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Photo TR: Siam Park City (August 30, 2017)

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August 30, 2017: Siam Park City (Bangkok, Thailand)


Today I went to Siam Park city. This park is nearly 37 years old and is showing its age a bit, but I still had a great time. The one thing I thought of the whole time was that this park made me think of the Great America parks. While I have not been to Great America in California, I have visited the park in Chicago. My reasons for saying this are as follows:


1. The double decker carousel just inside the entrance (all three parks)

2. The three major types of Boomerangs have been found in all parks at one time or another-Siam has a boomerang, SFGA had a GIB and Great America in California had an invertigo. All three parks combined have made the Boomerang family a part of their lineup.

3. Vekoma SLCS-The two Great America Boomerang type coasters were SLCs and Siam has an extended SLCs.

4. The use of the name Vortex at Siam and California's Great America.

5. The Condor ride-I am not sure if SFGA still has one (they did at one time), but Siam has one.

6. Loop The Loop at Siam Park is SBNO and has a layout similar to the the Great America Tidal Wave coasters which also are defunct.

7. There are sky towers in each park.


Comparisons out of the way, Siam Park is fun if you like coasters and I had a great time there. Two sour notes would have been that the Grand Canyon coaster was closed today and a major lack of family rides. I think family rides are needed to round out a park. I am not sure what is up with Loop The Loop, but the ride looks to be in good condition. I mean it doesn't appear to be rusting to pieces and looks just as good as the coasters that currently operate in the park. The trains are done for on it. Boomerang and Vortex brought my coaster count to 1091 coasters and Siam Park City became park #555 for me to visit.


Today I will visit Siam Park City.


What?????? Did I just step into one of the Great America parks?


Boomerang is just inside to the right of the entrance. It would be my first ride today.


Boomerangs with this type of train are no fun at all.


Loop The Loop looks like it would be fun.


I will never know. It hasn't carried passengers in more than 10 years.


Here is some scenery in the park.


I will try Grand Canyon next.


It is a large powered coaster.


This is probably a fun ride...but...


It was closed today.


The flume here is fun and has reverser turntables.


I have only been on two of these, but I like them.


This is one of my favorite rides ever.


The haunted house was nicely themed.


Hmmmm.....Am I at a Cedar Fair park?


Vortex is an SLC.


These aren't so bad after riding the Chinese knockoffs.


Seriously, after so many Chinese knockoffs, I loved every headbanging second of this ride....


Here is an action shot to prove the ride is still in service.


Here is one more action shot and this will finish the TR.

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