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Dragon*con 2017 mainly Cosplay Photo Trip Report

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Wasn't sure if this is the correct forum to post this in, but since it was a trip, and it was fun, and I think most folks here would enjoy seeing the pics, decided to put in the main forum.


(if needs to move to Random.. apologies).


Dragon*con is a huge (this year they got ~82K people) fan run Pop Culture convention that takes place every year in Atlanta, Georgia. (it used to be around the 4th of July, but for many years now it's been hosted on Labor Day weekend).


over the years is't morphed from focus on Horror/Goth, to expand on a lot of pop culture panels, and has really become known not only as a "Party" convention, but one that celebrates and features attendees with fantastic cosplay.


Unlike similar cons, such as San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) or New York Comicon, or Emerald City Con (Seattle) or even C2E2 (Chicago). .what set's Dragon*con apart is that it's actually hosted at the hotels as well as the convention center (s) in Atlanta.


So that means that although the Dealer's Room (merchandise) might close at 7pm each night, there are plenty of goings on in the conference rooms at the host hotels 24 hours: Parties, Concerts, Dances, Drum Circles, Panels, film screenings, Rocky Horror Live, etc. . . or there's just people watching.


As noted, it's hosted by 5 main hotels (majority of which are connected via tunnels or underground walkways, so it's possible to actually never leave the host hotels (and never sleep) unless you wanted to. It really does run 24 hours from the time it officially starts (Thursday afternoon) until it officially ends (Monday at 5pm). . tho there are plenty of unofficial things to do on Wed, and Monday evening. . .so really is a week long adventure.


the hotels are: Hyatt Atlanta, Marriott Marquis, Hilton, Sheraton, and Westin. And between them, they host over 27 programming tracks, all with separate "host" rooms, that host panels, contests, autograph signings, etc . . . multiple of which do run all day/night. So say it's 3am? you have options of things to do: Concert, Dances, Movie, participate in game show, drum circle, discussion panel, or just hang out in Marriott central bar (with thousands of your closest friends) and people watch.


I've been attending since 1997, and it's the only appointment con I have on my calendar (attending 20 of the past 21 years).


I've made some life-long friends, from all over the world, whom I've met at Dragon*con, and look forwards to our adventures every year.


i didn't think y'all wanted to see lots of pics of my friends and I hanging out in the suite they get every year (It's like a mini-convention within the convention), or going on our adventures. . . so instead just doing a Photo Trip report focusing on the Cosplay.


enjoy. . and yeah. you TOTALLY should attend next year!


Lobby of the Hyatt on the day we arrived. . they are already setting up, but con hasn't really started yet


tho there are some people already running around in Costume (this is a friend of mine, wearing a knit Cthulhu mask, that another friend, Christine, made for him.


there was a Onsie Party going on Thursday night, so several folks running around in onsies. . this guy was in line to give blood.


my first thought was: "who cosplays as Captain Kangaroo". . followed quickly by. . "that's awesome, i want a pic with him"


Coming up the escalator from the MARTA (Atlanta's subway system). . deep underground in some places, and direct ride from the airport to the convention hotels.


this escalator is infamous.. I have some friends who won't use it. It actually IS rather disorienting. . LOL


but it puts you out int he food court right between the Hyatt, Marriott, and Sheraton. .so super convenient.


we decided to leave the Hyatt to head over to the Westin for an early dinner at the restaurant on the top floor (73 floors above Atlanta). . for some good drinks and food. This is the banner on the outside of the Hyatt.


my Canadian friend Marcella, at the Sundial restaurant at the top of the Westin


View from the Sundial of Atl.



relatively inexpensive (for a fancy hotel) food. . lobster roll was only $20, and the pizzas were $18.


the smoky martini, and rum punches?. .those will cost ya tho!


after a quick change, it was time to head to the first big party of Dragon*con. . the Bunny Hutch.


let out your inner Bunny, Hef, or any mashup you want.


great crowd for a Thurs . . con doesn't really begin in earnest until Friday morning with the big panels. . . but lots of folks already out and in costumes.


these Tetris guys were a hoot.. .especially when they ran at each other from across the room, and then "linked" up.


the winner of the Bunny Hutch Costume contest


Bunny nurse and Pyramid Hef from resident evil


KISS bunnies


Mr & Mrs Claus. .



there was an Underwear party going on too. . this guy came by Bunny Hutch after.

