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How do you upload a picture?


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I'm having picture problems... (Didn't see the point in starting a new thread to ask this)


I've only posted one single photo before (not quite literate in this whole thing yet) but it was ok, worked fine... Anyway, trying to post another one and it just says that the picture can't be attached and to check my FTP settings... FTP what?? What is FTP? And is this a temporary problem or just something that's happening to me...?


Can somebody who actually knows something about anything reply to this?! Cheers.



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^ That's cool, cheers Robb!


I'm actually pretty pleased that it wasn't just me being blonde again and not being able to do it! No rush, it's nothing interesting anyway, just figured it was about time I put myself in the Picture Of Me gallery!



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My question about uploading pix...


If I have, say, five photos to post with a TR, do I upload the fifth photo first and continue reversing the upload order, or do I just start with photo #1 and upload them in # order, etc.


Hope that makes sense of what I am asking. When I posted my photos for the Amsterdam Dungeon thread (the interior work shots?), they ended up in reverse order - not what I wanted. But since those are the only set I did or have posted as a group, I can't remember how I uploaded them, and don't want to repeat the mistake.


Silly old bear I is. Thanks for advising on...

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^ You upload them in the order you want them to display. The will show up backwards when your making your post, but will correct after you post it.


Great! Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

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