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A return to Vertigo Views in RCT2!

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Good afternoon TPR! I had just went to church, & I just wanna show some good new revamps of one of my older scenarios which is!



Vertigo Views from RCT Loopy Landscapes located in Arlington Texas by my own personal choice! But you all might remember this from last year I think I just did some more work on it! Now it's the largest amusement park in texas like SF Magic Mountain!



Just showing closer aerial views! Which is a little easy for me to explain what's new so you can tell easily!



My sister helped me a little more on this together after months I built this is pretty interesting!



Just passing by!



Sorry I just got too bored the way it looked last year! I just wanted to make it more beautiful!



Where the two White Wooden Coasters are at! There are two types of B&M Hypers which one is a World's only Mobius Racing Hyper Coaster as Blue & Red Bull for Texas in 2018, & the White one is just a regular hyper named White Bull in 2018 also! I think both of these rides are pure fun!



At the edge next to the beautiful white woodies is a S&S Launched Air Coaster as the tallest in Texas as the Motorcycle Stunt in 2008! But another similar coaster about a few years ago succeeded this awesome coaster but this is the tallest in the park still!



Just like former SF Great Adventures the Chiller Dueling Premier LIMs! Well I just made my own but it was pretty hard work! Named Star Spangled Banner in 1998 because I love America, & God Bless America!



At the first area close to the entrance but still part of the American/Texan Area! A B&M Dive Machine in 2006 took over the forest pine trees as the Avenger as the tallest Diving Coaster ever built! Also around, & above is a Dinn Corporation Woodie named Judge Roy Bean which is a name I got from SFOT in 1989 as the tallest terrain woodie for only half of the decade! Inspired by fromer Dorney Parks Hercules!



Also a pair of Racing Togo Heartliners in 1988 from unknown as the Crazy Spin! I guess this park has lots of collections of Coasters! It would amaze me!



At the corner in the Wild West area next to the Arrow Mega Looper is an Custom RMC Hybrid Iron Horse wooden coaster as Bandit in 2013 with a newer generation of tight g's!



Into the deep jungle rainforest! I made my revolution looking like schwarzkopf longer, & is more fun now as Predator since 1977 as the world's first modern looping coaster!



I decided I would build me a Superman The Escape/Escape from Krypton as Roaring Lion & Tiger in 1997 for a really good collection of coasters!



In the science themed area are two Dueling Intamin Impulse Coaster as the World's only, & one of a kind as the Dueling Elementals Gravity, & Magnet! I would be so busy here!



Next to the Intamin Stand Up I wanted to build something like Fahrenheit but not much but it's named Radiation Extraction in 2007! Does look fun!



A relocated Intamin Space Diver as the only one as Ponte Saint Angelo located in the greek/roman area in 1992 just what I came up with! Fitted with new type of trains which is more smooth now!



At the edge here there is a Intamin Launched Storm Runner like as the Sea Monster in 2004 as one of the extremist coasters in the park, also a triple dueling gertslaurer infinity's which my sister built this as the battle of Hurcules, Hades, & Zues what I sort of made up in 2020! Well this is all of the new work of the park!


Vertigo Views.SV6

The new updated file is here!

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Good Afternoon TPR! Vertigo Views has received two new coasters as the Largest Amusement Park in Texas with the most collection of roller coasters!



Not much more as it's already a large amusement park with high thrilling rides but a bit more improvements otherwise the same!



Only two new coasters are built and here is the first! Right in the Jungle Area a Family Terrain Wooden Coaster is built as it interacts with the Predator Roaring Lion & Tiger Rainforest Bobs & Spider Monkey!



Not big or fast but it is high thrilling though named Nile River Flood as the Longest Wooden Coaster in Texas by Gravity Group in 2029! Gives out great airtime!



Here is the second coaster built as i had something in mind like Max Force at SF Great America and the new Icebreaker from SW Orlando! But building this coaster was pretty hard as its a LIM Coaster! Well it's a Premier Launched with Five Inversions as the Wind Turbine in 2026! Now the park has great collection of roller coasters!


Vertigo Views.SV6

Here is a updated file enjoy!

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Good Afternoon TPR! I have a small quick update for Vertigo Views! So i wanted to build a different type of coaster as I heard & read about Hershey Parks cancelled Turbulance Coaster that looks like an Intamin Zac Spin! Well I wnted to build something like it & I used a Impulse Coaster Track & imagined a different design & made it look alike! And it is named Harpy as a one of a kind coaster in texas! Well I could be wrong but I have no more ideas for vertigo views I have built all the coaster types as its the largest amusement park in texas with the most coasters!



Here is the Intamin Zac Spin look like as an Custom unique Impulse Coaster as the Harpy next to Cerberus!


Vertigo Views.SV6

And here is the new file enjoy!

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Good Morning TPR! I know I said that I was done on Vertigo Views but something suddenly had to happen & change!



The New Whole Entire Overview of Vertgio Views as now it is the Most Largest Amusement Park in Texas with the Most Roller Coaster Capitol of 35 of all kinds of it's rides since 1960!



Something has been secretly built in the America Area with the two iconic woodies American Racer & Texas Comet!



Two new world breaking rides at the science world area!



At the Wild Western Area something has taken over the Bandit & the Great Sidewinder!



At the Mythology Rome/Greece Area a triple dueling gertslaurer has been remodified to keep from crashing! And it looks much different than it has before!



Around the whole american area I decided to build me a dueling powered train coaster for fun as I named it the American Steamliner in 2023! Now the American Area is the area with the most roller coasters in the park about nine!



At the Western Area I built another Wing Coaster in which the park already has the B&M Spartan at the Mythology Area! But I wanted to built me something like Furious Back from Port Aventura & it turned out to be very good as the only intamin launched wing coaster with ten inversion as the Stabilizer in 2025!



In the Mythology Area mostly around the Cerberus I wanted to build something like a aqueduct from rome and it turned out to be this splash water ride here! It turned out great I am proud and know its unrealistic!



Starting at the Science World you will encounter a custom Zierer Launched Coaster with nine inversions with its one of a kind butterfly & cobra roll inversions at the beginning of the ride!



As the Liquid Nitrogen in 2043 as one of he most forceful rides at the park with Cerberus Atomizer & Tradewinds!



At the whole edge where Tradewinds is a Custom Premier in which I replaced the orange one I thought it wasn't that good & used a B&M Track one and still its Wind Turbine but the longest one & with the most eight inversions! Well now Vertigo Views is completely full with all kinds of roller coasters famiy rides dark rides, & water rides as the largest amusement park in texas & no more money!


Vertigo Views.SV6

Well again the lest new final file enjoy!

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