(the Banana purse is mine, it was a gift from a writer friend, earlier in the evening, and I didn't want to go back to the room to drop it off, so was carrying it around)


Maleficent and Ursula bunnies


Pickle Rick! (and me with my banana purse)


after staying up until ~5am, I actually did get up on Friday, to go with my Con roomie to the 1st panel of the 1st day (10am Nathan Fillion).


proof for my spouse that i actually DID go to a panel, and didnt' party the whole con :p


yeah. . lots of other folks had the same idea to go to the 1st panel of the con.


not looking too bad for so little sleep. . but it's really only day one.


look. .it's Nathan Fillion


no. really.


he was funny.


Other than this panel, I just went to one other (a wresting panel with Kane and Ricky the Dragon Steamboat) and hung out with author friends while they signed autographs. . otherwise? parties, dances, and took pictures!


very well done Wonder Woman


This guy was scary as crap. . just an amazing Pennywise


Vampire teeth?.. LOL


Absolutely the best wheelchair costume I have ever seen.


he was amazing.


from a video game, I assume..but no idea which one.




. lots of interesting cosplay choices. .but who am *I* to judge.



this is the Marriott Marquis at ~4am on Friday night


Looking up into the atrium from the main floor to the guest rooms.


Misty Knight and Iron Fist!


Loved this guy. . and this was a working camera!


I have a pic he took of me while I was taking his picture :)


one of my "scavenger hunt" things from every year at Dragon*con (there's a small list of pictures I must get each year) is one with a furry.


I wasn't sure when I would see another one, but this fun guy was running around and posed for a pic, so while not full furry, he counted (until the next night when I got a pic with full furry) :)

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So far, absolutely great, Bert! So many cool outfits people come up with.

I think my fave so far, is the Polaroid camera guy! So nostalgic for me, lol.

And awesome that the hotels participate in it, too!


Looking forward to more!

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and some more.


Like I said, I have TONS more pics, but mainly of my friends and I hanging out at Con and around Atlanta. .so not posting those.


tho if in Atlanta? go to the Vortex -- looks like a biker bar, but has the best burgers in Atl.


my own "cosplay" from Saturday. . I was Ace (my friend who played Gary a few years ago couldn't make it). .but I bumped into a solo Gary and we high-fived. . wish I had gotten a pic tho!)


seemed the perfect outfit to make use of the Banana purse, so carried it around all day :)



Loki in a panel listening to a speaker


at lunch with a group of friends, our waitress was a minion. . we bonded over bananas (and she seated us WAY ahead of the many other folks on the wait list, so we could be in her section because she said we were "fun")


here's the full furry! (the mouth moved when he spoke too. . he was great!)




this would be John Barrowman. . running up and down the aisles of a panel he did, dressed as Wonder Woman.


incredible home made Alien costume





Slave Leia owned by a Dalek??









view of the Pulse Loft bar (in the Marriott) around 10pm on Saturday


pretty crowded


very well done beauty and the Beast






she got in this pose the moment I asked if I could take a picture (always ask. . cosplay is NOT consent).


Guess she had been practicing. . LOL. . pretty limber Poison Ivy


Lady Gremlin!


View across the atrium at the Pulse bar in the Marriott


Angus with Pizza (at around 5 am if I'm not mistaken. . hence a bit blurry. . LOL)


Bad Robot!



Sailor Moon?


my friend Neal in his TRON robes


Scary baby!




absolutely one of the best cosplays i saw this year.


Brilliantly done




Cloak. . .


. .and Dagger


Lady Death


Acrobatic spider-women



Samara & Game of Thrones photo bomb


Darth Bender


Behind and awesome Bumblebee on the escalator. . asked him for a pic. .





play chess with a Jawa?


Bombshell (40s era) Wonder Woman


Hello Kitty Wrestling crew


Doctor Octopus


LOL. .they were using saran wrap. . but it works!


