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Which of your home park rides do you NOT ride?

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Well, that depends on several factors - which "home" park I'm talking about (SFA is closest mileage wise but I've not been there in years so I usually go to either KD or Hershey) and rides that I will only ride if someone I'm with wants to go on them, or rides I will simply not ride at all, regardless of circumstances.


There are very few coasters (at any parks, not just nearby ones) I refuse to set foot on, but at KD Hurler was one of them, as was Shockwave. So glad to see Shockwave has become scrap iron and Hurler is being reborn into something that should be quite rideable. At HP Wildcat is in a grey area here - if I was with someone who really wanted to ride it (and insisted on having me with go them) I might manage to grit my teeth thru a front non-wheel seat ride as long as my back was feeling OK. But that would be the only way I'd ride it. Same thing for Apocalypse at SFA - I could grin and bear a single front seat only ride. I'd also have to place Mind Eraser in this category as well. All other coasters at these parks I wouldn't have a problem with riding, even though not all of them are ones I particularly care for.

Kiddie coasters I generally don't bother with anyway, and would only ride (maybe, rarely) if I was feeling the need for a credit, or, again, I was with someone who wanted to ride (like another adult who wanted the credit - that's how I've gotten what few kiddie coaster credits I have under my belt - because I was with someone who wanted the credit).


As for other rides, that would be mostly dependent on the type of ride (rather than its location) as to whether I'd refuse to ride at all, "grin and bear it" and ride if someone begged me to go on with them, or have no problem riding/enjoy riding.

Generally I've gotten to a point in my life where the hard-core "spin and spew" rides tend to cause me issues like motion sickness (even with RX meds on board at times!) and headaches. So I tend to avoid the "spinniest" of them, like gravitons, round-ups, tea cups and other amusement park centrifuges. I used to love those kinds of things as a kid/teen, but I don't have teen's body anymore...... The monster/octopus flat is also a no-no, because even when I was young I got sick on them. Also, flats that have upside down stationary "hang time" I will also avoid, like top spins. I can deal with some others like enterprises (as long as my back is OK - there's nothing like a prolonged interval of spinal compression to aggravate that 'ol degenerative disk disease ) because if I close my eyes they can actually be relaxing. Also don't care for pirate ships either - they can also bring on the nausea. Himalaya/music express type flats are a maybe - all depends on how I feel. Sometimes I can enjoy them, while at other times they rub me the wrong way. Most of the aforementioned rides I will absolutely refuse, but some are in the "grin and bear it" class.


Most drop towers are in the "will not ride at all" category, with the exception of those that bounce, like double shots. I will always sit most of those out.


As for up-charge rides, I only will go on them if I'm with someone who really wants to go. And also depending on the type of ride. I like sky coasters but bungee rides, not so much.

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Elitch Gardens is technically my home park since I live in Denver, and honestly I just skip the whole park. To be specific, Twister II.


I'm originally from Florida though and I consider IoA my home park. I always skipped Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls and Popeye. I don't enjoy being soaked and walking around in the Florida sun.

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Cedar Point:

Mantis... that was fixed

Mean Streak... That was fixed too!

Corkscrew... One can hope the trend continues! Would love to see this go for maybe a new family coaster like FireChaser Express or maybe even a nice new midway of new flats! Either way I will never ride Corkscrew again.



Vortex. Never in my life will I get on this ride again. I'm hoping it's gone in a few years and replaced with a modern steel looper from B&M, Mack, Gerstlauer or even an RMC T-Rex looper.

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Canada's Wonderland...


Time warp: Haven't been on it since the Paramount days and I can't wait for it to go. Not worth a 5 minute que. Just uncomfortable and ho-hum.


Backlot Stunt Coaster: Don't necessarily hate it, but after Vortex, Behemoth, Leviathon and the woodies, I'm more into the flat rides in the park.


Drop Zone: as a kid I was terrified to go on it, and after I did a couple years ago I just found it to be way too short. It needs another 100 feet!


Other than that, it's really only the up charges I don't do very often. The day is usually expensive enough without them.

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I don't think I've ridden a flat this year except Dodgem. Either they don't interest me, the circular motions make me sick, or they're a drop tower ... when during Haunt they say "all you fear is here" I think: it was already there.


