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Oasis of Excitement (Dusty Desert) RCT2

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Good Afternoon TPR! I will be going to san antonio this weekend hopefully it won't rain but before anything else happens I have something very big to show you! You will all be freaked out!



My Biggest Amusement Park ever with so many colors, & can't even count how many coasters this park has oh my gosh! Also this park has so many inspirations from SFMM, SFGAm, Thorpe Park, BGW, Las Vegas Parks, & many more!



This huge amusement parks name is Oasis of Excitement the way i see it but originally this was a coaster building challenge from loopy landscapes in RCT1 as Dusty Desert but I did try it in RCT2 but it would let me build no ride entrances or exits tried to do everything but nothing worked so all I could do was re edit the scenario, & start over!



I know the change of this scenario name sucks but I am happy the way it turned out, my sister built most of it too the rainbowish rides that will soon be revealed!



Opened in 1974 in a small desert oasis town of Mesa Arizona east of Phoenix what I thought about as an small family carnival amusement park but Arrow Dynamics, & Schwarzkopf came to visit, & help the park grow big!



From what we see first here is an Arrow Dynamics Custom Looping Coaster which is inspired by Demon from SF Great America named Back Hole in 1984! Also a Intamin AG Impulse named V8 Vertical Velocity inspired by SF Discovery Kingdoms V2!



When you first walk into the Bazaar Street Plaza at the Entrance you find a Zierer Tivoli named Wild Coyote from 1988 as a good starter coaster!


Well this is it for the night I will be going to fiesta texas this weekend I really hope it wont rain there!

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Okay, a few good points and a few bad points.


First of all, love what you did with the impulse coaster. It looks really cool at the entrance of the park.


The log flume looks nice next to the Arrow, but change the color scheme for the coaster. Please.


My one complaint is that in the TR, it sounds like you're trying to make this a real park. If you're gonna make a chaotic megapark, then power to ya, go for it. However, if you're going for realism, then this is just plain bad.


Don't wanna sound like a jerk or anything, but these are my honest thoughts.

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I only built this for fun I just said inspirations, & i understand! Here's an update I didn't get to go to san antonio this weekend because our truck broke and can't go till next weekend hopefully!



In this glorious update is we walk into a land of B&M Coasters! I name this land Forbidden Valley! Sure does look forbidden with big B&M Coasters!



First you encounter the World's First (B&M) Prototype Flying Coaster in 2002 as the Narratifi (something I made up!)



I made it almost like Tatsu but an out & back! Sure looks like a great experience to ride! I would definitely ride!



A Monstrous B&M Inverted as the Tempest from 1999!



Mostly inspired by Afterburn from Carowinds! I had a hard time building this! Kept remodifing it 7 times, & made it into an 8 Inversion! Since this then it has been the tallest inverted coaster in the state of arizona! I might ride this before i die!



At this very corner there are two types of B&Ms together with a Gravity Group Woodie that roves through them but we will soon get there!



This is a B&M Launched Wing Rider like Thunderbird from Holiday World but I went out of my mind as I named this Sky Dragon in 2014!



Here next to it is a B&M Stand Up named Centipede from 1996 as the former tallest stand up until five years later! I went for a CP Mantis Feeling, this gives out pretty good thrills in this extreme park!



At the end of the Forbidden Valley there is the World's Only Dueling B&M Sitting Coasters! I thought of the story David VS Goliath! I was amazed!



Built in 1998 as the park went to building more rides! I had fun building this racing coaster! They sure do look mad at each other! But David beat Goliath in the story so hopefully david will win! Stay tuned for more updates!

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Alright TPR I have an enormous update for Oasis of Excitement!



I guess i'll call this area South Western Territory were all wild west stories began but not really what you think!



At the very corner is an GCI Dueler named Bandit (Black) vs Sheriff (White) in 2002 as the longest racing wooden coaster in arizona! Inspired by Hershey's Lightning Racer as I have been dreaming to go there someday!



A B&M Dive Machine with no inversions just airtime drops, & g forces! Named Drop Hole in 2000!



