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[PLC] "Walk on the wild side" Themepark Project [#001]

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Thank you DoinItForTheFame!



And back building again.


After a long and hot summer got more time now to be back building on my "Walk on the wild side" project more regular.

I made some massive progres on the vintage palace that will hide the most of the "wild mouse" coaster.

Here you can find some pictures of the progres so far.



The situation I sort of left you all with..



New side of the palace took form.



from the other angle



From above



Sort of roof garden I'm busy with.



The first rooms are decorated and themed.



roof garden by night



night shot 1



night shot 2


In the meanwhile I have been upgrated the Predator valley with more and better vegitation. The Boulderdash area and Walk on the wild side coaster will follow soon.


To give a nice and chill ride trough the park I made a nice video recap and let the "Iron horse" Railroads take us on a journey trough the "predator valley right trough the park Centre station. Enjoy the views.




For the real fans I also made a compilation video of all the 6 coasters at "Walk on the wild side" Themepark.




Thanks for your attention

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Hello all!


I have an update. But first this:


I'm stuck on creativity on the Vintage Wild Mouse theming. So for the moment I decide to let it go for a while.

So I started to work on a sort of 2nd round of gardening trough out the whole park. I've been from project to project but forgot to take a eye to the paths and surroundings.


So here some results of the work done



Extended the topfloor of the Vintage "Crazy mouse" building



Work in progress



Some inside theming put in place.



I gave the railroad it's first bridge structure.



I made a by-pass for the long distant walk from Predator to Rolling river.



New by-pass from the "Rolling River" side



Upgraded the pathway borders between "Overload" Topspin and "The Knockout"



Area shot by night






Then I created a set of 2 blue prints of the "Octopus Rodeo Arena"

I have on blueprint with some themed surroundings you find here:



And I created a full ride skin of the flat ride you can find here:







Thank you for your attention and goodbye for now

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New Update for a new Ride skin.


At the moment I'm walking trough my park to make some adjustments and to give it a sort of second round of theming up.

So I started with the flat ride "Overload" the Topspin of the park.


I themed it over to a Giant Lab Machine that is capable of genetating static electricity. Add up a story with a lunatic scientist and there you have a total new ride that gives a meaning to it's name "Overload" And overload it will go on the end of the program.


Old situation:






Here some moving pictures of the final of "Overload" program:




Steam rideskin blueprint to find here:



And here some pictures of the ride in action:











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Dear all,


With the new DLC I was able to add a cable chair lift ride to the park.

This was an addition that came from heaven. It gives a unique opportunity to fly trough the park and see it comes alive from a different angle.


I used 10 onride movies and blend them in to one full out and back onride creating the most of possible interaction with all the coasters and rides. I hope you will like it!







Rest me to say thanks for the support and comments!

For 2019 I will continue to keep working on this project till my processor will give up





Have a great party and all the best,wisdom and health for 2019!!!

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A very good evening dears,


I’ve got some new stuff collected for a new update on "Wotws" themepark. The creation block is unfortunately still in place for the "Wild mouse" and "vintage palace" Project but I’m still going strong on upgrading the existing areas.


So here some pictures of the work done:


Status of the "Wild mouse" and “Vintage Palace” project.






Boulderdash got spotlights and got a better look in the night. The que has been given some lights and better gardening.








Put an extra trigger to the Kiddy coaster "Dragon Fury".




The paths arround "Boulderdash" and "Rolling River" has gotten some fencing, lights and improved gardening.






"Rolling River" got a better light set.




Another extra round of attention to the shops in this area.








I have been experimenting with flood lights and search light to have the area of "Predator" better visible in the night. Unfortunately it created to much light pollution for the surrounding area. Tried it later by placing floor lights just right under the skin of the skeletons and that did just the trick.








The same method I used on the track of "Predator" and created this effect:














Here I leave you with a new onride video of “Predator” in his new Night settings.






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For now I started a new Project for the park. Project 8 it is called for the moment. It will be the centre Castle of "Walk on the wild side" Themepark. And it will not be a Cinderella kind of thing but a little more sinister of course


Pics say more!






The terraforming. This was the first setup but I found out very soon that this immediately killed the frame rate of the game with +1000 smoke nuzzles ;D


So Back to the basic and drawing table.




So we started to place the smoke more strategic so I needed less of them.

I made the tower shapes of rocks and turn them with 15 degrees to create a symmetric shape and start building a entrance building.






put in some lights.










Customized the operator boot.








And closed the roof.








This is it for the moment.

