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What are the top TWO Social Media Platforms you use the most

What TWO social media platforms do you use the most?  

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  1. 1. What TWO social media platforms do you use the most?

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Snapchat
    • Tumblr

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Just as the title says. Please vote for the TWO social media platforms you use the most. If you feel so inclined to do so, we would love to hear your reason as to WHY those are the platforms you use the most.


If you use a platform that isn't in the poll, please tell us in the comments.


NOTE! I am *NOT* including YouTube in this poll because I feel as though YouTube is becoming less and less of a "social" platform and more of a video streaming service. Since there isn't as much "sharing" or interaction on YouTube, I want to stick with the platforms that are more about engaging socially with friends


Thank you for your input!


Oh yeah, for those of you who use Snapchat...


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I really only use Twitter (frequently, probably too much so). I do have a facebook account but very, very rarely use it. The others I've never touched.


Twitter is where I keep up with friends and find fun stuff. Facebook is where I can't avoid extended family and their "opinions."

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Facebook for me, but I don't visit more than a couple of times a week.


This forum is also good for social interactions.


But keep emailing updates, it reminds me that there is something new and interesting to see on these forums.


The email was the only reason I knew about this poll



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I only use FaceBook.. but that's because I'm not an "early adapter" and a lot of the technology I'm not super compfortable, and so I simply prefer not to use.


(I work in the tech industry, so am on computers a lot, but utilizing specific systems for my work)


so just browsing on the computer, and then FB. . and that's pretty much it for me.


If I weren't always so busy with work, I'd likely maintain a Blog or Tumblr page (I'm familiar with Tumblr and occasionally go to a page or two.. but not all that often).

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Facebook and Twitter are the 2 I use the most. I do use Instagram and Snapchat as well but I use Facebook and Twitter more often because they are the ones I'm most familiar with. I seem to use each for a different purpose though as well. Facebook is more for keeping in touch with friends, family and the such. Twitter for following sports and band stuff. Instagram for roller coaster pictures, and Snapchat just to see what people are up to that day.


I do enjoy seeing TPR on each platform. I like seeing the reposts you all do from different users on Instagram. I have set your posts on Facebook to be some of the first to come up on my feed. I enjoy the videos a lot, but I wish you didn't have to put all the big font on the top and bottom of the videos. I get why you have do it, I just wish people could be patient enough to read a description and watch because they are interested. But that doesn't drive in viewers and followers so I completely understand. Sorry for the long winded response. You all are doing a great job with your media presence.

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I only voted for Facebook because that's the only one I use.... the others seem to be more for those with smartphones and as I am an old fogey with a simple cell phone those platforms are of no use to me...


my two cents

I am longtime you-tube subscriber however



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I most definitely use Twitter and Instagram the most (and about equally, too). I like both platforms for different reasons. For me, Instagram is more for the photo/visual/interactive side (with stories and live streaming and all that) and Twitter is for the information/news/announcement side. I stopped using Facebook many years ago and never looked back. And I know it was purposefully omitted from the list, but of course I use YouTube all the time and am a subscriber as well.

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