As I always look at Viper from SFMM! Here is an Arrow Multi Looper named Totem from 1990! Sorry i know I shouldn't have three arrows or anything it's just for my own kind of fun!



At the very sharp edge of this area! Is an CCI Out & Back Woodie named Horseman in 1998! My sisters built this one for me when I started running out of ideas!



I wanted to build a Ghost Rider like from KBF but I ran out of room when I built this GCI Dueler so my sister helped me out with a different idea, she made the different drops with different elements that any out & back woodie can have! Well this is it for a while stay tuned!

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Good Afternoon TPR! I just got through working by clearing shingles this morning, & half a small but big update to show for Oasis!



At this very small area with three big coasters! They're pretty big giants! So i'll call this somewhat Colossal Heighs which I got from some park years ago!



This here is an Amazing RMC Coaster named Titan in 2015! Inspired by SFGAm Goliath as I am willing to visit SFGAm someday!



A Twisted B&M Floorless with nine inversions with different kinds of elements! This is a pretty mean floorless with high g's!



Named Rhino Rampage from 2002 as the world's only floorless coaster with nine inversions as it looks like a big rhino alright! Inspired by Parque Warner Madrid's Superman as I have wanted to go to spain!



The last coaster for the day is an B&M Giga that goes around half of the park as the Fury 500 in 2019 as the tallest coaster in the state of arizona! Inspired by Carowinds Fury 325! Well two more posts, & this park will be revealed!

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Good Afternoon TPR! My oldest aunt had died, & went to her funeral, & it went okay so here's an update!



This whole section contains about 7 or more coasters, & i call this Gigantic World, & sorry if the name is sucky! Right now we have an Arrow Hyper named Desperado in 1994 which is inspired by Nevada's Buffalo Bills Desperado as I admire it!



As you have seen about last week! Here is a Gravity Group Out & Back Woodie right on the edge of the park! Named Manifest Destiny in 2006 definitely inspired by Holiday World's Voyage!



A pair of Dueling Schwarzkopf Loopers as the Starlight Loopers from 1985! Came from my old long gone Diamond Heights but these are my own! Also a Arrow Red Mine Train roves right through them! Red Meteor Train 1997!



This part has two Mack Water Coasters which are Journey to Odyssey in 2017 & Fire Boat & Storm Boat a Dueler in 2019! Just for fun when you're hot! Right next is a Classic Double Out & Back Woodie from 1976 as the Golden Sun!



No longer the tallest ever since Fury 500 but the Giovanola Hyper named Giant from 2001 still is rocking! I just still liked this clone sorry! This park has all kinds of coasters!



Next to the Fire & Storm Boat is a Relocated Togo from unknown as Jungle Vines in 1992 inside of a Palm Tree Section which came out of my mind!



Last screen for the day! Anybody wanna ride an Cyclone Coaster? Well not weverybody would like it because wooden coasters are rough but i love them! Named Arizona Cyclone by Dinn Corporation in 1991 like former SFMM's Psylone! Stay tuned for the last post!

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Alright TPR here is the last update!



This last rainbow area is called The Lost Amazon, & I know this isn't a jungle area! But starting with this B&M Wing Rider named X Wing Flight in 2012 brings a whole new experience! But as I think I said before there's two types of these Wing Riders a launched, & chainlift! So sorry I only did it for my own fun!



Right here is an Relocated Schwarzkopf Mutli Looping like my long gone Texas Tornado from Astroworld as I always think about all the time! Named Toucan's Hooper Looper in 1998 as I looked at the bird! I somehow made it look like a Toucan I would ride this until I die!



An Arrow Interlocking Looping Loch Ness Monster inspiration as the Centerfold in 1977! This park has three arrow looping coasters! I'm just proud of myself!



At the far whole edge there is a Schwarzkopf Triple Non Looping Coaster with so many elements that makes this ride a lot of fun! Came from my old Three Monkeys Park that I used to like but I decided to build my own! Named Three Racing Parrots Cockatoo (White) Macaw (Red) & Parakeet (Green) This makes the park have three Schwarzkopf Coasters, & gives out all good thrills!