I hope you like the style of this Castle


See you all back soon!

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I got some new developments on the Project no. 8 for you.



Entrance hall is enclosed and got a roof





Building the que line









New tower and ridegate



Back side and station





From above






So far the progress this week.

See you back soon!

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I made a little progress this week due to long days at work. (Freaking 7 days storm @ Rotterdam) So here some pictures of the growing project.





First inside theming



Central Hall and exit path



Ride station platform



2nd layer theming over the rock formation



Night shots




Hope I have more to show you next week.

Thanks for your attention

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Hi there all.


I have some update on Project 8 of "Walk on the wild side" Themepark.

I started with building the last scene of Project 8. This will be the final scene of this ride.




Created a heavens portal in perspective view.




Final carousel overview.







carousel Chamber



The gate you don't want to end up



New tower building (1st scene)



Night setting



carousel Chamber just before closing roof



New castle building









And then came the point of item usage that would let my videocard barf.

As some of the arches are more that 1500 item pieces, i had to come up with a solution.

Or scale down the items usage, or take it out of the park as a single ride project.

I choose to massively scale down the collums and arches as most have already sunk down in the project and were not visible anymore. I deleted more than half of the Item pieces without loosing the castle. For the interial of the central hall I found this solution:







Right wing of the Castle keeps developing












So.. with this last picture of yesterday you are all up to date again.

Leaves me with only one video left of the newly build "flying island" that gives you a spectacular view of the park.





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Hi there all!


Got some update on the "Judgementday" Ride project.


I had to scale down massively on the Items usage on the pillars of the castle. From a total of 180.000 item pieces I stripped it down to 19.000 including the latest growth of the project. build new pillars out of 32 pieces each instead of the 680 item pieces I used previously. The game runs as smooth as ever now and with the items count now we will end up approx. on 100.000 pieces whet the project is finished.


The pillars changed to a more rough style that I like more and give the castle the right ambiance in my opinion.


Some visuals:
















During the building I took a lot screenshots with the idea in mind to create a timelapse video of the rising of this centre piece of my park. Here you find the timelapse video of Judgement Day (33%) finished.





Now the castle is 33% finished I have to start with the ride settings and special effects. The mysterious black cloud that was permanently hanging over the 2nd gate portal needs to get a better solution than it is now.

I managed to let the cloud travel from a window of the castle to the 2nd gate tower where it will unleash a Thunderbolt twice over the tower. Here a small making off video of the 1st effect added to this ride.





In the meanwhile I have been creating a park download for my steam workshop of the "Predator valley" so it is now possible to walk around the "Wild side" yourself. This park upload contains: "Predator" RMC coaster, "Rolling River" Rapid, Octopus Rodeo Arena and Rodeonaut Lab.


Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1753764976


Visual of the upload:



Hope you will enjoy your visit

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Hi there all


A lot have been done the last few weeks on the Judgment Day journey it self. the first Video screens have been installed and there are some more to follow. I have started with the first afterworld you will be shown. To make sure what your position is here we start with "Hell"


Pictures will give you a better idea and I will explain them one by one.



This exact moment...., you die!



Some explanation what just happend and what will be the procedure.



Welcome to Hell; The "worst" chamber.


Specially for the worst of creatures. Stuck on a pole in the lava. The first 1000 years you will only feel the pain but will not be affected. Then you will turn in to a living skeleton. Your mind and pain are still there for another 2000 years. After 3000 years you end up in an cage to bake for eternity. Your soul is gone...



The "Disposables"


The place all the #ssh#l#s, waist of oxygen and space end up. Gone in a blink of the eye. No more time waist on. Done!



I did manage to keep the objects count to still on 19.000. I replaced two big centre hall roofs with an better object so it is now made out of less than 80 pieces instead of the 478 wooden beams that it was.


New views of the total area:



New roof outside



New roof inside


Some building shots of Hell:



The "Worst" Chamber.



The "disposables" Chamber.


To leave you today with some areal shots and night shots.








Thank you all for your attention

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I got some updates on Judgmentday "The ride" for you all


Now the progress in the Park:


Scenery items reducing: I deleted the fences of wooden beams trough out my whole park. Too many items to demarcate off the paths edges for both sides.

Also the que line area of "Wotws the ride" I have totally redesigned that landscape and deleted out the hundreds of bushes used to demarcate of the que edges.


Judgment day the ride: The roof over "the Hell" scene has been closed now and a start has been made for the "Something" scene for people that belief in "something"


As I expect to be busy enough up till the end of September with building this ride I just made a first view inside video of the 5 scenes I declared ready.

