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Thanks Robb! Here is a link to my current listings; 30 listed "bunches" so far and a few more to go. A few goodies sprinkled in!




Magic Mountain! I *kinda* interned for them for a day.

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Added a few more auctions. It's crazy how much stuff we can accumulate! And I threw tons of stuff away years ago!


A Care Bear and a Schwarzkopf. What more could you ask for?

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^Those are very nice, I love Montu and Kumba. But *vintage* to me would be Scorpion I don't even have any Scorpion stuff in my current BGT auction. If I did, I most likely would have not included it in the auction. I'm keeping only my very favorite stuff.


A good friend of mine who passed a few years ago had lots of old vintage shirts such as Loch Ness and Hersheypark Comet, from the late 70s. His mom eventually cut out the pictures on each shirt and made a couple quilts! I'll have to post a picture if I can find one.

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I've listed the very last of my "not keeping anymore" stuff. It's nice, but I really needed to say goodbye to some stuff. I've kept only my favorites!


Poor La Ronde... you have only 1 single "watcher" on eBay. It used to be such a nice park... has HUGE potential.




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