A Waterslide Coaster I made myself as the Oasis River Adventure, & under is a Mack Watercoaster named Speedboat in 2015 which should be pretty fun!



The last final coaster is an Arrow Suspended Floorless as the Flamingo's Flight in 1992 with extreme g forces!


Oasis of Excitement.SV6

Here's the file of Oasis of Excitement if you want to explore!

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Good Afternoon TPR! How's summer? Well summer is bored for me right now as im inside my uncle and aunts barn all alone going through life right now! Its a meh but i did a little update on Oasis of Excitement!



Ever since i built me a Batman & Robin Chiller inspiration in my Vertigo Views from last year! I decided to build me a Triple Launching Premier Dueler named Charming Snakes Death Adder (Gold) King Cobra (Green) & Rattler (Red) in 2000! Looks pretty fun to me as i would love to ride it but in real life it would malfunction like the Chiller from SFGAdv did!


Oasis of Excitement.SV6

Here's the new file with the new ride!

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Good Evening TPR! I have some bad news about Oasis of Excitement! But at least its still kicking and going! The Worlds Largest Roller Coaster Collection Amusement Park in Arizona!



Here is the overview of the amusement oasis in the hot sunny arizona! But something is missing what is it? Oh no!



It was an Arrow Multi Looping Coaster that was right next to Drop Hole which was the Totem that was built in 1990 as Arrows Tallest & Fastest Looping Coaster! Why did it get taken down?



Well its not in real life but wierd ill tell you! I often look at my parks even if i have something i want to try and build for fun though! So i often look at ride ratings and i looked at Totem the ratings used to be Very High and then the ratings started going red the ride went less popular im like wow i swear i didnt use the trainer cause i tried the trainer modifying a coaster and it didnt work! So i kept rebuilding the ride and i coildnt fix it! So sadly it would sometimes crash and i was loosing money as usual! So i had to make a sad choice to remove the Totem! And im not sure what i want to build or not at this spot? I hardly have anymore thoughts! I have no other rides to build! And the park still has a ton of roller coaster capitol with most types as it brings the park a good entertainment for phoenix! As well with water rides! Well removing the wonderful but hard Arrow was a sad choice for me! At least Oasis still has is two other Arrow Loopers the Black Hole & Centerfold! But there is only one Arrow Multi Looping remaining at Megaworld Park in Colorado the Viper as the Worlds First Seven Looping Coaster from 1988! Well Oasis of Excitement is still flowing on! But we will always miss the Totem! Then the former Dragon from Evergreen Gardens in Washington! But at least we still have Megaworld Park Viper!


Oasis of Excitement.SV6

Well i really didnt want to post this but okay! But im not sure if any of you downloaded this and didnt have any problems with totem or not but somehow i did and my uncle just told me to demolish it and build something better and new and i teared! Well anyways here is a same file but without the totem! But maybe later or sooner i might find something else to build over former Totem! But i know this a messy park i made and my parks cant be real though! I only bult them for fun! And also I thought i would make a cool but sad story!

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Good Raining Cats & Dogs Afternoon TPR! I have some good news for Oasis of Excitement! It has received a new high thrilling coaster that replaced the long gone sad Arrow! A schwarzkopf came and took over! And the park is going strong with it but the story still takes back!



Still looks so different where the Arrow used to be that it had to be demolished for mechanical issues and was too expensive to operate! But this mean schwarzkopf came and took over its place and the worlds one of a kind!



Named Sultan as Schwarzkopf Last Coaster ever built as a Custom Launched Catapult with Five Inversions as it brings good elements to the Oasis as it gives its good coaster collection as well as it there are only two of these still operating one at Magic Quarters the Silver Bullet and now the Sultan at Oasis of Excitement! But sadly Oasis of Excitement lost its title to Arid Heights that recently holds the most coasters at any park but still the Oasis in Mesa still a thrilling park as it is one of Arizona two largest amusement parks!


Oasis of Excitement.SV6

Here is a new file!

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