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PowerPark Discussion Thread

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This is a very nice up and coming park I visited last year and Thunderbird is a fantastic ride.


The bloke that runs First Drop visited for an artcile and he said that the park have 2 more coaster projects in the pipeline one large scale coaster and one more medium scale so I think we might see one of these next year maybe.

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Among Gosettos line up is a suspended ghost train. The transportation system is something akin to Dream Flight at Efteling. The first one they made was for a travelling showman. From the ocnept art I consruction photos I've seen it looke dpretty impressive. Perhaps the Power Park one will be suspended,. They do make standard ghost trains too.

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Sorry for doubleposting but powerpark have now confirmed news for 2007:


They will also build a galleon themed Rockin' tug it will be placed were the flying carpet were placed, between the south gate and mega drop... and it's confirmed now that Gosetto will build the ghosthotel, 4 peoples each car and you can shoot targets, and when you hit a target something will move on.

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Attractions Management has reported that PowerPark is adding a themed "SuperFlume" in 2012




New Super Flume for Finland's PowerPark

byYPete Hayman


Interlink has confirmed it has secured a contract for the design, manufacture and installation of a new Super Flume ride for PowerPark, an amusement park located in Alahärmä, Finland.


It is one of a number of deals secured by the company this year and will lead to the creation of a new 400m (1,312ft)-long ride at the park, which features two lifts and two drops.


The Super Flume ride will incorporate a 12m (39ft)-long station section and is to utilise nine six-seater boats that will provide a capacity of 600 passengers every hour.


Located in a new area of PowerPark and integrated into an existing bridge structure, the theme of the ride is based on the Second World War film, Bridge Over The River Kwai.


Interlink managing director John Hudd said: "It's been an interesting project to work on and to design and I'm sure it will be a very popular addition to the park when it opens."

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According to this site, who has been known in the past for being pretty reliable, this park is rumored to get a 35m tall Gerstlauer LSM coaster in 2015 with 4 inversions.


I really hope this is true, and if so I can't wait to se how it turns out. The park really needs another high quality coaster.

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That would certainly be something! It would also be the first Gerstlauer in Finland. Let's hope this becomes reality with a kick-ass custom layout! I agree that while Thunderbird is awesome, the rest of the coasters just don't measure up to it, and after a few years of family or not-so-intense rides this would be a good one for the thrill riders!

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