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Kristen, do you have a favorite Disney Character, Princess or Prince in any of the Disney Parks, around the world?


Donald is my favorite. I also love to see the Caballeros when we're at Disney Sea. Not into the royalty as much.

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Kristen, is there a character, any character in any park, you just don't like?


I really hate how much Cedar Fair uses the Charlie Brown characters.

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What did you like best about Oktoberfest?


Spinning wheel of death.


I guessed that would be high on the list.

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Cool to know, thanks! And I have another question for Kristen...


Kristen, when you have pizza in a park, is there a favorite kind of pizza you like to eat?


Knoebels is the only good "park" pizza I can think of.

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Most intense roller coaster?


Most/best airtime on a roller coaster?


Favorite RMC? Ranking of the RMCs?


I dont know what "intense" means so I'm playing a skip card.

Pheonix... Duh

Outlaw Run

Ranking is toooooo much nonsense for me.

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