1st scene "the journey starts",

2nd scene "you die",

3rd scene "the procedure explained",

4th scene "Take a last view",

5th scene "The Hell"

sub scene "the worst"

sub scene "the disposables"


Enjoy your journey.





Technical: I learned some trick to restore the frame rate while recording footage from Planco. That trick managed me to record a 4K - 60fps onride video of "Predator" in night setting instead of the earlier released video with a barely 20fps.


This is the first test case I made with the new procedure. So I would like your feed back on it if you also experience a better frame rate and higher quality of video content.





Thanks again for your attention

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As I'm now in my holiday and camping season (sun, beach and family quality time) I did not have much done on W.o.t.W.S themepark. Not much to show on "Judgmentday the Ride" as the most work been done is undergrounds. My plan for "something" is not working out very well so I have to "Mcguiver" some solutions. The original idea was to make an underground space section with star panels and screens that would show some heavenly bodies and Hubble pictures. With no natural light those screens ended up still black and to light them out destroys the effect of merge them in to the star panels on the background. I need to come up with some other approach to get it done.


I'm still trying to get the items use down as I really want to deliver a full park map download for W.o.t.W.S. themepark. Ideas for a "Dutch medieval" area, "Chinatown" and "Pirate cove" are still pending to be introduced to the themepark.


Total park map so far:



What has been done for this update:


I managed to finish up the light plan for "Walk on the wild side" The ride.

The ride is now fully ready for night time park openings.



W.o.t.W.S. the ride @ night


Here the new ride experience in 40/60 fps recording:





Also the park has reached it's 2nd years of building anniversary so I made a total new promo for the park with the new recording method to get the lagging out and put in all the new rides including the vintage village "Flying Turns" and not yet shown before "Manic Mouse" coaster. Of course with the uptempo "The Iron Horse" that is the official W.o.t.W.S. themepark tune. Hope you enjoy it as it took 3 full days of recording in 0,25 game speed and edditing it back to 1.0 speed took another day extra.





See you all back soon when I leave the beach.

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HI dear readers,


So now the summer season is ending the work on Wotws Themepark itself has been picked up again. First I started with "Iron Stomach" to light up for evening openings and was the last of the big coasters to get a light plan.



Wotws the Ride and Predator from another view.



Made a new waiting line area for Wotws the Ride.



Iron Stomach dive loop.



Some nice view.



Total overview



Total overview


Inside the Island of Judgmentday I'm working on the next chapter of the story.

The "something" part of the ride. For everyone who has been good and believe in something. Your creator will give you a look behind the fabrics of space it self. you can pick your own pixel there and reincarnate.



I started to make some Space panels for the ride.



Big and small ones



Gassy ones.



In practice panel



In practice panel



In practice panel





Pick here your pixel. Every single one is a galaxy on it own. Retry life and be reseeded in the pixel by choice.



Some building shots






And that is the work done I can show up till this moment.

Hope you like it

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Let it go... Let it go.....


I jumped of the ready by Halloween schedule. To many details to be finished yet and it would harm the final outcome of the project. Quality above Quantity I prefer.


A lot of problems with frame rate to solve and I have to come with a better idea for the use of smoke nuzzles to create a heavenly atmosphere in the Heaven section.


Well heaven now is a place on earth. Or better: A place on "Walk on the wild side"


Let me show some pictures.



Up to the sky!




Inside the mountain after the fabrics of space section you will be elevated trough the stairs of heaven to the heaven itself.



Welcome to Heaven.





some forced prospective in the back ground.



The "heavenly coaster"









Coaster station


View inside of heaven before it will be closed and hidden in the mountain.






In this last shot I deleted the smoke nozzles as they create an 1 fps on-ride experience. Instead I made the ground white and put some floodlights just under the surface. The visual outcome is not that good as with the smoke but it is reasonable enough to keep on going.


Well that's about it for the moment. The heaven will be finished in the coming weeks. Inside triggers screens and other effects optimization will be next. Than still have to finish the exterior of the whole project. This could be an early 2020 ride if I have to estimate.


Thanks for your attention. Any feedback, tips, trick or advise on fps improvement is welcome at the moment

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Hello all


The last few weeks I have been able to build quite a bit on "Walk on the wild side" theme park with "Judgment Day" in particular.


New state of affairs:


After the smoke generators, the idea with "white" background + spotlights has now fallen. It gives a strange blinking effect

was similar to the effect you got with RCT3, if you placed too much lighting close together.


