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We Hit 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube!!!

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That is way cool. A million. Wow. Not surprised, of course. TPR is amazing. You guys put out the best videos, with the best interactions, from rides all over the world, both popular and obscure. I love that you guys don't just film rides silently like everyone else. I love the jabbering and funny quips and mocking commentary. You guys have fun and aren't afraid to let your inner child out. Seriously, before TPR I was the kind of rider who gritted my teeth and gripped the restraint in silence. Now I put my hands in the air and yell wheee and yippie and I don't give a $#@& if people think I'm a dork or a nerd. Eff them. TPR forever. Bring on the next million!

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Congratulations! I remember seeing my first TPR video way before I knew what TPR was (you all waiting for TTD, probably before YouTube was a thing) and I've been hooked ever since. Quality of your on ride videos is 2nd to none. Keep the "TWISTY's" and "LOOP-DE-LOOP's" coming! Thank you!

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A celebratory TOAST to Theme Park Review and its Blue Ribbon creators!


Your videos are my favorite way to "medicate" myself! I was no doubt born with "the roller coaster gene" and finding TPR was one lucky day for me! (Our mother said that my twin and I, by age one, used to bounce and leap to make our stroller "go faster.")


So thanks for the thrills, the high quality of all your work, and for that one-of-a-kind TPR humor! Thanks to you, I can "Keep Calm and Carry on Roller Coasters all over the World!"



P.S. Never stop narrating your videos - your joy is contagious!

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