Professor Pyg (Batman villian)


Raven (teen titans)




Monday night. . time for the "Kill the Booze" party.


had a pretty big turn out


folks bring their leftovers, and share amongst the partiers.


Table 1


table 2

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I know some friends that go to this every year and they love it...I can now see why!


heh. . you should see the pics i didn't post, from the Digisuite. . no nudity, but a lot of fun.

(no costumes for the most part tho, just friends hanging out with music playing, and a full bar set up. . . it's like a mini-con within Dragon*con).


it really has gotten quite big, and it's a totally different con during the day, then after say. . .10pm. I didn't get up to do the parade on Sat, but that attracts hundreds of thousands of folks to watch it march thru downtown Atlanta.


but one could totally have a full and fun con experience just doing the daytime panels, and parties, and turning in by 10pm. or one could sleep most of the day and stay up all night and also have a fun con experience (Rocky Horror at 2am with 5000 people and Lips Down on Dixie performing on stage in front of the movie is a highlight of the con every year for me. . . . as is the late, late performance by electro-goth band Cruxshadows!)


dark pic. . but here's looking back into the room for the seated portion of the Rocky Horror crowd.

Edited by bert425
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^ You have way too much fun in your life, y'know?


(Not so) Seriously, what a great annual event to be a part of!


And the Booze Tables reminded (scared) me of the GI-normous tables we did before the

TPR 2014 Scandi Tour started, in Copenhagen. V It still haunts me to this day.


When there's a booze table at a candy exchange party! TPR 2014 Pre-Scandi Tour.

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I was hoping you'd do a D*C TR! I've never been to anything like that and some of those costumes are absolutely outstanding! There are several that really caught my eye but the Bumblebee transformer costume is hands down the best. Do people wear costumes the entire day or just change for a few hours? Some of those look like they'd be super hot or hard to walk around in for long periods of time. I can't believe how many people were there and how busy the hotel was in the middle of the night! It really shows how popular the event is.

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. Do people wear costumes the entire day or just change for a few hours? Some of those look like they'd be super hot or hard to walk around in for long periods of time. I can't believe how many people were there and how busy the hotel was in the middle of the night! It really shows how popular the event is.


oh, I went to bed most nights at 5am.


can't do that in "real life" but for con, there's so much stimulation, I never really feel tired. (tho I crash for a couple of days after I get back tho to catch up).


as to your question:


for the most part, many cosplayers bring a different outfit for each day. Some wear them all day (if coming from home, or live local, and are spending whole day at con). Those staying at host hotels, tend to change into the costumes in late afternoon/evening.


now, the serious cosplayers (or as i call them the "photo whores". . . and my Ex was one of those ), bring multiple costumes, and change every few hours, then go hang out in the hotels to get their pictures taken. Some of them stake out an area and just hang out getting their picture taken all day.


not sure if I ever shared this, but i did a group cosplay last year: we were the Justice Bowling League, and the Injustice Bowling League. . . LOL (we were a bit too cerebral. .not a lot of folks got it). and stupid me said to the lady making the balls: hey, I'm the Atom, wouldn't it be funny if my ball was huge, because I'm small?


so I got to carry around a giant heavy ball all night, while the rest of them got foam. . LOL




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This was my 5th Dragon Con in a row and in some ways it was the best one. This is a can't miss event for me. It's just a really fun nerd party. There is so much you can do that most people can't do everything they want to do. Some of that has to do with too much partying, but that's part of the experience. Bert, I do have to call you out on breaking a big rule. No pictures in the habitrails. I'll let it slide because it looks like you took those pictures early in the morning . Anyway I highly recommend this con to fans of comics, sci fi, fantasy, video games, etc

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This was my 5th Dragon Con in a row and in some ways it was the best one. This is a can't miss event for me. It's just a really fun nerd party. There is so much you can do that most people can't do everything they want to do. Some of that has to do with too much partying, but that's part of the experience. Bert, I do have to call you out on breaking a big rule. No pictures in the habitrails. I'll let it slide because it looks like you took those pictures early in the morning . Anyway I highly recommend this con to fans of comics, sci fi, fantasy, video games, etc


as long as not stopping for pics, it's allowed.


and the only one technically in the habitrail is the Angus one.. and i kept moving, and it was late. . hence blurry.


been going for over 20 years. . ya gotta know the rules to bend em


(Raven is while we were in a line to get into a party in the Hilton. . so it looks like we're in the walkway moving, but just standing and waiting to get into a late night party)

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^ So that's why you didn't drink "much" at Cedar Point last June!

