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I've seen it all now!

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Apparently the new fad at theme parks for kids is to stick there faces in the fog machines and inhale!! After I witnessed a dozen or so teens sticking there faces rite into the fog machines and inhaling as much as they could. Then blowing the smoke into the mouths of their friends.. I had to ask. I just got a stupid look and was told....IT'S SOOO COOL!!! And was told it was an on line game kids play now.. this was at kings island..lol. anybody else see this going on??

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Fortunately the mazes here at Valleyscare don't have the fog machines right in the maze. They funnel the fog through tubes or have them on the outside of the maze and let the fog waft in throughout the night. I'll check with the scare zone actors to see if this is an issue. That's such a stupid thing for kids to do, but would inhaling that much fog be bad for your health?

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It seems like a vape-inspired thing. Sure, it's silly. I understand the banging on the "ugh stupid people" drum when it's adults, but kids are going to act like kids. Antics and attention-seeking are part of that phase; this isn't new evidence of a downward trend in society. When I was a kid, classmates of mine would do something similar with the fog machine that was brought in for school dances. If you earned yourself a "hey kid, knock it off," you scored points with your friends for getting a reaction from an adult.


Then blowing the smoke into the mouths of their friends.. I had to ask. I just got a stupid look


Sorry if this sounds harsh, but if I'm going about my day as an adult and I see kids being kids at a public place where they tend to roam without their parents, they're none of my business. I leave them alone and give them a wide berth. If there's a real incident, get security or police if possible. You shouldn't approach unknown children or teens, period. If they act stupid, that's not a conversation starter. I'm not saying you didn't have innocent intentions, but since you weren't going to get anything but a defiant response anyway, there was no reason to question them. Just don't do it.

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I...think I see all the sides, because these are my pointless thoughts:

a) Yeah, yeah, kids will be kids, every generation (and almost every kid) does stupid stuff....This better not affect the use of fog machines at parks or other places, though.

b) Who cares?

c) This is dumb.

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