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Good Afternoon TPR! I have something very small, & odd to show you!



Urban Park from RCT1 Corkscrew Follies! Located in Beaumont about 90 miles east from Houston Texas as one of the oldest remaining parks from 1906! I took this park under the inspiration of Conneaut Lake Park!



For those of you RCT1 players back in the day remember this or not! But I have always died on this scenario because the lack of space over the houses!



But in RCT2 I have edited the scenario so I could make it into my dream park & if this park was real I would so live in one of them houses so I can come here everyday!



At the front entrance you will find an Herschel Family Coaster named Little Dipper from 1955! I wouldn't mind riding!



I thought I would build me a Tobboggann/Swamp Bug!



I used this Intamin AG Force 9 Ride to imagine it as a Demon Drop Ride!



Just some flat rides, & houses!



This Morgan Family Hyper Coaster right into the Hilly Forest gives out very good experiences, & adventures! It's name is Storyland Coaster in 2002 with four themed tracks in sections! Not very customized or anything just random scenery! This dark green part is Forest Woods!



The pinkish part is Candyland man I imagine if I lived in those house I would be ale to spot the coaster so easy! Probably Noisy at night too when people scream!



Dark Red Part is the Outer Space! Man I think I would love to ride this!



The last final orange part is a Jurassic Adventure with Dinosaurs! I just made this for fun! The ride next is a Prebuilt Set Point named Ba Flight in 1996!



Right on the higher hills deeper in the woods is an hidden Schwarzkopf Terrain Wildcat named Forest Run from 1975! The only longest Schwarzkopf ever built! Has very good airtime, & g forces! I will stop by to ride this!



Almost the house in the middle part you can easily see this Classic Out & Back Woodie built by Ed Vettel in 1938 as the Jack Rabbit with strong overall airtime! I would love to ride this before I die! You can see the small town, & the rolling hills! It would amaze me!



Inspired by Conneaut Lakes Blue Streak as much I would love to visit Conneaut Lake PA! The Reverchon Spinning Mmouse is named Armadillo Twister in 2001!



Right deeply hidden is an Gertslaurer Eurofighter named Green Moss from 2017! Mixed with a little bit of Monster from Adventureland Iowa!



An relocated Pinfari Double Loop as the Double Loop from 1995 from unknown!



Two rides right next are a Vekoma Roller Skater named Conqueror from 2008, & a Herschel Wild Mouse as Mad Mouse from 1968! Both seem fun!



Right on the edge next to the road is an Virginia Reel named Tumbletubs from 1927!



On the hilltop is an very old Side Friction Coaster from where you can see the whole entire park, small town, houses, & maybe you might see the Houston Skyline! Built in 1909 as the Misty Mountain!


Urban Park.SV6

Here's the file for the hillyside park!

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This is your best park by far. The themes for all the rides (especially the Morgan coaster) are insanely creative, and I love the redone Toboggan. Wonderful work, and a huge improvement of your "spaghetti-bowl" parks.

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Hello TPR! I am back again for a short amount of time but I have made an update on my Urban Park which is one of my favorites!



Here's the overview of the park in between the small town that i wish i was in! Added a few more rides since i got rid of most of my other parks to make room on flash drive!



A relocated water slide from nowhere! The preselected Ice Flow track but without the theming cause it didn't look good! I just repainted it & named it Big Kahuna River in 2008!



Next to Jack Rabbit I built a Family Schwarzkopf Coaster named Zig Zag from 1993 with nice airtime!



At the top of the hill! There is a relocated water slide named Diablo Falls and was originally Demon Drop from nowhere in 2008! Just thought this would be fun as i would have fun in Urban Park!


Urban Park.SV6

Here's the updated file!

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