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Robb & Elissa in the USA - 2017!

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This looks like an awesome (and yes, overlooked) park for sure. I haven't been out that way yet mainly because I have some really negative associations for Missouri thanks to a crazy ex-girlfriend and her crazy family, but I might have to bite the bullet and head out there next year!


How common is someone Lightnin' Loopsing it up? I witnessed this happen last year at Discovery Kingdom on Medusa as well, and it took about two minutes of the ride ops yelling at him for him to realize, oh wait a minute, I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING HOLDING ME IN.

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I had a blast at this park when I visited back in 2013. Great weather, no lines, very clean, everything was running, got multiple rides on the coasters that mattered, and even had time to spend a couple hours in Hurricane Harbor! I actually enjoyed my rides on the Boss and loved having a chance to ride Evolu...I mean Excalibur again (I actually was able to snag a few rides in during its short life at Great Adventure.


Looks like you guys had a great day!

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Good report! It looks like you guys enjoyed the park. I'm glad to have this as my home park; it's not over the top fancy or anything, but it's definitely enjoyable, and as a fan of good wooden coasters, I really like the collection and enjoy all 3 of them quite a bit. I had the displeasure of riding Mr. Freeze with the OTSRs and it was brutal even with the big cushy areas next to your head. The lap bars make a world of difference on this ride...

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How common is someone Lightnin' Loopsing it up? I witnessed this happen last year at Discovery Kingdom on Medusa as well, and it took about two minutes of the ride ops yelling at him for him to realize, oh wait a minute, I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING HOLDING ME IN.


A guy did it at the S&S tower I was operating for about 10 seconds before realizing.

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Glad you had a great visit to Six Flags St. Louis. It definitely feels more laid back than other parks in the chain and that was something that I really liked when I visited back in 2010. Good to hear that Screamin' Eagle seemed to be running well - that was my favorite coaster there followed by American Thunder and Mr. Freeze.

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I would really like to visit this park one day. In addition to Adventureland in Iowa, this was another park that we used to pass almost every year on our way to visit relatives in Las Vegas...but never had time to stop at.


Mr. Freeze looks like a ton of fun and that Xcalibur ride looks pretty crazy too.

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Excalibur and Mr. Freeze are worth the trip alone! Excalibur was one of the most unique rides I've ever been on and I couldn't stop laughing the entire time.


Eagle and Thunder were fun, but just didn't seem to be running up to their potential during my visit. The waterpark looks great, too. I'm sure a SDC trip will include a stop by SF StL.

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Great report! I visited SFSTl for the first time a few days after you all did. My boyfriend grew up around the park and is definitely a fanboy, and especially a Boss fanboy. I wasn't sure what to expect after him overhyping it, and while it didn't blow me completely away, I was definitely pleasantly surprised. I don't think it needs RMC treatment per se, but I would definitely be in favor if they did. I would just hope Six Flags preserves the layout and length as much as possible.


Unfortunately, we didn't get to ride Excaliber and I really wish we had. I was starting to feel some heat exhaustion and that ride looked like the last thing I wanted to ride with the headache and dizziness I was already feeling. Maybe next time.


Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with how well-rounded and put together the park was. At some points I forgot we were even at a Six Flags. I definitely think this park is underrated. It could use a stellar new coaster to put it back on the map, but I wouldn't say it's a bad park.

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I really enjoyed the TR and all of the positive responses. Working at the park year round, I've really come to appreciate it more and more. It has great character and some great leadership, including the park president, Pete, who you can tell really cares about it. When I heard you guys were in the park, I was happy to hear that you took the time to stop by and enjoy it.


Also, even though I don't work "in" the park in terms of my primary job location, I am trained at and sometimes pick up shifts at Superman. It's an absolutely blast to see everyone's reactions.


P.S. Back during my first year in 2013, you guys stopped by while I was working at the front gate at the time. I got to give Kirsten a hand stamp on your way out and was pretty starstruck getting to see you.

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Nice to see my home park getting some front page attention. Glad you guys had a good trip.


One thing that's rarely mentioned (or cared about) is JB's location. The patio is a really nice place to people watch and listen to Mr. Freeze roar, while enjoying a cold beer.

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Great TR!! Being this my home park and a workplace of mine for over a decade, I have seen this park go through the ups and downs since the early 2000s to recent. Yes, of course I am like everyone else who has whined and complained that SFSTL desperately needs a new "put SFTSL back on the map" coaster (and it still does), but SFTSL has received a lot of flats in recent years that is rounding out this park nicely and has been receiving more TLC that it desperately needed. This park has so much to offer and hope that it continues receiving the treatment it has been receiving the past few years.

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(The drop tower came from Six Flags Astroworld by the way. Great Escape got the drop towers from New Orleans.)



