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Fear The Walking Dead Survival Grand Opening in Las Vegas!

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Tonight was the Grand Opening Special Event for Fear The Walking Dead Survival at The Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas. Members from the Fremont Street Experience executive committee, Triotech who designed the attraction, the Mayor of Las Vegas and actors from AMC's Fear the Walking Dead were in attendance.


Let's review the experience, first everyone is issued a wristband, this has a time that you are scheduled to attend the attraction. If you have experienced SlotZilla, you know how this process works.


The attraction is set in Los Angeles that is currently being overtaken by an epedimoc that is causing "walkers" to emerge.

We are waiting to be allowed to enter Raynard Community College to be brought to safety.


Next we get our mandatory photos taken and sent to a sterilization chamber. Next we are scanned by a biometric scanner to see what our risk of infection is. We are then sent quickly to the locker room to wait for further instruction.


This room was a lot of fun, more of a mini escape room where you had to complete some tasks to get out of the room.


Next we are brought through the maze section of the ride with a couple of good scares and amazing themeing.

We head into an elevator that is an experience in of itself. After we exit the elevator we head into the simulator room.

The seats have a bit of motion but no seatbelt and you get to shoot zombies!!!


I definitely recommend this attraction and it's a great addition to Vegas' attraction lineup.

The themeing is incredible and the attraction is all around put together really really well!


Guests must be 40" or taller to ride but no seat belts!


Enough words, here are some of the photos! Photos and video were not allowed in the attraction.


Private VIP Parking!



I love the Viva touch with the neon!



VIP Credential!



The attraction is right next door to SlotZilla's entrance


Zombies have arrived!





Carolyn Goodman The Mayor of Las Vegas was on hand to open the attraction!


8/29/2017 has been proclaimed Fear The Walking Dead Survival Day in Vegas!





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Were the scares on par with like a Haunt Maze or more like a theme park attraction? I think KT would like all parts of this EXCEPT a maze haunt section so I'm trying to figure out if it would be an option.

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