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We Hit 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube!!!

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In August of 2017 we hit a huge milestone with our YouTube channel... ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! As a "thank you" we posted this video from White Lightning here in Orlando:


Today it was made "official" by YouTube as we got our "Gold Play Button" in the mail and we did an unboxing video for it!


Once again, we cannot say thank you enough! Never in a million years did I think we'd hit a million subscribers! I just hope I'm not somehow going to be responsible for all the therapy that those people will be needing from watch our videos!


Thanks again everyone!



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so cool.. thanks for this wonderful community, Robb, Elissa, and all who participate.


it really does feel like an extended family sometimes here (tho there are LOTS and LOTS of cousins and inlaws whom I've never met yet (or in some cases find sorta annoying)


Congrats on the achievement!

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big congrats - its been 10 years since my now wife and I did our first and only TPR tour to the Midwest in 2007. We'd book another asap.... but growing up and 2 kids have put a bit of a hole in that idea... that and Australia is just sooo far away from you guys.


Here's to another 10 years!

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Congrats! Love it!


I know how hard you guys work at it (and make it look much easier than it really is!!!) you really should be proud!


I love the way you continually strive to make it better as well, not resting on your laurels!


Keep it up, and Congratulations once again!

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