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European Trip in Late June 2018

Imagineer Josh

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Hey Alveys,


In late June 2018, our family is heading out to Europe for theme park adventures and more. I have a list of theme parks we are planning to visit and some additional comments. Tell me what you think, and if other theme parks in the area are more worth it. I am generally looking more for an "OMG THAT WAS A FANTASTIC COASTER" feeling than an "OMG THIS IS AN OUTSTANDING PARK RESORT" when I visit these.


Thorpe Park - We will be arriving in London first, and Thorpe Park should be the starter. I originally chose Thorpe Park because they have the same credit amount as Walibi Holland, however our Netherlands visit was cancelled. Basically, I came for the same amount of credits, and it's the only park with that amount of credits in the area. Is Thorpe Park really worth it, with my case?


Alton Towers - I really think this is the best option for UK, besides Thorpe Park. We are mostly doing London, and while Blackpool is getting a Mack Launch Coaster, that's about it, besides the Wild Mouse. Plus, Blackpool is much farther north than Alton Towers. Alton Towers, while SW8 probably won't be as good as Icon, still has other great rides like Nemesis. And it's only a couple less credits. Is Alton Towers really worth it, or should we try Blackpool instead?


Europa Park - After England, we are flying down to Munich, then heading over to Western Germany. Starting at Europa Park, while it has the credits, I was hesitant. It's the second most visited European theme park behind Disneyland Paris, and there is no Fastpass system. Plus, it's a full resort so it will be more expensive. Would you still say I do Europa Park, or is there another great place nearby with a close enough amount of credits?


Holiday Park - I think this one is a near given. To save time and money, we would probably stay for, maybe an hour to ride Sky Scream once and get lots of rides on GeForce.


Phantasialand - This is one I really want to visit. They are getting F.L.Y. in 2018, and they just got Taron, plus other great rides like Black Mamba and Winjas. I'm also really drawn to the theming of the place. It just has a great appeal. Is Phantasialand really worth it, or is there another great nearby park with a close amount of credits and is fairly similar to Phantasialand, despite being a bit cheaper/easier?


Thanks! I'd love some help soon!

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