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World Fairytale Land Construction (Hainan, China)

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This parks been known about for ages and has already but has only just gone vertical.


World Fairytale Land is part of the giant (and i mean giant) Ocean Flower Island project on the Island of Hainan in China.

The whole project is a giant Dubai Palms style development in the shape of a lotus flower.


Construction on the project over all is well underway as these (now fairly old) pics show.





The park itself looks pretty extensive in the concept art



And we have some close up if some what fanciful artwork as well.







The highlight of the park will undoubtedly be the Vekoma Firestorm



This ride is one of two known installations of the Firestorm model. the second one is going to Vietnam at Vinpearl Thu Thiem.

However this is the first one we have actual construction pictures of as they put up their first supports this week.




And then the Top hat has gone up (note the green is just protective wrapping)





Followed by the first inversion



The ride has some pretty intense if inaccurate concept art.



Currently the only other confirmed coaster for the park is China's first S&S Free Spin coaster like Arashi and the recent Joker rides at Six Flags.


I expect there to actually be fairly decent coverage of this park as the whole project seems to be getting quite a bit of attention but the park is currently due to open in 2020 so it will be quite some time until it sees its first guests.

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Have mercy, another great-looking coaster; this ain't your grandpa's Vekoma. Next time you face a challenge & the odds aren't looking good, remember that Vekoma has become a top manufacturer of hotly-anticipated coasters; anything's possible! I'm liking everything about this layout and can't wait to see more construction progress.

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