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Carnival Looping Coaster

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This Saturday I was able to ride the small looping coaster on top of a carnival vehicle. This coaster is also known as Worlds smallest looping roller coaster.


This coaster was built by the carnival club FaKoBa from Bassersdorf, Switzerland for last year´s carnival. During an information event for next carnival, they showed their coaster and so I could ride it.


The ride itself is actually really good for a homemade coaster. It gives you two punches between the looping and the curve, but the rest is surprisingly smooth! The first drop fells kinda like one from an Eurofighter, because it happens so quick. The Looping you don´t really notice, it fells a bit like a fast backflip. After you jerked into the curve, you move around and roll out in the end "valley". If you would be too fast, there is a tire as a bumper to stop you.


They even have a vertical elevator to bring the cart back up. For this they mounted a piece of track onto a fork-lifter that is built into the ride.


Overall it´s a great and unique experience which I won´t forget.


To see how it looks, I have some photos and a video for you, and of course, with a POV:







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The whole thing fits on a trailer! Do they even have to dismantle it before transport? I can just imagine driving down the road seeing that dragged along behind a pickup.

I think they can leave it like that for transport, since a carnival car normally moves at a parade.

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