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New Park Planned For S. Korea

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Although I remain skeptical after all the announcements I've seen in Korea that never happened, this one came to my attention by some social media shares by someone who is protesting the government claiming the land in the are and apparently offering only 40% of the value in preparation for building up the area near where the park will go so it seems they are expecting the area to be developed. I would still recommend taking this with a pinch of salt, for now, I've seen very similar images (the rides in the background may look familiar) thrown around for Universal/MGM/Disney articles that have gone nowhere.


The biggest playground in Korea, which is 2.5 times bigger than Everland, goes to Busan.


Busan residents, who had a great deal of hesitation, are getting more and more anticipated because the playground facilities are concentrated only in the metropolitan area.


According to the Busan Urban Development Corporation on July 7, a large-scale amusement park 'Osiria Theme Park' will be established at 2.56 times the number of Everland and 3 times the Lotte World at the 3.66 million ㎡ site in Busan, Gyeonggi-gun, Busan in late 2019.


It is said that the biggest non-motorized luge of New Zealand's Sca Inline Company will be built in the world's largest Osasia theme park, attracting attraction enthusiasts.


In addition, 31 large and medium attractions including Lotte World's popular amusement facilities will fill the theme park.


Other facilities include a thrill ride, an extra large roller coaster, an outdoor lake and open space, indoor play facilities, and a kids' park.


Around the theme park, there will also be a first class hotel and a lagoon type aquarium.


Osia theme parks estimate that when the facility is completed, the annual visitors will reach 3.68 million, and it is expected to open in the second half of 2019 after passing through the licensing and design of amusement parks.


Busan, which attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year with diverse attractions and enjoyment, attracts attention as a new landmark for 'Osiria theme park'.


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