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What do you collect?

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Hey crazy4coasters, i thought i might be the only basketball collector here, I guess not...

I have tons of cards (mostly garbage). By tons I mean thousands, but don't get too excited, I'll say about 10% of them are worth much of anything. My collection is centered around Michael Jordan, of who I have a lot of memrobilia, a couple hundred cards, etc etc (but no autograph ) but in my adventures I've acquired quite a few other valuable items (I have about 8 of the same Kobe rookie card, valued at like 10 bucks a pop). Not bad, if I do say so myself.

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As far as coasters go, I collect T-shirts, just about any of them, but every time I go to a new SF park, I look specifically for the "RIDE" shirt (the one that has Xcelerator on it, and the park's name). Coaster parts, when I can get my hands on them - only have a few things, but one is a Texas Giant guide wheel . Oh, and souvenier bottles from SF parks.

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Bump - Bump - A - Bump


Let's see here. What do I 'collect'? Ready???


Broadway Cast Albums. I have nearly 400 LPs of shows and related (i.e. Off-Broadway, one person shows, revivals). And I have nearly 200 CDs of the new shows, and picked faves from the old ones. By the way, fyi, Brdwy Cast LPs went total all-CD around beginning of the 90's. 1990 Tony Winner 'City of Angels' was one of the last to still have an LP for it.


I also have a large collection of theatre-related books, including 38 years of Theatre World, which chronicles every Brdwy season from 1965-2003. And special books, like coffeetable books on specific shows, designers,etc.


DisneyStuff Everything from my framed 1962 map of DL upstairs on a wall for all to see, to a selection of books, guidebooks and general 'stuff' that's collected, like daily park guides, etc. Also, the past year has seen me rack up a sizeable collection of DisneyPins. Not huge, but still a collection I'd say, lol. And interesting, I hope, for anyone to browse thru.


Hmmm. Guess that's enough for now, huh?:shock: A few other collections I have, but they can wait.


Now - now, that I have bumped it back here, anybody else?

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I am trying to collect any park souvineirs like t-shirts, maps, hats, keychains, etc, etc.


So far i have a KK t-shirt, a SFGADv map, Morey's Piers Map, Dorney Map, and a CP map although I have never been there. (my tutor went to CP and he know's I am obsessed with coasters so he got me a map)

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One thing I collect is wax statues you'd find in zoos and museums. Y'know, the bubble looking thing that pushes the metal plates together, squirts wax into them, then scrapes out your statue? I haven't added to the collection since 1996 though because I haven't been to any zoos or museums that have them.

The other is glass flowers.



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I haven't added to the collection since 1996 though because I haven't been to any zoos or museums that have them.


They have several machines at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. I think I have a Manatee from there.


If you ever travel to Busch Gardens Tampa it is only a couple miles away and it is a very nice zoo.

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I collect logo'd golf balls from courses that I play. They usually cost $2-$3 at the course's club house and they look nice in the racks. So, if anyone would like to invite me to play Pebble Beach or Pinehurst, etc with them to help me with my collection...?

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