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Best coaster collection among parks w/ 10 coasters or fewer?

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Cedar Fair and Six Flags often take the cake when it comes to straight-up coaster parks, but if you were to consider only parks that have 10 coasters or fewer, which do you think have the best collections? The Busch Gardens parks and Kennywood immediately come to my mind, but I'm sure a case could be made for a whole bunch of parks around the world. This thread isn't meant to be too serious, but hopefully will fuel some "shower thoughts" and discussion.

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Some good ones:


Dollywood: Lightning Rod, Thunderhead, Tennessee Tornado, Mystery Mine

- Two top ten woodies and a handful of other solid steel coasters!


Happy Valley Shanghai: Mega-Lite, Dive Coaster, Fireball (Gravity Group)

- Although the steel coasters are "off-the-shelf," they're both EXCELLENT!


Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Griffon, Alpengeist, Apollo's Chariot, Verbolten, Invadr, Tempesto

- That's an incredibly solid top 6 coasters to have at one park...

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Plus if they do get a GCI next year, IMO they'll be neck to neck with SFOT in terms of coaster collection.


They kinda already are considering how many operate simulataneously at SFOT.

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Liseberg - Helix, Balder and Lisebergbanan (and soon Valkyria). All top-notch rides!


Phantasialand - Taron, Winjas and Black Mamba. Excellent rides with awesome theming!


Djurs Sommerland - Piraten, Juvelen and Thor's Hammer (most probably Drage Kongen as well). Prime examples of family thrill rides showing that size doesn't matter.


Heide Park - Flug der Dämonen, Krake, Colossos and Desert Race. Great variety and all fun rides.

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