The desperation solution has become the round shape objects that you can adjust in all colors. The whole heaven is now filled with it. It is a solution but with smoke it really got better. However, I could have downgraded it to a photo project.

And I don't want to make it after a year of work.


Now it is again quite good in terms of fps. Unfortunately, the effect is less. Despite the clouds, the number of objects in the construction work is still limited at 25,000 units. Meanwhile also started on the central castle on the outside.


The state of affairs on the outside:






And here the "Heaven" scene:









This week I had 2 videos of the park edited.

the first is an onride of "Iron stomach" in evening setting.




The closing for this update is an onride of "Boulderdash" in evening setting.




Thank you again for reading and watching.

Have a nice day and see you back soon

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Hello all,


Short update but finally the first real result of "Judgment day" The ride. The "Heavens Coaster" has just had its soft opening and can be considered finished.


"Heavens Coaster" is both an official ride and part of the scenery of "Judgment Day" The darkride in the "heaven section of the attraction. Through an entrance hidden in "Judgment Day" visitors can walk through the "heaven". This gives the darkride an experience that the "heaven" has been populated for some time.


Moving images say more. Below the "soft opening"





"Judgment Day" itself is now in phase of the final points of the scenery of the ride itself. In the meantime I have also started building the central castle part on the outside. I will need a full month for this. After that, the effects and triggers can be fine-tuned and so start gently with the first recordings for the presentation.


As I now estimate, "Judgment Day" can be opened in the spring with the opening of the new season of "Walk on the wild side" Themepark.


Until the next update!

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  • 5 months later...

Hello everyone


Time for a huge update today on the next prime ride of "Walk on the wild side" Themepark.


Started to expend the exterior of Judgmentday castle on a greater scale. The main Castle is to arise on the skyline of the park.



First started with the left wing of the main castle.



Light plan installed.



Main Castle is going up.



Higher and higher.



More detail on the exterior.



What a view!



More detail.



Main castle roofs are closed.



Park overview.



Full lightplan installed.



The front side of Judgmentday is finished!



Still some work to finish.



New park skyline.






Stunning result.



Seen from different angle from the park.



Topdown view



your view when walking to Judgmentday from the Vintage main street.



Full park skyline


Also I have installed the Engine of Space and time in the fabrics of space and time section of Judgementday



The engine of Space and Time.


So now I will work around the whole Castle to finish the exterior and start the landscaping of the area around of Judgmentday. Hope to have an update sooner this time but it is still a lot of building to do.


See you all next time

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  • 3 months later...

Well I can leave my cave! Finally! :D  Judgmentday is ready! well the most of the exterior. But the darkride it self is totally ready,

We are now at an incredible 83K+ pieces and 80% exterior is finished.


So it's official! Judgmentday the ride opened it gates tonight at the start of the Halloween 2020 season. 

Judgmentday is a message to the every single soul out there in the world. The question here is, are you ready when it hits you now... Would I end up where I want to end up. What if Judgmentday is real...?

I proudly announce here the full on ride of "Judgmentday" the ride!  Hope to be entertainyou soon again :)


And hope you like the idea behind it 😊

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Well after a week of quarantine we are released (all 3 of us tested positive for Covid)
So we can leave that behind us just before holidays are starting.

Now further on the project.

So I'm landed at a turn point with "Walk on the wild side" Themepark and forced to make a decision soon as building is almost becoming impossible due to the lagging. Also making new videos is getting problematic. As soon Judgment day is coming in sight the frame rate drops terrible and unworkable to make good quality on-rides.

So I came up with the idea of a divorce. Yes divorces are always painfull but some time it makes things better.
As I still have plenty ideas for "Walk on the wild side" themepark and also "Judgmentday" I will separate both from each other. That is the only way to extend both lives on the forums. "Judgmentday" will go on as a Halloween themed park on it's own. "Walk on the wild side" will continue as it did before Judgmentday was added. Landscape and rough themes will continue to rise in the park. "One night in Bangkok", "Vintage Pier", "Medieval Dutch" and a "Dutch overseas Colony" are the first areas that will be build in the coming year(s)

I will first upgrade the park with restaurants instead of the single shops. And lift it to a Resort status by building hotels to the park. 

So here the last pictures of the both together 😥








Well it is going to take me some days to get the divorce done so next update in the new year!

Thanks for all your kind words and support over this remarkable year. Please stay save, stay healthy, and keep calm for the year 2021.             

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