You were saving yourself for Dragon*con! Aha!


at that point, I wasn't going to Dragon*con! (I just don't drink that much when I know that I have full day in the sun the next day)


i was supposed to be going to a friends Birthday up in St. John. . but we just couldn't make the timing/pricing work with Nick. . so it fell apart. Literally less than a month before Dragon*con.


so Marcella, who ALSO hadn't planned on going this year -- we *all* gave up our Legacy Hyatt Regency rooms to take this year off to go to Canada (and a chunk of my typical Dragon*con group did go up to Canada) -- but had decided to go in March anyways and had swung a room at Westin. . said to me: 'ooooo. . Dragon*con ?"


and I said I had no place to stay, no flight, no ticket, etc. . .


so she said post on FB looking among my (many) friends. .and within 10 minutes had a couple of offers, including Don (who we met at CP for BarBQue) who was staying at Sheraton, another Host Hotel. He was only staying 4 nights tho (flying back home Monday) and Marce/Neal were staying until Tues and said I could crash with them at Westin on Monday night since their roomie also left on Monday morning.


so with Room secure, I looked at flights, and miracle. . .round trip on days I needed, at the TIMES I needed, both flights non-stop with two checked bags: $204. . . .less than a month before con.


it's like the universe wanted me to go.


so I did.



(but yeah, that 9am schlep from the Sheraton up that LONG hill to the Westin on Monday. . sorta sucked. . LOL)

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Great report from a Con.


Did you get a chance to attend the Steam Powered Giraffe concert, or perhaps catch a glimpse of any members of the group?




I believe I did see their table down in the Marriott level where the bands sell merch.


tho other than Cruxshadows and Voltaire (who's EVERYWHERE at Con), the only other band I interacted with was Psychostick, since i really liked some of their T-shirts. . so hung around talking to them for a bit.


I would have gone to see Bella Morte, but they (with Voltaire) were just in Austin 2 days before I flew to Atlanta for Con, so I had just seen them live.



in past years, the Con has brought in: Misfits, Gene Loves Jezebel, Starship (no, really), Bobradigan Bards, Emerald Rose, that Tesla Coil band that was on America's Got Talent, Abney Park, and tons of others. . the music lineup is always very eclectic and fun.

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speaking of music. . I posted these in the "Last Concert Attended" thread over at random. . but might as well put here too:


Cruxshadows at 2am on Sunday.. huge crowd.



if you're not familiar with them, they are darkwave/goth, and just amazing, here's a sample:
















pretty full room


LOVE this picture of Rogue (the lead singer)


me, my friend Karen, and roomie Don



Cruxshadows signature move.. during the final song (always "marilyn my bitterness" they invite as much of the audience who can make it, up on the stage with them.

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and one of my friends just posted a video he took from one of the raves at 4am. . . just look how many folks were still up and about.


he gave me permission to share. . . here's the post that went along with his video:

Now that my home pc is working again, I've finally downloaded 562 pics and videos from DragonCon. Oh boy do I have some editing to do, ts almost like a drunk was running the camera. In the meantime I'll leave you with this unedited "gem" of what its like to dance at the nightly rave at 4am half tired/half inebriated. So much fun though.




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Realized I forgot to post these.


on Monday night (over a week ago already . . sheesh, where does the time fly), and i spotted these in the lobby of the Westin.


I posted on FB that "one knows the con is over when the underwear appears on the chair in the hotel lobby"


a very good friend, who knows that the Hotels remove furniture from the lobbies during Dragon*con (simply too many people milling about, and they need room for the bars they set up.. as well as they don't want people passing out on the furniture), corrected me with this gem:


"No, the sign that Con is over, is that the furniture reappeared. The Underwear indicates that someone doesn't realize yet that Con is over"





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