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Coaster Trimming

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I believe the trimming on Wild Mouse coasters is there for two main reasons:


1. Like you said, to keep people from slamming too sharply into the cars on the turns.


2. To act as block brakes, allowing more cars to go at once so the capacity isn't too bad.

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Wild mouse brakes are almost all designed for blocking purposes. Most are made by German companies that are completely obsessed with capacity. Probably because in the German Fair Circuit, more rides equals more money!


I think the most trimmed ride is probably Space Mountain at WDW. You may not feel them or see them .... but they are there. Everywhere!

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Space Mountain has so many trims for blocking purposes, that thing runs an insane amount of rockets at once.


The most trimmed ride I have ever been on is Hercules.


You actually came to a nearly dead stop on the first drop. It was essentially a holding brake all the way down.


And then the pain began.

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I thought Revolution at SFMM had more trim brakes than even needed.

definately, if that thing only had the trims it was origanally designed with (just the brakes right before the loop, I think) the ride be awsome! That, and they'd need to get rid of the OTSR.

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