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Favorite themed area?

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What's your favorite themed area or "land" of any park, and why?


Mine's probably Pandora at DAK. Unpopular opinion- Avatar is one of the best movies of the 2000's. I love the story, I love the FX, I love the soundtrack, I love the script... everything. That aside, this place is perfect, whether you've seen the movie or not. Sa'tuli Canteen's bowls are amazing, Flight of Passage is the best simulator ever, and the entire environment of it... you can't miss it if you're in Orlando. It's mind-blowing.

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Although it now doesn't have any rides other than a show residing in it, I absolutely love The Lost Continent. The facade for PA is so beautiful. I also used to love The Amity Island themed land. It wasn't over-the-top, and that's probably why I liked it.


I love all the themed areas in Epcot, but I just absolutely love Future World. I mean it's funny that I'd choose this because it's not something that is unique or too unique, but I love it. The dome, the pavilions, I like the look of the area

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Diagon Alley, easily. The amount of subtle details from the books that made it's way into that land is mine blowing.


I love the theming of Diagon Alley and the Wizarding World, but I find the whole area pretty cramped. I can't argue with the attention to detail though.


Some of my other favorites are basically any of the Disney lands not themed to a Dino carnival and Taron's area at Phantasialand.

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There are so many between Disney and Universal that it is hard to choose there.


Outside of those parks, SFoG has a pretty amazing Gotham City section

Most of Busch Gardens Tampa - but especially Pantopia (I love that the overlying story includes the shops and restaurants as well,) and any theming that contains Kumba is automatically awesome!

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For a major theme park I've been to, Pandora takes the cake on this one. First... it's in Animal Kingdom which might be my favorite WDW park. The whole park is so luscious and textured. Then this amazing fantasy world shows up set into this rich structure. The area is amazing during the day, and a completely different neon world at night (especially after getting a few drinks around the park). Add in the incomparable Flight of Passage, and the area is a slam dunk.


I'm gonna give a (dis)honorable mention to "The Golden Kingdom" at GADV during its first years. The whole area had a nice jungle feel to it, it had giant tortoises, tigers, a pretty great show, and KINGDA KA. The area connected conveniently to El Toro too. The whole area felt like a new and exciting start for GADV when it opened. Unfortunately years of being in a Six Flags park have turned it into a dead end section to access Zumanjaro and Kingda Ka. I was really surprised how run down Kingda Ka looked when I last visited, especially compared to how nice TTD looked around the same time.


Editors note: I really like a jungle theme done well

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Some of my other favorites are basically any of the Disney lands not themed to a Dino carnival


Disney's Animal Kingdom, with the exception of the Dino carnival, was the first thing that came to my mind. Anything else in that park is just beautiful! I would love to go back now that Pandora has opened.

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I can't just choose one area from one park as there is at least one area that I consider my favorite at some of the parks I've been to.


First let's just say the entire old country theme of Busch Gardens Williamsburg is my favorite but out of them all I would have to say Oktoberfest is my most favorite as it seems more lively than the others.


At Kings Island my favorite areas are International Street and Coney Mall. Just love the atmosphere in both sections.


I like the entire theme of SFGAm but Hometown Square and Southwest Territory are my favorites there.


SFoG has a pretty amazing Gotham City section...


I agree since it is different from most Gotham City areas. Only downside is that steep hill that takes you to it by Dare Devil Dive.


I'm gonna give a (dis)honorable mention to "The Golden Kingdom" at GADV during its first years. The whole area had a nice jungle feel to it...


I went to SFGAdv in 2005 when the area was brand new (and after Kingda Ka had that major breakdown so I never got to ride it) and I thought it was very well done. Six Flags can do a pretty good job with theming as along as they can keep it up.

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Any themed area in Tokyo Disney Sea.


They're all just too good to pick one out. Even the "Cape Cod" area,

as small as it is, is really themed well for it's space.



TDS Mediterranean Harbor. TPR 2007 Japan Tour.


Speaking of "Cape Cod".... TPR 2013 Japan Tour.

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What's your favorite themed area or "land" of any park, and why?


The entire park known as Silver Dollar City.


Yeah, I was kind of expecting a post like this. Let me rephrase the question; what PART OF any park is your favorite?

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Well, to be more specific... (what I call) the Plaza du Remi in WDS, Paris. For the small corner of the park that it is, it is steeped in French-style architecture, which makes the whole area, like you're in the city, and not in the theme park.


That said, I have to say that most of the themed country pavilions in EPCOT are by them self, individual marvels of themed design and execution.

The standouts to me are France, Canada, Germany, and Morocco.

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And now for something completely different....


My Favourite Themed Area of an Entry Plaza, into a park... has to go to Disneyland Paris.


The area is lush with trees, and many pathways to walk through and around. There are a few spots

with gazebos in them, and benches are all over the place, shaded by the lush trees over them.

There is a water feature through it all, as small creeks moves through the area, emptying into a

big fountain-ed pond. Mickey is there in his usual floral visage. But you can around him and it still works.


The whole thing is anchored by the gorgeous Disneyland Hotel, where all the ticket buying and

queuing up takes place - under the hotel. Which sightwaise, totally blocks the park you're about

to enter, making it (to me) all the more magical.


For me this is a great "getaway" to go to, without leaving either park too far away. Especially if

one doesn't have an onsite hotel space, etc. Easy reached by the Studios, too, it's just a nice

oasis to chill out in, while the crowds rush by.


This what you first see, when you approach DLP.


The overhead layout of the entry plaza. Lots of trees, hiding the benches, and a few gazebos for extra shade. Wonderful spot.

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It would have to be between Aquitaine (BGW) and the Boardwalk (Knott's). Both have an atmosphere that resonates with me, and both are anchored by especially handsome coasters (Griffon and Xcelerator respectively). Though with HangTime due for next year, the Boardwalk will pull ahead.

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Right off the top of my head, I'll say the Banshee area. The station, the ride placement, the sign, the mist, the lighting package, and the awesome Banshee scream before the drop are what I enjoy about the ride. The mild themeing really gives it a personality. Usually I would consider that a bit over the top for me, but not in this case.

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I'm surprised no one has really mentioned Dollywood on this list. Almost that entire park is one heavily and well themed area. I love the 50's theming and the craftsman's Valley. Its a little weaker in the County Fair and Far side of the park from about Fire Chaser on down to Thunderhead (with the exception of Mystery Mine) but still better than most.


I also love anywhere in Busch Gardens Williamsburg and obviously the Disney parks but they are in a league of their own. For a smaller park Great Escape has a decent Ghost Town Section that isn't as good as it used to be but still has some neat facades and buildings. Nightmare used to have a really neat outside queue line when it was open and most can still be seen from the log flume.

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