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New & Improved Bumbly Beach RCT2!

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Good Afternoon TPR! I have something new, & old to show you which is Bumbly Beach that I built 4 years ago that you all might remember! What I did was built more coasters, & water rides!



It is so different from 4 years ago! What I did was built more coasters, & mostly water rides!



It seems to be a mixture of Knott's Berry Farm, & a little of Cedar Point in someway! Looks much more funner but crammy as i made it!



Oh even if i lived in one of these houses next to bumbly beach i would so go work there, have fun there, & eat there every day!



Starting at this entrance and you all may remember the rides you have already seen or may not ill just tell the new rides info! This here is an one of a kind hyper baby!



I call this a Brand New Intamin AG Strata Coaster named Accelerator from 2019 with many extreme airtime which I would definitely ride!



Over the whole plaza entrance! A Rainbowish B&M Floorless named Starfish from 2001 surrounds you with many colors, inversions, & even starfishs but no such thing in rct2 anyway! I really built this for fun, & it's the only floorless coaster with 10 inversions, & this floorless it extremly intense! I would love to ride!



Some water rides I built! And here comes the accelerator stay out of the way!



A Master Blaster like water coaster! Just a thought out of my mind!



Also the tallest coaster in Bumbly Beach has been achieved! A B&M Dueling Giga named Mammoth vs Walrus as i had in mind if the name don't suit good for this ride sorry but I jut built this in my own imagination! I wish I was inside this game!



At the very end of bumbly beach there are four different brands of coasters that mix up with each other you may know the ones that are already built here but here's the new ones! The Tealish is an Intamin AG Standup of what I also had in mind by Shockwave of Drayton! Named Neptune's Fork as one of the smoothest stand ups in 1999! I guess I would ride this but be aware of his powers in the seas!



A Schwarzkopf Flywheel Shuttle named Ring of Fire is hidden between these great coaster round in! Was the first coaster in the park with an inversion since 1981! I would not skip this I would ride it until I die!



At the edge of this glorious seaside park! A B&M Sitdown is built above the hilly part! Named Silver Jet in 2000 or I didn't choose a good name for it! Just don't know! This makes the park have a very good collection of rides! I may ride this!



Hidden in the palm trees a shy B&M Flyer name Peacock's Flight from 2009 gives out a great experience of any coaster in the world as inspired by Manta SW Orlando!



Out from the underground an S&S Compressed Air Coaster come right out as the Super Sonic in 2004 as the tallest coaster at the time but the fastest in the park! Also I built dueling water slides named Maximum Velocity in 2014 as I watched a water park show but can't remember which park i saw from!



Don't worry airstrike is still flying like an eagle! But surely Mammoth'Walrus, & Airstrike don't ever get along with each other so watch out for these two hypers!


Bumbly Beach.SV6

Here is the new bumbly beach if you want to explore the new features!

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  • 1 year later...

Hello TPR! How have you all been? Me well im just going through life right now! But i am only here just to show you something little! Even though i have ran out of parks and scenarios to build but i have did some little work on my Bumbly Beach!



I remodified the Harry Traver Coaster i built Hurricane a bit! Caused I looked at one of the Crystal Beach Cyclone photos and made it look like it! I wasnt ashamed of how i first built it! Though i like this modified one better!


Bumbly Beach.SV6

Here's the new file with the new version of Hurricane!

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  • 8 months later...

Good Afternoon TPR! I have went back and re improved my Bumbly Beach once again but i did not remove any rides but revamped a couple of them and here they are and much more thrilling now!



This one as we all know is the Worlds Last Remaining Harry Traver Twister Wooden Coaster named the Hurricane since 1927! Its still the remodified one from the original but still when i first built it i wasnt ashamed but i made this one more better at the end youll be going through a spaghetti bowl like a hurricane as this is still one of the most wildest coasters in the world! I would ride this in real life!



