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What do you collect?

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I collect pin back buttons, hence the screen name.


I have well over 40,000 buttons in my collection, and growing.

Used to collect park maps, back in the days when Park fans used to be able to write parks and get free stuff,like press kits and wall maps. Heck BGT sent me a bunch of buttons for my collection ages ago.


So what's in your shoe box?

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I used to collect Beast Wars toys until I was about 7. I had like 20 of them and I could tranform them without the instructions.

I also collect park maps of parks I've been to, and other park stuff.

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I collect post cards. I've been doin' it all my life. I don't even have any idea how many I have.


This may sound weird, but I also collect cd albums. With the popularity internet downloading, ipods, and things of that nature, not many of my peers seem to buy cds anymore. I love to, so I've started to call it a collection.


Lastly, I like to collect Indycar and Formula 1 memorabilia. I particularly like to collect pictures of myself with drivers. That might not seem like a normal collection (or a collection at all), but in a sense it is. It's a little bit of a challenge sometimes. It's a collection I can only add to but a few times a year.

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I collect the strangest things. I tried a lot of the typical collectables and since they are kind of easy to find, it starts taking up too much space.


My weird collections

Theme Park Steins - Pre-80's

Mispelled Mugs (My Favorite is Knoebels in "Elysurg, PA")

Old Banks

Handmade WV Glass (Pilgrim, Blenko)


and ...


Poorly registered Money


You won't see this everyday

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^ weird....what happened to the dollar?


I forgot to mention currently, I have a small collection of coaster goodies/games:

Sim Theme Park (PS)

Roller Coaster Factory 1 and 2 (1 was my first ever coaster game)

Original RCT

Loopy Landscapes


Ultimate Ride




Really old Scream machines demo

And as far as non coaster games go:

Medusa Onride photo

rollercoaster post cards


Six Flags Cool Coaster (small power launched coaster)

Coaster book (Roller Coaster by Dave Bennett)

and of course, coaster drawings and other coaster related art

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I collect videogames... Yeah I said collect... Mainly I classify myself that way because I don't finish the majority of games I own despite the fact that I want to. Of course the fact that I am over 90 games on the PS2 alone could have something to do with it.


Oh yeah Monster Hunter pwns you I am over 80 hours in it and I play when I can put together some 2-4 hours (unfortunately not recently as I got sick and that pwned me for a few days).

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I've been collecting keychains since I was 8. I have over 350. They are connected and haging along the top of the wall going around my living room. About 80 of them are theme park/coaster related.


It almost makes me feel old because I can say "I remember back in the day why you could get a keychain at Disneyland for $2.50, now its $5 or $6."

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I have a large collection of Disneyland related things, most of them haunted mansion. I also collect DVD movies, action figures, theme park maps and brochures, T-shirts, opening day movie tickets, happy meal toys, various things I come across that I think are cool, and my strangest collection would have to be my hotel soap collection. I just started the soap so I only have like 3 bars. :? Do MP3 files count? Cause I collect those too.

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I collect basketball cards...


My collection 0f 200+ cards is up to $1035 and still climbing 8)


Here are some of the cards shown if anyone cares...


- Kobe's Rookie Card

- Shaq's Rookie Card

- Tracy McGrady Rookie Card

- Kevin Garnett Rookie Card


Sorry the picture is blurry


That's just some of the cards...

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In my collection you’ll find…


Disney Theme park items and Cast Member Items

Disney Halloween items

Halloween Horror Night Items (Universal, IoA)

US Comics (X-Men, etc – got well over 8000 comics at this time)

Action Figures

Roller Coaster Magazines

Theme Park Magazines


I’m a big kid

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