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So with all this talk about El Toro, Voyage, and Kentucky Rumbler, has anyone noticed that the other GCI coaster being built in Finland looks nearly DONE!?!?


Of course, I live 1 hour from there almost every summer (I lived in Finland till I was 8 )

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I wonder whether it would be possible to visit the big 3 Finnish parks in 3 days? There's a lot of travelling between them though.


Thunderbird looks awesome, and Powerpark has loads of Go-karts as well so I wouldn't mind getting out there at some point!

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Hey everyone,

A friend let me know that PowerPark has installed a webcam focused on the new GCII woodie.


Go to this link and click "Webcam IV"




Looks like the ride is resting comfortably under a blanket of snow! Also looks like it's nearing completion!


My friend also told me that the park is installing a light package that will highlight the structure at night. (Not the construction floodlights in the webcam).



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Datman: don't worry about the forests since our main industry is forests and paper and to Shockwave: yeah I think its possible since a two-way ticket on a high speed train from Helsinki to Tampere (the city where Finland's biggest themepark is) is about 25 euros. But, it may be better to have more than 3 days for the trip since getting to Power Park may be harder.

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Hey TPR,


We've been battling the snow for the past couple of weeks trying to get Thunderbird ready for it's grand opening (tentatively April 29) and we finally sent it over on April 10th!


We had to shovel about a foot of snow off the track, but Thunderbird came screaming into the brakes no problem!


We put a few shots up on a photobucket.com site. Here's a link:




The read-only password is gcii.


Hope everyone makes the trip to Finland this year! Thunderbird Rocks!



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