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How many of the "Top/Most Popular 75" have you ridden?

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New and improved list:


"How many of the top/most popular 75 roller coasters in North America" have you ridden??




And... I just took the newest quiz:


54 of 75 items (72%) Not to shabby!!


Previous list:


So when looking for the "How many B&M coasters have you ridden" and the "How many wooden coasters have you ridden" I came across the "How many of the 100 Best Roller Coasters in the World have you ridden." Aside from the fact we can all argue about what the "100 Best Roller Coasters in the World" should be... I figured it would still be fun to do this quiz, and share your results!




Sadly, I have only been on 42 of 100 items (42%) . . . Looks like I need to start visiting some more parks!

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Well I did much better with this one...


41 of 100 items (41%)

Rank: #825 of 12,508 users (top 7%)


Pretty much all these coasters are overseas ones.

So I need to visit more U.S. parks, it seems.

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I think putting White Cyclone (Nagashima Spaland) on this list, immediately alerted me to the fact,

that this is not a very accurate list, lol.


"Happy riders" on White Cyclone, returning to the station. TPR 2013 Japan Tour.

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40 out of 100 for me. I agree that it's a very weird list and probably half of those coasters shouldn't be on it. I've never been to a park outside the US, but it's definitely a goal of mine to visit some of the cool overseas parks.

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85/100! It seemed a lot of the ones overseas I was saying "Oh wow that's lucky I've actually been on that one". Others were like "whoooooo what why how???".


Can a moderately competent, sane, and well-rounded enthusiast please make a more accurate top 100 list?

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