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Favorite themed area?

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I'm surprised no one has really mentioned Dollywood on this list. Almost that entire park is one heavily and well themed area. I love the 50's theming and the craftsman's Valley. Its a little weaker in the County Fair and Far side of the park from about Fire Chaser on down to Thunderhead (with the exception of Mystery Mine) but still better than most.

Eh. Dollywood enjoys the smell of their own farts. Right there with Holiday World.


Speaking of which... the area around Thunderbird is pretty decent, minus the absence of the Beer Man and Thunderbird Leg (turkey) stand. I wish they weren't too busy touting their own greatness on social media to do something with the old Pilgrim's Plunge location.

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^ It's still there, hasn't changed, and it's still awesome!


My first TDS visit. TPR 2007 Japan Tour. Been there in '11 and '13 as well. (o:


I see you there, in the ....long....far...distance. (o; TPR 2013 Japan Tour.


I like how their online map shows it, too. And the STAR is on it's star attraction - JTTCOTE. (o:

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^ And if you time it for say, 2021, most of the new attractions and expansion should be finished, by then.


Except for FrozenLAND in TDS. I don't think that's going to be finished until 2024, if that.


Proposed model of what's possibly going into TDS, hopefully within the next decade. This will be an awesome themed area, once it opens!

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Everyone says Disney as if that's a given. But while it's well done it's all fake. Manufactured. Universal too. Me, I love the gritty realism of Ghost Town at Knott's. Because, well it's real. Sure a lot has been replaced but it still has that weathered lived in vibe. And during Haunt it just becomes that much better.


Avatar is one of the best movies of the 2000's. I love the story, I love the script... everything.

I loved that movie too. Kevin Costner was great. I loved how at the end he totally goes native.

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Tokyo DisneySea.


The entire park.


And soon, with Fantasy Springs!


(Always worth repeating.)


Will THIS become the new Best Themed Area in TDS? And/or the world as we know it? Stay tuned till (fiscal) 2022! (o;

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