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Ten Best Coasters You Rode in 2017

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1) Gatekeeper

2) Millenium Force

2) Fury 325

4) Outlaw Run (new)

5) Lightning Rod

6) Valravn

7) Mystic Timber (new)

8) Skyrush

9) Diamondback

10) Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast (ST Louis; new)


Honorable Mention:

Mako (new)

Beast (new)

Thunderbird (new)



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We did a cruise, and I did Dragon*con in 2017, so as a result we didn't do our annual Theme Park/Culture trip.


thanks to Coastermania! tho, I was able to hit two parks in 2017 (Fiesta Tx, and Cedar Point). . but oh yeah, can make a list from those.


1) Millennium Force (new)

2) Maverick (new)

3) Iron Rattler (new)

4) Valravn (new)

5) Poltergeist

6) Top Thrill Dragster (new)

7) Gatekeeper (new)

8) Gemini (new)

9) Magnum XL (new)

10) Superman Krypton Coaster

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Taron *

Schwur Des Kärnan

Winjas Fear *

Winjas Force *

Black Mamba *


Colorado Adventure *

Rutschebanen (Tivoli)

Mine Train Ulven

Fluch Von Novgorod


HM: Raik *, Odinekspressen, Nessie


* New coaster

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1. Expedition GeForce (new)

2. Maverick

3. Taron (new)

3a. Magnum (no trims)

4. Millennium Force

5. Black Mamba (new)

6. Silver Star (new)

7. Raptor

8. Curse of Novgorod (new)

9. Blue Fire (new)

10. Winjas (new)


Honorable mentions (all new):




Colorado Adventure


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Best Coasters:


1. The Voyage (no trims on Holiwood Nights!)

2. X2 (New, mindblowing)

3. Mystic Timbers (New. My favorite ride at my favorite Cedar Fair park!)

4. Tatsu (New, that pretzel loop tho...)

5. Matterhorn Bobsleds (New, my 200th coaster!)

6. Phoenix (Phall Phunfest)

7. Alpengeist (it ran amazing this year)

8. El Toro (always amazing, especially with the boost thanks to my main man El Toro Ryan)

9. The Raven (such an underrated night ride!)

10. Boulder Dash (much smoother this year)


Honorable mention goes to Twisted Colossus - great ride but I think I overhyped it in my head and was slightly let down.


Best Non-Coasters:

1. Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye at Disneyland (New. It's my favorite dark ride now, and I officially hate Animal Kingdom for wasting this tech on Dinosaur haha)

2. Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland (New. I was NOT prepared for how amazing the OG version is)

3. Splash Mountain at DL (New. Somehow even better than the one at MK)

4. Wildebeest at Holiday World (FREEZING NIGHT RIDES!!)

5. Haunted Mansion Holiday @ DL (New. Loved this overlay so much)

6. Haunted Mansion at Knoebels (never gets old)

7. StratosFEAR at Knoebels (best drop tower ever, until I ride Falcon's Fury at least)

8. Snow White's Scary Adventures @ DL (New. So underrated, this ride is genuinely horrifying! I just hate how rushed the ending is)

9. Congo Falls at King's Island (New. That airtime tho, how did I skip this in my previous visits?!)

10. Justice League at Great Adventure (New. Very happy to say my home park has a quality dark ride!)


Can you tell I went to Disneyland for the first time this year?


Honorable mention: "CAPS OFF" - a game El Toro Ryan and I invented this season where you sit in the backseat of a coaster holding a water bottle or cup of water. Turns every coaster into an Aquatrax, especially Diamondback and Mystic Timbers!!

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This year I was lucky to go back to Tokyo Disney Complex again and also to have my first visit to Alton Towers and Phantasialand.


So, top 10 coasters in 2017 (all new):

1) Taron (Phantasialand)

2) Black Mamba (Phantasialand; I found it better than AT's Nemesis)

2) Nemesis (AT)

3) Smiler (AT)

4) Winjas (Phantasialand; both Force and Fear, although I have enjoyed Fear better...)

5) BTMRR (Tokyo Disney)

6) Raik (Phantasialand)

7) Space Mountain (Tokyo Disney)

8) Colorando Adventure (Phantasialand)

9) 13 (AT)

10) Spinball Whizzer (AT)


Unfortunately, I have reached AT in a very busy day and was not able to ride Air/Galactica, Rita, Oblivion and their Mine Train)

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2017 was a pretty quiet year for me, but here it goes anyway.


#1. X2

#2. Twisted Colossus

#3. Xcelerator

#4. Cannibal

#5. Gold Striker

#6. Joker

#7. Timber Terror (New)

#8. Tatsu

#9. Riddlers Revenge

#10. Batman the Ride

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Tricky list, since my top 5 of any coaster list are usually interchangeable (and my definition of "best" are ones I had the most enjoyment on). With that said...


1. Lightning Rod

2. Storm Chaser

3. Diamondback

4. Thunderbird

5. Banshee

6. Lightning Run

7. Mine Blower (new credit!)

8. Voyage (yes, trimless Voyage too)

9. Wild Eagle

10. Expedition Everest

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I had a very interesting 2017.


1) Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominion)

2) Fury 325 (new) (Carowinds)

3) Apollo's Chariot (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)

4) Mako (SeaWorld Orlando)

5) Verbolten (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)

6) Anaconda (new) (Gold Reef City) - very excited to get the only Giavonola Inverted Coaster

7) Mystic Timbers (new) (Kings Island)

8) Maverick (Cedar Point)

9) Montu (Busch Gardens Tampa)

10) Kumba (Busch Gardens Tampa)

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It was not a very busy year for me, but these are the 10 best rollercoasters I've ridden in 2017.


1: Shambhala - PortAventura (NEW)

2: Red Force - Ferrari Land (NEW)

3: Dragon Khan - PortAventura

4: Muntanya Russa - Tibidabo (NEW)

5: Star Trek: Operation Enterprise - Moviepark Germany (NEW)

6: Gold Rush - Slagharen (NEW)

7: Furius Baco - PortAventura (NEW)

8: Stampida - PortAventura

9: Tomahawk - PortAventura

10: Van Helsing Factory - Moviepark Germany

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My list was pretty fun this year!


1. Goliath - Six Flag Great America

2. Goliath - Walibi Holland

3. Troy - Toverland

4. Olympia Looping - Oktoberfest

5. Taron - Phantasialand

6. Black Mamba - Phantasialand

7.Lost Gravity - Walibi Holland

8. Whizzer - Six Flags Great America

9. Alpina Bahn - Oktoberfest

10. Baron - Efetling

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Finally made it to Busch Gardens Tampa and Animal Kingdom, so got to experience some classics! Also made it to Cedar Point/KI and got a roll back on Dragster. Not a bad year!


1. Top Thrill Dragster (with roll back)

2. Millennium Force

3. Maverick

4. Kumba

5. Montu

6. Expedition Everest

7. Banshee

8. Raptor (without trim break)

9. Beast

10. Leviathan

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My Top Ten All-New Coasters for 2017, rated by "fun to ride and I can actually remember enjoying them"


1. Gale Force - Playland's Castaway Cove

2. Mystic Timbers - Kings Island

3. Mine Blower - Fun Spot Kissimmee

4. Scenic Railway - Dreamland Margate

5. Slope Shooter - Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens

6. Gravity Max - Lihpao Land

7. Coaster Through The Clouds - Nanchang Wanda Amusement Park

8. Bob - Osteria Ai Pioppi

9. Clone Zone - Milky Way Adventure Park

10. Pyrenees - Parque Espana Shima Spain VIllage


Honorable Mention:

Python in Bamboo Forest - Nanchang Wanda Amusement Park

Valravn - Cedar Point

Thunderbird - Holiday World

InvadR - Busch Gardens Williiamsburg

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I didn't travel TOO much this year, but here we go:


1. Mystic Timbers (new) was the definite winner for me this year! I don't think enough people are talking about it. The theme is so well done, I love the queue, and to me the ride was so fast! It's nice to see such a well done woodie!


2. Stormrunner

3. Maverick

4. Skyrush

5. Goliath (SFOG)

6. Millennium Force

7. Farenheit

8. Mineblower (new)

9. Diamondback

10. Banshee

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I didnt do much tis year. Hoping to make up for it in 2018, however.


1. Incredible Hulk

2. Dragon Challenge - Chinese Fireball

3. Manta

4. Dragon Challenge - Hungarian Horntail

5. Mako

6. Revenge of the Mummy

7. Kraken

8. Space Mountain


10. Forbidden Journey

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I got to add to my all time favorite coasters this year with a new addition to my Top Ten overall and a new addition to my Steel top ten! I got to visit Blackpool, Alton, Thorpe and Drayton Manor in England this year but only one coaster made this list for me when compared to Florida's excellent collection that I ride often. I tend to value Speed, Height and intensity first and foremost, rather than most of the more "Fun" coasters.


10. Sheikra-I'd give the slight edge to Shiekra over Montu IMO. Montu always seems a little slow to me.

9. Mummy-Universal-While not the most amazing coaster, it's pretty underrated as an overall attraction.

8. HRRR-Universal-Fully underrated. Beautiful at night,music selection ,and some quality airtime. Avoid the Backseat!

7. Mystery Mine-Dollywood-I love Eurofighters/Infinity Coasters. They are like looping wild mice and totally fun

6. The Incredible Hulk-Still a powerful, intense B&M

5. Dueling Dragons- RIP to a unique, butchered all-time coaster legend. Would kill to do Fire and Ice back in 2000.

4. Mako-Without the blah trim this ride could challenge Intamins. The First two drops have ejector air, and then...NERF

3. The Smiler at Alton Towers: Way better than Nemesis, it never stops going upside down. Like 2 coasters in one!

2. Kumba at Busch Gardens, the most intense B&M with the world's best inversion. I swear it only gets better.

1. Lightning Rod! Probably the only coaster I've been on with Zero dead space. Relentless, smooth, amazing fun.

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Not a big coaster year for me. I did manage a trip to Hershey to ride my favourite steel coaster. On a

trip to Alaska, I was thrilled to ride Coaster in Vancouver, which became my #3 woodie. Good off-season thread that got me thinking and reminiscing.


1. SkyRush

2. Coaster at P.N.E (New)

3. Phoenix

4. Mine Blower (New)

5. Great Bear

6. Storm Runner

7. Space Mountain, Magic Kingdom

8. Everest

9. Flying Turns

10. Lightning Run

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