Southwest in New Braunfels Texas! If this was real this would be my number one favorite park to go to along with Bumbly Beach!


Leafy Lake.SV6

Here is the new file of Leafy Lake!

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I’m obsessed. I just downloaded RCT Classic and this was the first park I downloaded... I’ll be having fun watching this for a looooong time! I looked at the park map and I was all Amazing how much track there is in this park! Do you know how many coasters/rides there are in total?

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Good Morning TPR! I have another update of Leafy Lake to show you also youll be seeing something familiar again since i had to delete my other parks for ore room on my flash drive sadly!



The complete overview of the Oldest Amusement Park in Texas with the Oldest Collections of the Oldest Continuously Operation Old Classic Rides!



This came from my Woodworm Park in which I deleted and not ashamed of it but had to make more room! This is the Sun & Wind Split Racers in 1922! Leafy Lake now has 7 dueler Old Coasters sounds fun doesnt it!



Double Helix also came from Woodworm! Peeps seem to ride it here more than at Woodworm anyways!



My sister wanted me to remove the origanal Flip Flap Railway so also from Woodworm I made an Loop The Loop from 1910!



Where Montana Rusa is & Forest Adventure is under the hills! There is an hidden twister wnathe BlDragon from 1938 as a hidden dragon dont you think!


Leafy Lake.SV6

Heres the new file once again!

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Good Afternoon! I have been complying with things right now & while i just thought I would do a little more work on my Leafy Lake!



Here is a new overview of the World's & Texas oldest amusement park with the only last remaining classic rides from the old centuries to the 1970s since 1803!



Just revamped a couple of coaster i last time built & built a few new rides!



We see something different over here! The Black Dragon looks like it has gotten bigger!



The first new but old ride is just a custom double looping coaster that I just thought of for fun as the Double Loop in 1922 as the only oldest double looping wooden coaster ever built!



So when I just looked back at my recent post from last year from this I didn't realize that I spelt Black Dragon incorrectly sorry about that! Well I got a bit bored of how Black Dragon looked as a underground twister coaster but I have redesigned it differently & ended up re modifying it!



And I rebuilt it & made it an outside coaster too as the Black Dragon Rises rawr foof! I couldn't add much helix's cause the ride would be way to intense so i had to keep the track straight some!



So I decided to built a different type of Steeplechase cause I wanted to build the Batty Bikers from the Motorcycle Ride Track but I didn't select it in this scenario so I came up with a brilliant plan & built a dueling steeplechase as a jousting coaster from the medieval ages even though it's not themed or anything just a ride I built for fun named Joust in 1930 as it doesn't always Joust Duel but a fun ride as Leafy Lake is the only amusement park with the most steeplechase coasters!



In this screen I decided to build a Molinda & Sons Moli Coaster inspired by Kennywood's Lil Phantom named Wildcat Jr in 1998!



And here's the other coaster that I had to re modify that kept on crashing so I rebuilt the ending part & while so I made the ride rating different the red derby side id 77.7 Very High the very first time that I ever got a very high rating on a side friction coaster wow & the blue derby side is only 7.66 high sadly but still bot are good rides with different experiences!


Leafy Lake.SV6

Here is the new file enjoy!

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