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Halloween Time at The Disneyland Resort 2017 Opening Night!

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Halloween Time at The Disneyland Resort is back, and it’s bigger than ever with Disney California Adventure joining the celebration this year! In addition to crowd favorites Ghost Galaxy and Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland, Cars Land Haul-O-Ween and Guardians of the Galaxy - Monsters After Dark are joining in on the Halloween fun for the first time ever. Brittney was there to check out all the festivities - read our report below to join in on the fun!


Brittney is at the Disneyland Resort to check out the 2017 Halloween festivities! There are lots of new and exciting things this year!


In the esplanade new Halloween banners set the mood.


And California Adventure adventure is represented too since it’s part of this year’s festivities!


I love the Halloween balloons.


Inside DCA the store windows are alive with Halloween food and decor.


There are lots of spooky details.


Carthay Circle Theater looks great with bats flying from the top!


They had some tables set up previewing all the food offerings this year. I love the Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket!


There’s some neat Dia De Los Muertos theming for these foods and treats.


The cone drinks come with a spooky sticker pack so you can decorate them however you like!


Brittney’s favorite items were the cake pops!


At Halloween you get to meet all your favorite characters in their Halloween costumes!


Here’s one more shot of the awesome Carthay decorations as we head towards Cars Land.


For the first time ever, Car Land gets a Halloween overlay this year!


There are tons of cool car-themed Halloween decorations.


And special Halloween lighting on the rock formations!


All the residents of Radiator Springs went all-out and decorated for Halloween!


You can even meet your favorite Cars characters in their Halloween costumes. Here’s superhero Lightning McQueen.


All the decorations are so creative and fun! Disney took typical Halloween themes and then re-hashed them to bring them into the Cars universe.


Luigi’s is now Luigi’s Honkin’ Haul-O-Ween!


Your cars dance to Halloween tunes!


More decorations!


This would have to be my favorite decoration of all!


Trunk or treat! So good!


This spider Mr. Toad’s car is hilarious and terrifying at the same time!


At Mater’s Graveyard JamBOOree, Mater now sings country tunes with a Halloween twist, such as “Welcome to Radiator Screams,” and “Monster Truck Smash.”


There’s Halloween lighting and lots of tombstone car grills throughout the queue.


Dead end!


Brittney even got to meet Kevin from Imagineering who worked on the music for the ride!


Cozy Cone Motel... more like the Creepy Cone Motel!


Yep, pretty creepy!


Ummm, do I see what I think I see?


Yep, it’s Mater in a vampire costume! So ridiculously awesome! This is one of my favorite character photo ops ever. Brittney LOVED Halloween at Cars Land, but unfortunately she had to keep moving to check out everything else!


Over in Hollywood Land, Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout is now Guardians of the Galaxy - Monters After Dark!


This Halloween overlay takes place right after the events of the standard ride. The generator is out, the cages are open, and the creatures are loose. But unfortunately someone left Groot in the ride! And you guessed it, Rocket is hatching a plan to save him - but he needs your help!


This overlay is great! There’s new lighting throughout, new pre-show scenes, and new music and video on the ride.


Things are going haywire now that the generator is out!


One more shot of the cool new lighting in the collection.


Here’s a picture of Brittney getting scared by all the escaped creatures! Does Rocket’s plan work? Does Groot end up getting saved? You’ll have to ride to find out!


It’s time to head over to Disneyland, but lets make a few quick stops on the way out. Here’s some of the awesome Halloween merchandise available.


Buena Vista Street looks great at night.


This headless horseman statue is another spectacular photo op!


The Oogie Boogie decoration on the DCA sign looks awesome once its all lit up at night. We love that DCA is now a part of the Haloween festivities at the resort!


Over in Disneyland there’s a pumpkin festival on Main Street.


Pumpkin decorations line the street.


Ghost Galaxy returns bringing Halloween scares to Space Mountain!


And of course the best Holiday overlay of all time, Haunted Mansion Holiday, is back!


This is a classic. It’s a tradition. If you haven’t done it, you must!


Haunted Masnion and Nightmare Before Christmas are a match made in heaven.


There’s so much great theming throughout.


Jack has decked the halls!


Every Haunted Mansion scene is expertly mixed with the Nightmare Before Christmas theme. The music and narration are perfect as well!


Every year a new gingerbread house is made for the ballroom scene. Here’s a peek at this year’s gingerbread house - it doesn’t disappoint!


Don’t miss Zero flying above the tree!


Presents galore!


This moment is always breathtaking when you emerge from the attic to see a snowy Halloween paradise.


It wouldn’t be Haunted Mansion Holiday without Jack!


Oogie Boogie picks a treat for you on your way out.


Back on Main Street the night was coming to an end.


There’s still time for couple more character photos though! Goofy dressed up as a skeleton.


Since Brittney was dressed up as Minnie Mouse she HAD to find Minnie! Minnie was so excited to see that Brittney dressed up as her!


Halloween Time at The Disneyland Resort is always a must-see annual tradition in So Cal, but this year it’s twice as good with California Adventure joining in on the fun. New attractions like the Cars Land Haul-O-Ween Celebration and Guardians of the Galaxy - Monsters After Dark join Halloween classics like Ghost Galaxy and Haunted Mansion Holiday. There’s creepy, spooky fun for guests of all ages, and we totally recommend checking it out! Thanks to Disney for inviting us to attend, and thanks to you for checking out our report! Halloween Time runs through October 31, 2017 - don’t miss it!

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Awesome tour of both parks and their EEEEEEvents, guys! Wow, I am so impressed with all that Disney

does for the season. Outstanding! I must visit again, this time of year. Thanks for all the photos of it!

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CarsLand looks great. I've seen the animation but actually seeing how it really looks is amazing. I really hope they'll keep the Disney California Adventure Halloween theme when we visit in a couple years during this time. Was there anything else at DCA or was it just in the front part of the park? Does DCA do a Halloween Party like Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party? The food still looks delicious.


My boys had the fortunate experience last year when meeting Minnie in her costume, they were the last one's in line and when Minnie was going on her "break" she held their hands and took them near the backstage area, but then Goofy came out in his costume and they got another photo op with him. It was so awesome and my older son still talks about how he met them in their costumes.


Jimmy "Oh, and Haunted Mansion is still so amazing during this time of year" Bo

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I really hope they'll keep the Disney California Adventure Halloween theme when we visit in a couple years during this time.


I'd be really surprised if it wasn't around. If anything, I think it could even get expanded upon.


Was there anything else at DCA or was it just in the front part of the park?


To my knowledge it's just Cars Land, Guardians, and Buena Vista Street. Brittney didn't have time at the event to check out the rest of the park, but nothing was advertised for the other areas.


Does DCA do a Halloween Party like Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party?


Not yet, but I suspect that's the direction the park is headed in. They could sell a lot more MNSSHP tickets if the event was at both parks, and with MNSSHP tickets currently selling out well in advance, the demand is clearly there. IMO I don't think the DCA Halloween offering is quite as good as Disneyland's yet, but if they added a Halloween World of Color show and some simple theming around the pier I would think they could divide the crowds between the two parks pretty nicely.

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