I ride every coaster though, just some more than others. At KD, I usually make short visits so a different combination of what I ride and don't ride allows every visit to be somewhat different. With Hurler RMC going on, I've ridden Ricochet (Construction Observation Coaster) a record number of times for a partial year. I didn't ride The Trimmed to Death Thing Formerly known as Hurler (2010+) for the most part, 1/3 because it sucked and 2/3rds because it was depressing knowing what it once was. I never swore it off for a while, unlike Rebel Yell (2008), Grizzly (2009) or Anaconda. But it's my (very) local park so I figured out what happened, how to best correct for it, and started riding them again. I've even finally learned that if I want a reride on Grizzly, if only wheel seats are avail. I walk around.


At SFA, I have learned to never ride Batwing twice in a row (only took once to learn) and I do have to restrain my strange attraction to Apocalypse (it will never be Shockwave) but ride the hell out of every other coaster there including Mind Eraser most visits, except Ragin Cajun I've only ridden twice due to line and limited time. While many flats make me deathly ill, somehow Ragin Cajun's spinning doesn't bother me that bad, although it becomes excessive with only one rider. I guess my body knows what's a coaster and what isn't (Fireball was so bad I don't even want to hear it in the background anymore).


Great Adv isn't a home park, but I did ride Ka 5 times in random rows before I said Enough.


EDIT: forgot about the flume which I do ride, far less "flat" than a "loop coaster" maybe we need a another category.

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Busch Gardens Tampa:


Congo River Rapids- I just don't like getting drenched and then walk around...dryers available or not. I may eventually ride it, but I hadn't in the 10 years I've been going so it may never happen...lol


Phoenix- I actually don't mind going upside down, and used to ride Frenzoid @ Carowinds when I was in my late teens/early 20s. I hadn't ridden Phoenix yet and likely won't as I don't like the pressure these type rides put on my chest being held upside down.


Ubanga Banga Bumper Cars- I don't want the headache.


Rides in Sesame Street, Jungala, Gwazi Gliders and small kiddie rides in Pantopia- I'm a bit too old/big for most. I will ride Air Grover if I have my niece or nephews with me when I go (even though I rode it alone when it first opened for the credit...lol).



SeaWorld Orlando:


Rides in Shamu's Happy Harbor- Same reason as Sesame Street @ BGT above. I will ride Shamu's Express if I have my niece or nephews with me (and as above I rode it alone the first time for the credit back in 2010...lol)

Congo Rapids is one of my favorite rapids-style rides but it has the potential to get you absolutely soaked! I do recommend riding it at some point, maybe bring a poncho or plan for a change of clothes? Or if you're already soaked from a downpour, say "what the heck" and just ride it.


You're absolutely right about Phoenix. One of the most uncomfortable rides I've ever been on for the chest pressure and the odd restraints. Too painful to enjoy. I don't recommend it.


Bumper cars are fun! But I guess if bumper cars aren't your cup of tea, I get it.

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Kennywood...I've cut out pretty much everything that spins, including Exterminator and the really good Black Widow, but I've ridden both and pretty much everything else already. I'm also selective about which days I'll go on the two drenching water rides, but I enjoy them whenever I do. Between the other coasters, Log Jammer, dark rides, classic flats, Sky Coaster, and food, I'm still loving all the best parts of the park. Hats off to the maintenance team because the rides have been kept in good condition; there's nothing that I have to skip due to roughness.

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At SF Discovery Kingdom


Kong, Daredevil Chaos Coaster and shockingly V2. I enjoy the ride but I always sit in the middle of the train so I get stuck literally sitting on my shoulders sometimes since the stall/rollback happens when i'm either vertical or nearly. I'd sit on the front or back but the spikes honestly scare me. I don't want to be the highest up the rear spike and I wouldn't care for nothing being in front of me if I rode the front. Thankfully I don't need to feel too bad given how often it's down.

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I'n in Nashville and consider Dollywood my home park. Luckily Dollywood doesn't have a SLC or Boomerang Dollywood really doesn't have a bad ride. I will say the only thing I've never rode is River Battle (a splash battle). Never had many people, it looked like it would be a lot of fun with kids. Dollywood's other fantastic water rides get you wet, while this one gets you head to toe drenched. It's closing after this weekend. Thought about making a special trip just to say I did it, but not going to be able to. Don't feel too bad though, more excited to see what will be put there instead.

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Outside of the 2 major water rides, Thunder River and Splashwater Falls, and the kiddie rides, I'll ride everything else at SFOG. GASM is tight on my thighs, but I don't mind, and with Twisted Cyclone coming, the worst ride at the park is a mediocre Vekoma which is still better than most bottom tier coasters out there.

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