And this one is a Schwarzkopf Double Looping Coaster named the Fire Dragon in 1987! Still packs a punch in the park as i would love to ride this as my last ride on earth! What I did to this is i redesigned it and looked at Dorney Parks long gone Laser! Well I made me a clone one and the Dragon is much more thrilling and popular now! Even the first built one i wasnt embarrassed with but now its better! Well Bumbly Beach has a very good selection of coasters as well as its the Largest Seaside Park as the only one remaining as a thrilling destination in Texas!


Bumbly Beach.SV6

Well here is a new file with much better rides! Im now proud of my bumbly beach!

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Why Thank You masterbeer it means a whole lot to me! I am very proud of my Bumbly Beach as i had a dream making it look like Blackpool & Bekmont! And always wanted to live in a house next to a amusement park and a comment above saying shades of indiana beach! Also sorry for replying late but I have did some more ride redesigning like these two i just showed which i will be showing by today! Also these schwarzkopf portable looping coasters the looping star silver star and the double looping i had built in Crumbly Woods & Evergreen Gardens i had to make them a bit taller so the peeps would still ride them and ended up being intense anyways and the ride ratings are very good now! But in real life these schwarzkopf coasters are already fun!

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Good Afternoon TPR! I have another big but one small update for bumbly beach and the skyline of the beach has changed!



It looks very big long and giant! The Skyline of Bumbly Beach with the houses has changed hasn't it? Lets see what this is looks fun!



It appears to be a Mack Custom Launched Coaster named Barracuda since 2016! Looks Very intense especially at the end!



Went for a Copperhead Strike feel to it bit mostly ended up like Blackpools Icon which Bumbly Beach is like Blackpool but larger! Totally Interacts with the Hurricane Fire Dragon!


Bumbly Beach.SV6

Again here is a new file!

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  • 2 months later...

Good Afternoon TPR! Hope you all had a great July 4th weekend & here i am to show you a new change for bumbly beach a great big change for bumbly beach as it is now the largest seaside amusement park with classic & modern coasters!



And here is the new final overlook!



Here next to Accelerator & Grand Prix a Gertslaurer looking coaster is built!



Here in the middle of Maxium Velocity Racing Waterslide & Grand Prix we have a very unusual pair of Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loopers here!



And here at the end where Velocity 1000 is a Schwarzkopf Spiral Coaster Terrain Built & a Schwarzkopf Custom Reversed Shuttle Coaster! I made a different change here!



Who would love to live in a neighborhood house or apartment next to a amusement park? Me i guess or might be scared to live next to a amusement park! Hahaha!



Just the beach & the lovely ocean!



Well here is the first update! As I said about this coaster! It is a spinoff between a Zierer & Gertslaurer inspired by Lagoons Wicked but in my own way with stunning seven inversions in 2023 as the Mahi Mahi Green Ocean Fish!



Well here are the Worlds only & the Wonderful Pair of Racing Schwarzkopf Interlocking Shuttle Loops as the Circle of Ice & Ring of Fire one opened in 1981 & the other in 1982! I first built the ring of fire & relocated & thought of creating something new! Well i hear these schwarzkopf shuttles has a different experience!



Here right in the middle of the Peacock over the Velocity & next to Swashbuckler! The one & only most intensive Schwarzkopf Custom Shuttle Interlocking Looping Coaster as the String Ray in 1989! Very forceful ride! There are only three Schwarzkopf Interlocking Looping Coasters built! The two here in Bumbly Beach & the one at Megaworld Park Colorado Springs Thunderlooper as they are all fun & intense rides!



And the last final screen of the Glorious Seaside Park Bumbly Beach! Around the other half of Airstrike Chameleon Poseidon's Rage & Peacock's Flight! A Custom Terrain Schwarzkopf Spiral Coaster is built with very good airtime as the most deadliest Coral Snake in 1980 watch out! And I painted it different red black & yellow colors to represent the snake! Well compared to Bumbly Beach & Paradise Pier both have very different coasters & one of a kind experiences! And this is it for Bumbly Beach there are no more thought ideas or coaster types to build! It now has many classic woodies schwarzkopfs arrows & b&ms!


Bumbly Beach.SV6

And here is the last new file enjoy!

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