Actually, the Superman tower came from Six Flags Astroworld after its closing. It was known as Dungeon Drop at Astroworld.

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Continuing on our trip across the middle of America we made a stop at the St. Louis City Museum. Now some of you may ask "TPR at a ... MUSEUM?!?!?" and before you go any further, the rest of you who are in the know will say "OMG! This is one of the best attractions in the USA!"


For those of you who don't know, "City Museum" really translates into a "Playground for Adults" as the "museum" aspect really ends up being bizarre creations by artists that are "living, active exhibits" that people can crawl through, jump around in, and just have "fun."


The place is honestly very hard to describe in words, pictures, or even video, so to fully understand you MUST go visit! And every trip to St. Louis should include the City Museum. When TPR goes, we like to rent out the entire place for us to explore on our own, and that's exactly what we did this evening! Here are some photos & video clips...



We have just arrived at City Museum! Quite possibly our favorite "non-theme park" attraction ever!


Let's get this report started off right with a video of one of the slides:





The rooftop of the City Museum is amazing! Yes, that is a school bus hanging over the side of the building!



And yes, you can go inside to the very front...



And look over the edge of the building!



It's so screwed up, but we LOVE it!!!



These are the ten-story "shoe slides" and they are as crazy as they look!



You spend most of your time at City Museum crawling...



getting lost...






being totally confused, and LOVING every moment of it!


A TPR tradition is the "ball pit takeover!"




The ball-pit take over had some crazy antics this time around! Watch this video VERY carefully and you will see Andy lose his phone, Kristen find it, and for a moment try to give it back, and then being the mischievous and evil 10 year old that she is, decide to play a joke on his and then hide it! lol





The wall of humanity!


It's not a trip to City Museum until someone wipes out on the hamster wheel!




IMG_7420.thumb.JPG.3db1b07600f0af49b519c0f2411ec8f9.JPGWe had quite a few near deaths on the hamster wheel! lol


Swingers at City Museum!





On occasion you will find some real "art" here...






You can crawl around this whale.



More boobs!


IMG_7083.thumb.JPG.0cc8888a130a7d83ab74f8ef5fedbf0d.JPGBob's Big Boy is here, too!



Anyone remember those funky "spinning chairs" that were in Times Square this summer?



They are here, too!





Smiles on their faces now, but they are about to plummet to their deaths!


There's a lot of "end up laying on the floor" that happens at City Museum...



The thought that is often running through your head while on the flood is "am I dead?"




No theme park attraction even comes close to the work out you will get at City Museum!


Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome?





This is pretty much what you see when you first walk into the place!



It is really impossible to explain or describe even in pictures.



Because if you've never been here, I feel like most pictures probably give you that feeling of "what exactly am I looking at?!?!?"



You just have to experience it for yourself!



The very last sentence of the rules is my favorite!



Pretty much everything you can see at City Museum is a place you can crawl through or interact with somehow.



And often times you may even find yourself sort of stuck!



Do not be fooled by the slides! Some of them WILL try to kill you!!!



Yeah, you're about to die!



Yes this cave exists inside City Museum and yes you can get lost in here for hours! lol



It is not uncommon to see the blur of a human whizzing by you on a slide all throughout City Museum!


IMG_7074.thumb.JPG.39d0e6f5bcf6ab111a44e62aae1fc3c5.JPGThere goes another one!



It's also not uncommon to see grown adults stuck in some cage-like obstacles that they don't really fit that well in! lol



This photo may be the most "normal" thing we did at City Museum!



There is a full sized Ferris Wheel on the roof!



It's one of those old-school sketchy kinds.



You're all smiles now, but wait until you get to the top and you can feel it shaking!



And like the indoor sections, the rooftop is also filled with fun areas to play around in!


IMG_7147.thumb.JPG.ff094c764bdb7b2acb3114c327c57672.JPGDon't cry for me...


IMG_7426.thumb.JPG.e37e915aa240ba1582c699f44f2706e6.JPGThe human kaleidoscope tunnel is super funky but amazingly cool!


IMG_7040.thumb.JPG.d55cd029f143004a34040d6cac636b8b.JPGThat wraps up another AWESOME trip to City Museum. Again, we cannot stress enough... When in St. Louis, you MUST go here!!!



OH! And before I forget... we did make a stop to snap a photo of the St. Louis Arch before going to City Museum and this is EXACTLY how your visits here should be! Stop for a moment, grab a quick photo, and then spend the rest of the day nearly killing yourself at City Museum!


Now please POST YOUR COMMETS! After all, we took the time to write the report, thru very least you can do is say something about it!

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I'm slightly surprised that I made it out of that place alive! Especially the ball pit, since someone *cough* KT *cough* was targeting me


"Who's the next target?"


"Who's the next target?"


"Who's the next target?"



(repeat as necessary)

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