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Ask KT something!


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What is KT's favorite job she has ever worked at a KidZania?


Who was the first President to live in the White House?


1. McDonalds at the Dubai location.


2. Not Richard Jefferson! (inside joke between KT and Garbels)

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Kristen, do you have a favorite theme park food, you love to have again and again,

in any park you're in, around the world?


Popcorn! But I can't have it right now because of my braces.


Great choice! Sorry to hear about your wearing braces right now. But

in no time at all, you will be posting us a TR and "Comparison Review"

of ALL of Tokyo Disney Resort's FLAVORED Popcorns!


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OMG Kristen's responses are hilarious! Love this thread!


Possibly not theme-park related question: what do you want to be when you grow up?


What's your favorite animal?


Oral Surgeon and I think it's obvious what my favorite animal is...Ocean Sunfish!!!

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Kristen, what is your favorite language you like speaking when you travel internationally?


Japanese because the people get really excited when I say something or answer them in Japanese. I also like French, but I can only say hello and count to 9.

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